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Pictorial Explanation of the Vietnam War

The Image here shows Phan Th%u1ECB Kim Phúc, a Vietnamese little girl. She was born in the year 1963. She is one of the survivors of the Vietnam War. Nick Ut took this picture in the year 1972, and this became a prize-winning picture afterwards. In the picture, the girl has survived an air strike, which has killed two of her cousins. The photographer took this girl and a few other kids to a hospital for treatment as they were burnt, immediately after taking this picture. Kim Phuc, the naked girl shown in this image, was severely burnt, and the likelihood of her survival was the least, but after more than a year’s stay at the hospital, Kim lived.

This picture taken by Ut, has become one of the most horrifying images of the Vietnam war, as it shows a huge smoke in the background, which is an indicator of a blast or something, and small kids running in the foreground, which indicates the terror and the scale of loss, as the children run alone after losing everything. However, Kim here makes this situation worse, as she is naked, and also seems to be yelling something; she must have lost a lot.

This historical image explains a lot about the Vietnam War. This war was the origin for huge losses in a small country. The terror and torture for the Vietnamese people can be clearly seen here in this image. War is said to be fight for peace, but as the war is only between and because of ruling class elites, then inhumane results come out (David and Anderson.2004).  Innocent people lose their lives only because of a fake war for the sake of a few people’s clash. Economies touch grounds and everyone, except for those who initiate the war, has to suffer not for a short time but for a very long period. Fear is injected in the minds of the people, which are transferred through generations. Psychological effects of the war and the fear element, which took birth in the minds of the people of Vietnam, are reflected in this image. Helpless running away children are rather trying to run away from the death, which continuously follows them. Parents, siblings, and other loved ones lost. No shelter or food left for them. Searching nonstop for a place which would be safe for them and protect them from everything, including weather, the fatality spread everywhere and last but not the least, the lament of losing whatever they had.

War is a curse to the whole nation, and a fine way to validate this is to look at this photo carefully. It is a self-explanatory picture and also an eye-opener. For those who do not have any idea of the Vietnam War, this photo can give quite a lot of idea about the war and the annihilation resulted by the Vietnam War. The Vietnam War took the lives of thousands of innocent people who had nothing to do with communism or with any of the political decision-making. The smoke and the fire were coming towards place the children and soldiers were running to. Vulnerability of the Vietnamese people is quite clearly visible in this photo. “It’s hot, it’s hot”, these were the words Kim was yelling when this picture was taken, probably her clothes caught fire because of which she had to remove them and run for her life. Whatever happened, these verbatim and the picture were enough in getting to know how close Kim was to death. Vietnam War was an event full of sorrows, which nobody would forget.

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