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Spatial Analysis

Spatial dimension is used in the study of the patterns that show how things are. Spatial analysis on the other hand seeks to explain why things are the way they are. Most of the cities in the world are faced with the issue of social and economic disparities. These have been caused by the differences in the living standards of the residents of these cities. It has emerged that these differences have had a lot of impact on the way the different economic groups of people are treated.

The economic strength of people has been used in most cities to determine the quality of life that they lead. A good example is the typical way in which all the amenities within a city are set out. All the high end stores and restaurants are usually set up within a few blocks of each other. Among such blocks one would not find street people or people of lower living standards. The rich will thus have a smooth way around all the places where they can spend their money. Beyond the elegant blocks are the areas where the lower cadre of people live and do their day to day activities. Such areas have been associated with harboring criminals and having all the homeless people. Some neighborhoods have also been known to shun out the lower end of the cities to hide them from the cities. The people who live in these areas have no access to good educational and health facilities either. The public space in such areas is shunned from the mainstream affluence found in the high end side of the cities.

Chicago, Los Angeles and Washington D.C are some of the big cities in America facing the issue of large margin special inequality. In Los Angeles, Bel Air area and its environs is well known to house the rich people. This area has the best infrastructure network and near zero crime rate. The quality of life in the lower end areas has been seen to contribute to the rise in crime since the people in these areas are poor. Poverty has been known to be a contributing factor to crime since poor people lack jobs thus result to crime to make a living. Just recently there has been uproar over how the streets of London have been changed. The Olympic stadiums have been built in areas previously occupied by the lower class of people. Right now, these people have been pushed off these areas to make way for big elegant stores targeted at the visitors expected at the Olympics. It is unfortunate that the needs of these people were not taken into consideration before such developments were done.

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