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Personal Characteristics

Personality refers to the qualities that make human beings unique from one another. It combines all attributes from behavioral, emotional, temperamental, to mental attributes. Our definition of people’s personalities is largely determined by their behavior and reaction to various situations. Personal characteristics or traits form the behavior of a person, and they do not change i.e. they remain constant and unique to different persons. The characteristics of our personalities do not only determine our behavior, but also estimate how we perform various tasks. This paper defines my personal characteristic that many people are unaware of.

Getting along well with people, especially in a new place, where you have very few or no friends, can be very frightening and lonely for some people, for instance, the first few days at the University. As for me, this has never been an issue since childhood. My parents are very social people with many friends, and since I was a child, we have attended countless parties and social gatherings, from which I have met numerous new faces. They also love travelling a lot, and in different places, which we have visited, I have met many new people and made friends with them. Thanks to my parents for the opportunity they gave me to interact with people in my earlier years; am now a very confident person who can blend anywhere and make friends with anyone, even the most unsocial person.            

My personal characteristic that many people are unaware of is my excellent communication skills. Being exposed to diverse groups of people at an early age has helped me know how to communicate well with different people. I do not fear criticism, and I will always speak my mind on various issues regardless of what others think or say. I really hate discrimination and unfairness, and I am always ready to defend people who are being discriminated against based on race, gender, religion etc. Some people fail to realize that we cannot choose our origin. It is not a mistake to be born black or from poor families, and therefore, I feel that such people need someone to stand out for them and defend them, and that person is me. My determination to ensure that everyone is treated fairly with respect has enabled me to have numerous friends who admire my strong character. My strong communication skills have also enabled me to organize group activities in my campus, where we go out to enjoy each other’s company and have fun via engaging in various activities, such as camping, mountain hiking, sports, etc. Such activities have greatly helped to improve friendship and strengthen social ties among students in my campus, thus lessening cases of prejudice. I have earned the respect of my friends, because most of them agree with whatever I suggest,  because they know that by my side they will always be safe from discrimination and unequal treatment.

Another unique personal characteristic that people are unaware of is the fact that I am compassionate and kind to other people. My kindness is genetic; both my parents are philanthropists. I would rather borrow something that I do not have to give to a person in need than tell him or her that I cannot be of help.  Once, in primary school one of my friends was sent home for having very old shoes. Her parents had passed on and she was staying with a relative who did not care much about her. She stayed home for more than a week and I was getting concerned, because she was missing a lot in class. Since I did not have enough money to help her, I decided to skip school for two days and run errands for a neighbor (of course without my parents’ knowledge) to be able to get enough money to buy her shoes. I got in trouble with my parents after they were informed that I was missing in class; something that earned me a few beatings, but it was worth it, since as a result, my friend was able to resume her studies. My compassion for other people is evident by the volunteer work I always do during the holidays in a day care centre. I love children and take care of them not only because it gives me  satisfaction as well as a sense of belonging. Ending discrimination is my life goal and I am ready to do everything possible to achieve it.

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