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Military Psychology

For many years, suicide was not considered as major cause of deaths among military personnel. This was due to the fact that military personnel are perceived to be risk takers, especially in wars. However, due to the human factor, military personnel are emotionally affected by certain risky events such as calls to defend their countries through fighting in deadly wars. It is as a result of these events that military men and women commit suicide due to mental depression. This has changed since both military and civilians are considered human beings with similar mental and psychological needs. Due to rising cases of military deaths, various efforts have been harnessed and geared towards establishing some of practicable solutions. One of this has been the establishment of military psychology, which seeks to offer guiding and mental conditioning to military personnel. There are some effects that suicide causes on military camps. Some of these effects include; feelings of isolation where other servicemen and women feel loneliness due to loss of their fellow military personnel, low morale prevails in the military camps, and there is also lack of motivation to execute expected duties. Similarly there is state of disconnectedness between the living and the fallen personnel. Similarly, there is also mental disturbance and depression.

Several ethical issues are faced by psychologists in their capacity as military psychologists, forensic or clinical psychologists. Clinical and forensic psychologists are faced with ethical problems resulting from conflict of interest, lack of training on the specialized psychological knowledge and inappropriate documentation of the clients’ information. This issues cut across all classes of psychology. However, there are some distinct issues in military psychology which other classes of psychology do not exhibit. In military psychology, a psychologist is both a service personnel and a psychologist, leading to dual relationship. This contributes to absence of confidentiality to personal information of military personnel and may also lead to victimization on the side of the psychologist, who may be assessing a senior military officer. Since military personnel are expected to obey orders issued by their seniors, they are denied freedom to keep confidential information about their mental and physical states. In military psychology, information is publicly known by other members of the military and can be accessed using force and order. Therefore, though all forms of psychology tend to exhibit similar ethical issues, military psychology exhibits distinct ethical issues.

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