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Project Change Leadership

Achieving the objectives of the organization clearly depends on how the leader relates with those under their control and guidance. For the two main groups to agree, the leader must entail certain qualities that are motivational to the employees (Steven & Normad, 1998). To have the trust and acceptance of persons in the organization, the leader must bring out passion towards his work. The leader has to carry out the main tasks, and ensure that set goals are not left halfway. This will earn him respect from others, and it denotes independence.

 Honesty is considered to be one of the main features of the leader, which helps him to stay away from wrongful acts, and keep his promises. . Set standards of performance through speech and groom, are also on the front of proving that the goals have been achieved (Steven & Normad, 1998). Recognizing people helps one to feel welcomed as well as  understanding each employee’s strengths and weaknesses in order to create a personal relation, but maintaining distance which is motivating.

An exceptional team leader must create and monitor groups for performance to be able to earn one’s trust and gain credit. This can be carried out through titles or cash awards (Robbins, 1983). The leader would be required to choose in the organization, those whom he works best with to bring reports and those that are required to assist him in his directions of works. Meetings with the chosen representatives can take place at a given time when the work load is not much to avoid conflict with the organization`s goals. At the same time, the reports should be submitted and scrutinized to identify weaknesses so that all loose ends to be tied. The leader himself should authorize the next meeting and the next step after the meeting. This helps him be updated at all times.

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