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My Financial Crisis

As a young man in high school, I did not see the link between school and success since my definition of success was pegged on material wealth, which I thought could as well be obtained through my social skills and sense of humor. Somehow, as I moved from Atlanta back to Spain, my priorities in life were misplaced, instead of concentrating on my studies my priorities revolved around luxury and instant gratifications, which in some ways had a negative impact on my personal development. Unfortunately, I had no idea of what I wanted to become in future when the time for college application came beckoning. I failed to make an impression by showing my clear personal and academic abilities due to my poor time-management skills.

However, I managed to secure a place at the University of Georgia (UGA) because the institution arranged scholarships for students, who perform well in their first semester that could also earn them a place to study in the USA, which had always been my life-time dream. Unfortunately, I failed to hit my target for some points, and therefore, I did not obtain what I wanted. On the other hand, despite my loss, I came to realize that UGA was what I needed all along. It is through UGA that I discovered a totally new perspective of life and the world in general. Though I had spent my childhood years in Atlanta, my experience in UGA was quite different considering that I derived immense guidance from the Sigma Chi fraternity despite the culture shock. At first, I had no idea of what Sigma Chi was all about, but through this group I was introduced to the path of humbleness away from the life of pleasure and fun, which marked my life way back into my high school years. Here, I could re-evaluate my priorities and purpose in life by searching for answers inside myself. Through meditation, away from distractions and noise, I began to grow mentally by exploiting the power of silence and my mental processes. I managed to see opportunities and goals that I had never thought of before, and I was even able to come up with an outline of my plan, which would thereafter guide my day-to-day activities in school. Accordingly, I began to take advantage of the ability to create myself instead of waiting to see what happens next.

Therefore, I would take this opportunity to show who I am and where I want to go with this transfer throughout the rest of the paragraphs. First, I am prepared, organized, and determined to reach my goals through hard work and manageable sacrifices. Most importantly, I must find out what I am passionate about before engaging in anything. Additionally, I have come to terms with the fact that my future will be shaped by the challenges and opportunities that I will come across as I have prepared myself for life in and after school. Therefore, I am looking forward to encountering new challenges and opportunities through this transfer in order to keep on growing and rediscovering my abilities, skills, values, and knowledge.

In that respect, Georgetown is the epitome of a perfect university to me considering that the institution offers interesting courses coupled with the presence of incredible professors and a great student fraternity. Moreover, I believe that my catholic upbringing best fits into the university fraternity, which includes both, local and international students, who are engaged in different organizations, such as the Credit Union or the Zeebar student hedge fund. Most importantly, I want to join the Georgetown community, because it is an embodiment of upcoming professionals in different fields, who are willing to change the world through vigorously participating in activities that generate great ideas, politics, and other socio-economic issues. I have always had a passion for business studies, but the recent financial crisis ignited my desire to pursue a business degree. In my opinion, more academic professionals are required in order to single out the major changes that should be implemented in the financial services industry. For instance, I strongly believe that the most recent financial meltdown has been mainly caused by investment banks through their complicated derivative products created from huge pools of subprime mortgage-backed securities. When the CDO market crumbled down, Lehman brothers went bankrupt, AIG collapsed, Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae went out of business, the Madoff Ponzie scheme was exposed, and the worst financial meltdown began in 2008. This is a clear indication of how some people can take advantage of poor market policies, inferior regulation, and unreliable investment ratings to sink world markets into economic crisis. In fact, the recent crisis was avoidable, and, from the look of things, no mechanisms are in place to prevent future crises (Rochon & Rossi, 2007, pp. 1-15).

As a result, I am motivated to pursue business in order to join the team of professionals that will safe world markets from any anticipated economic crises. It is worth noting that a lot needs to be done to avoid future economic crises. For instance, the whole system should be changed to allow for more innovative and transparent banking systems, in which investments have better incentives than otherwise (Rochon & Rossi, 2007, pp. 10-23). In fact, I have experienced my family and many others suffer due to the recent crisis, and promised myself to do something that can change the world even a little. During the course of the recent financial crisis, my family went through some rough patches, including moving from the USA to Madrid and even my father becoming jobless. Though everything went back to normal, the situation precipitated my desire to join the financial sector where it all began in order to save the world from any such future occurrences.

But unlike my family, thousands of people were severely affected by the situation, and up until this day, some are still suffering. I am currently working as an intern for a manufacturing company in Shanghai, from where I can tell that those who have very little are paying the most due to the crisis. As a result, it is my observation that the answer does not lie in losing faith in the financial market, but the world needs more professionals to inject new blood, new dreams, and new innovations into the market. This forms one of the major reasons as to why I would like to pursue a business degree. Another reason entails my attraction to the field due to its fast-paced and dynamic features, which require personalities with good social skills and strong emotional quotients.

Therefore, from where I stand I still maintain that with my business degree I want to be part of the efforts that will change the whole financial industry through modeling it after other industries, with less crime rates and more innovation, such as the tech world. Additionally, reducing the whole bonus culture in Wall Street would lead bankers to make safer bets instead of going for riskier investments simply because it brings more business to their companies. Lastly, transparency and accountability are the two things missing in the current financial markets. As a result, there is a need to stop the crime trend that has recently taken over the banking industry by inculcating a strong ethics code and monitoring any possible frauds. It is now that the financial industry is weakest and most unpopular, that professionals in the finance sector have an opportunity to change it and avoid unnecessary crises. Overall, considering the reasons highlighted in the foregoing paragraphs, I believe that I have captured my intent to pursue business, and, therefore, I am looking forward to joining an institution that will provide me with the opportunities and challenges that will guide my career trajectory to the highest levels, and that institution is Georgetown University. 

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