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Source Analysis

The war is not a solution to Korean conflict. The role of China in opposing the United States and its allies in the Korean War was not a bad idea as the Korean War resulted in an enormous victory over America. The Korean War was costly. It took over three years, and marched two different wars. It began as a two-sided civil war that drew many outside parties that eventually came together to form two large camps. The war brings home to the world’s politicians and a truth of considerable value to generations of the future. The war, however, is never the best choice for solving political problems.

The Peninsula of the Korea is where the American, Russian, Chinese and the Japanese interests intersect. Geography determines that the countries could be intertwined, and no one could disregard the security of nearby countries and powers by causing a war. Over sixty years ago, the war was unable to resolve any problems, and somehow, a new conflict served to provide a solution. Reconciliation is the only correct choice, since war is a lose-lose situation. In my opinion, if only we wanted to break the deadlock on the Korean Peninsula the parties concerned must first act in good faith. The good faith must take into account interests of the parties. The Korean War broke out because of the selfishness and trying to follow one’s way. This resulted in tragedy as in today’s party talks, there are selfish tendency to set aside the needs of other parties to achieve their ends. This perspective reflects a failure to draw relevant lessons from the war; it reflects a misunderstanding of the political features on the Peninsula of the Korea. In the future, a balance of interests of major parties involved, will determine peace of the Korean Peninsula.

In addition, the sincere and wise parties involved have to consider the need to push harder for peace in the world.

The Peninsula situation is volatile because of the tendency to the nuclear confrontation. The people of the world who love peace must try hard to halt and condemn the trend. Although it is not optimistic, but I believe that the situation in the Korean Peninsula will thaw under with a multi-party push towards peace. The generations of the future are watching, just like the souls of those who died in the battlefield 60 years ago. The calamity on the Korean War demanded sacrifices from the people of China. China will remain concerned about the security of the Peninsula. Whenever tensions in the North East Asia rose to the point of war, as in the case with party talks on the nuclear crisis, the attitude of China has always been to pay attention to all sides.

The World’s perception of China has changed following the Korean War. The New Chinese Army could have the power to counter and resist at its doorstep in the past wars. China could, not only send its troops to defend its country but could also send the world’s leading military power crashing to the earth. The conflict made China a standard-bearer for Third World countries fighting for liberation. It also put an end to humiliation of the history of China. The war was a great victory from the past, according to the Chinese point of view.

In conclusion, if the national security is threatened, and if unwanted war is pushed from outside, one is forced to fight for victory to the end. Engaging in a lawful and reasonable war and upholding justice wins respect from friends and does not isolate a nation. A legitimate and reasonable war will have the support of the people. This war, however, led to the comprehensive national economic growth.

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