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More Space for Storing Documents

The key objective of this research is to find a permanent solution to the problem of inadequate storage space through creation of more space. Just like any other firm that is still expanding, my firm is bound to continue handling more cases, and that will come with additional paper work that needs to be stored. That is where scanning the documents and storing them in digital form comes in handy. Scanned documents can easily be stored in computers, as well as other storage devices such as flash disks, diskettes, CDs, that have a lot of space etc.

a)      To reduce costs associated with storage.

My firm has been paying the high annual rental fees for the storage space in the building where it operates and in the basement. Scanning of the documents and storing them in digital form will eliminate the need for renting a storage room: an implication that the firm will pay lesser amount for rent.

The Deliverables

Deliverables are the quantifiable goods and services that are required to complete a project. For this project to be successfully done the following will be needed:

1)      A computer to type my proposal and report

2)      A ream of foolscaps

3)      Five biro pens

4)      Transport costs to the various firms to conduct interviews

5)      Storage devices e.g. flash disks, diskettes, CDs etc.

Milestones are significant stages of a project indicating when something is completed. They are usually measurable and observable, and require no effort or duration to accomplish. Milestones are important in every project to monitor the progress, as well as to denote the achievements of the project. The following are the key milestones in the project and the estimated dates of completion:

The Technical Requirements

Technical requirements refer to the technical aspects that a system must abide by for instance, issues related to performance, availability, reliability etc. These requirements are also referred to as quality of service requirements, and are summarized in the same manner as business rules. The have a name and a unique identifier such as TR30 (TR for Technical Requirements). Just as technology changes very quickly, so are the technical requirements associated with it, and therefore, it is advisable to have as few requirements in a project a possible, as numerous technical requirements are deemed as constraints to a project. The following are the technical requirements for this proposal:

1)      TR01 The scanner should be able to copy, print and scan documents.

2)      TR02 The minimum resolution for scanning documents shall be 400 dpi to ensure that the scanned documents are readable.

3)      TR03 The images will be saved in file formats such as PDF and JPEG.

4)      TR04 The original copies of the scanned documents will be retained to act as back up, in case there is an error in the digitized versions.

5)      TR05 The scanning systems should be able to scan documents at a speed of 10-15 sheets per minute.

The Project Limits and Exclusions

            Limits and exclusions of a project define the things that are not part of the project i.e. what the project will not do. The following are the limits and exclusions for this project:

1)      The training of employees who will be in charge of scanning the company’s documents, on how to use scanners will be independent of the current project.

2)      Transporting the documents in the basement to the various rooms for scanning, as well as the removal of storage racks from the room will not be part of this project.

3)      Carrying out the actual scanning of the documents in my legal firm will also be independent of the project.

4)      Selecting the appropriate scanners to be used will also be independent.

The Project Priorities

This refers to a means of classifying project tasks for easier management. A majority of projects consider scope, schedule and resources of the project all significant. Project priorities help to support the decision making, constraint management, as well as plan optimization. Setting the priorities of a project right is crucial in the determination of the most essential parameter among the three priorities. The priorities of this project are as follows:

1)      Adoption of the digital archiving system by the legal firm where I work.

2)      Presentation of project findings

3)      Data collection and analysis

4)      Report writing

A Structure of Work Breakdown (WBS)

            A structure of work breakdown refers to the grouping of the project elements in a manner that defines the entire work project’s scope. Every descending level of the WBS represents a detailed description of the project task. The following is the WBS for this project.

Responsibility matrix is an important communication tool for any project, as it shows the main activities of the project and the responsibilities of all the stakeholders involved. Below is the responsibility matrix for this project.




Proposal writing

Data collection and analysis

Report writing and presentation

Adoption of document scanning

Company management











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