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Significant Experience

My main extraciruclar activity is the company ownership. I started my own company when I was 16 and started with a second company at the age of 17. My companies is what I spend the most time on and all I do is work on them. I constantly update the websites and follow through the companies. The companies are one of the biggest accomplishment in my life. The motivation I used to create these companies ws the succesfful people who are around me 24/7. The first company ended up being successful becaue of the way its ranked on google. Both of my companies are unique in its own way. The difference of my companies and others is the time and dedication I put. THroughtout high school all I did was work on my companies so I can make it the best it can possibly be. A significant experience that I have taken was the entering the business world at such a young age. When I was 16 I started my first company, entering this world was hard and intimating. It was a big problem because there was a lot of stuff that had to be done to actually be a part of this world. Starting my first company at age 16 was hard, I spent tons of hours to make it the best it can be and at the same time keep my line of profession. Aftering being successful after just 1 year of being live I decided to start another company when I was 17. Giving 2 companies without even graduating highschool I thought was one of the biggest achievements ever. My second company was more towards helping students then it was to actually make money. The first company is an SEO and Web Design company and the 2nd company I have is a web application which is geared towards highschool students which helps them in the transition to college. My plan is to make both of these companys highy successful and be able to leave a legacy at college. The affect that this had on me was very big. This impacted me highly because my orginal plan was to become a lawyer but ever since I have hit success on these companies I completely changed my mind in doing business. This is one of the biggest things and hardest thing that I had to accomplish. Being only 16 and entering a world full of hard working and old people was difficult. Talking to clients and meeting with them in person was akward at first for both them and me. But after they saw how well and experienced I was in my field they felt very comfortable and feld that my company would be the right way to do there job. Within the first 6 months I got my first 3 clients instantly it started spreading and I was starting to make a decent amount of money. I learned so many thinks and I also learned a lot of things about business. I had my drops but at the end I was on the top and doing things a people couldn’t imagine. My plan is to study business in college and my plan is also to start a social network idea which can be domiant in the world. The social network idea I have isn’t anything like facebook and it’s a market most people don’t really look at. My plan would be to create this in college and follow throught with it . Doing business has been one of my biggest experinces and its led me to so many different routes. Business is important to me in different ways but its also a hard feeling block. IN highschool I wsnt able to do all the things that normal kids would be doing. I would be stuck at home working or meeting a client. In one way this was good because I was constantly making new connections and trying to find out ways to improve my business, in another it wasn’t that good because I wasn’t able to enjoy my life. IN the long run all the work I did will pay off and hopefully see to becoming a very successful business man.

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