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Self Accountability

Our parents and guardians strive to instill the virtue of self discipline and accountability from a very young age. Children are given their toys and are expected to look after them while they play with other children; later on they are given allowances and are expected to use them responsibly. No one takes this seriously until much later when one starts to earn their own money and have needs that must met.

The recent changes in the economy have led to an increase in the cost of living and have also contributed to the lack of employment opportunities. Thus, the life as such has become really difficult for people, which has led to the recent protests staged across many cities in the world. The ‘Occupy Wall Street’ protests have been staged to urge governments to take the plight of their citizens into consideration and assist in job creation and in lowering of the prices on basic commodities.

As much as we all tend to blame our governments on the problems in our economy, personal responsibility on the part of every citizen is important. We are all the custodians of our society and hence some of the things that we do today come back to haunt us tomorrow. Once students are in college, they are responsible for their own welfare, and how they spend their money is important as a factor that contributes to the quality of life they lead in campus and the one they will have once they graduate. When one puts no value on money and uses his/her allowances to have fun and buy things at impulse, then they will tend to keep doing the same when they graduate and have jobs. In its turn, they will have no money to save and eventually they will end up living in poverty. This kind of people will continue to live in a vicious circle blaming the government for their lack of financial planning.

As an individual, one cannot see the contribution he/she makes, but in essence our individual contributions on the whole drive the economy of this great nation. One should therefore take personal responsibly of their life remembering the wise words of the President John F. Kennedy, “ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country”.


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