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Political Analysis

This essay presents an analysis of how demographic and institutional characteristics shape actual and potential political power of groups in the U.S. society, and also highlights how the pluralism created by the Madisonian democracy enshrined in the U.S. Constitution ensure compromise and moderation.

American people use groups to make known of their interests and ideas by the elected officials and as such, populace join groups that can champion their concerns. On the same line of thought, political leaders believe that potential political power can be attained from groups. There is the political power in groups. When setting up the group certain features like expertise, abilities and personality should be considered. The group motivates an individual to perform better as compared to when working as an individual. The group has a wide range of opinions that need to be considered before reaching a decision. The presence of the group will see that individuals are given responsibilities based on individual expertise and availability. For a group to be effective there should have faith in its membership.

Political groups ensure that the result is satisfying. This is due to the high level of individual performance that is expected. Each individual is supposed to play his role effectively. There is also the improvement of the overall process. The improvement comes due to the bigger input of judgments and thoughts. Groups in a broader sense ensure an efficient and effective execution of ideas. This is true because there is an increased sense of ownership and extensive communication. The execution is done when consensus has been reached on the different aspects of the group members. With groups, there is a free flow of information from one member to the other. The sharing of information ensures that learning process within the political union and among the group members is maintained.

The group boosts the ability of the political union to solve any arising problems. Problem solving is made easy due to the presence of different possibilities of the solutions to the problem. The group members have different ideas on the possible solution to the arising issue. Presence of many possibilities will increase chances of getting the right solution for the problem. This implies that the political union can provide solution even to the most complex problems. Problem solving ability is core to the success of any business. Therefore, with political groups problems can be dealt with in a more accurate way (Ginsberg, Lowi and Weir 45).

Political groups lead to a better understanding of the elected officials’ decision-making process. This will ensure that the elected group makes the right and acceptable decisions. The move is attained because of the group common goals and interests. Political group boosts the quality and standard of governing operations and services that are being rendered. This is because political group encourages specialization and division of labour. There is also the development of personal relationship, which is an ingredient to better service delivery within any given government. Good service delivery will increase chances of winning election for the government. Political groups ensure that timely decisions are made and actions are taken in the government (Howe 57). In addition, political groups symbolize strength and presence of a good group within a political union which ensures that good results are attained and the political power has increased. In addition, it ensures that success rate of any given political composition is increased and the set goals are achieved. This goes with the saying of Henry Ford that “coming together is a beginning, keeping together is progress and working together is a success”.

Pluralism saturates modern society, and as a result the loyalties of its members are divided. Pluralism will minimize the resulting conflict of identities, interests and ideas. As such, mutual agreement, bargain or compromise can be possible through pluralism. Furthermore, pluralism limits tensions arising among groups through mutually beneficial bargains. As such, pluralism promotes negotiated compromise and moderation, which protects the domination of ideals, values and concerns over other individuals by political power. In the same line of thought, it ensures that resources are utilized properly in order to produce solutions that are fair and mutually acceptable among the pluralist society. Comprise and moderation seeks to resolve conflicts that may arise among political groups in the United States.

Varying social spheres, moral codes and attachments among groups create competing commitments and values. These tensions are recognized because of difference in ideology, religion, gender, locality and ethnicity; as such, people choose between rival goals, virtues and principles, and as such compel for compromise and moderation. Modern states are becoming heterogeneous due to divergent as well as incompatible interests and ideals. In that connection, citizens face choices that are occasionally problematic and tragic. These prevailing circumstances place modern policies in a crossroad prompting compromise and moderation (Cheney and Greg 32).

In a pluralist society people have a range of preferences, values, interests, goals, ideals and conceptions. Each society creates conflicts among people and cultures and as such, enshrinement of pluralism in the Constitution seeks to ensure that all spheres and commitments of the people are equally met. Moreover, pluralism affects the standard of living of individuals. Individuals from the lower caste of the society are associated with services that are sub-standard compared to those utilized by upper caste. As such, the medical facilities, infrastructure, housing and social amenities in the society indicate pluralism. People from a lower caste of the society access health care that is limited and substandard. Furthermore, the system believes that the illness is ordained by supernatural beings. In a class system, access to good health care is determined by the quantity of cash held; and in addition, anyone belonging to a lower social class access health care when they have money. Conversely, in a one-party system the government has the obligation of providing medical care. Hence, citizens deny individuals based on finances or ideology but not based on social class (Butowsky 34).

Concisely, pluralism negatively affects individuals, the public and multinational corporations. The idea of pluralism reduces to rubble the lives of individuals in different ways. A number of examples indicate the suffering that people undergo due to pluralism. People and companies should not be pluralistic; rather they should equally treat individuals in order to have a conducive living environment. The cultural diversity of individuals should be respected in order to attain economic performance and prosperity both nationally and globally. In a caste system the prolonged existence of an individual can be hindered if one is born to a severe lower class. Otherwise, those in the middle class have their longevity not affected. The results of the class system are mixed, and individuals in the upper class access quality health care. The poor are vulnerable to the health problems because of inappropriate diets. Wealth plays a vital role in determination of status in a class society with birth position being considered irrelevant. Power is also associated with the elite and upper class individuals with them requiring security in order to protect their lives and property. Good job and prestige is a function of those in the upper class of the society. Individuals in the lower caste of the society are associated with occupations that are less prestigious compared to those performed by upper caste.

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