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Media Analysis

The term genre is a French name but originated from the Latin language which means “the type”. This term is widely used in the literatures and media. Under literature, the types of genres are drama, poetry, and prose which are further divided according to their tragic, comic, and historical epics effects. The genres in the contemporary media film are also based on their comic and tragic effect but majorly are classified here as westerners and thrillers. Film as a production system in the media industry can be analyzed according to how it impacts on an individual. It is the person viewing the film who can always tell if a produced film has been able to meet the standards of its title (Saricks 75). Therefore, for a thrilling production, the audience of the film will highly rely on the thrilling aspect of the film. Anything less than what the viewer expects will not meet the thrilling effect that is expected to be brought out by the film. Therefore, the main objective of this paper is to determine the different aspects that are used to identify a thriller film. This will be demonstrated through a summary of the film called “Fatal Attraction”.

Why “Fatal Attraction”.film is categorized as a thriller

Thrillers are meant to have the detective, crime, mystery, spy, and police feel. Crime is a major theme in any thrilling film. Some authors believe that all the thrillers should have some fallacy in them while, for others, it should have the horror feel. The main effect is the feel of the film. This can be determined by the reactions that come from the audience as portrayed by their bodies. The most basic feature of a thriller is the psychological effect it has on an individual. The suspense that comes with the whole production will demonstrate what the audience feels about the whole film. Actions that are delayed by the actors create some anxiety in the mind of audience, therefore bringing the chill effect. Thrillers can be classified according to the areas they cover. For example, there are police thrillers, political thrillers, courtroom thrillers, and psycho thrillers. All these themes have a suspense feel (Saricks 75).

Most of the thrillers are believed to have the horror effect. This is partially true as some of the films have a theme that is based on prevention of a crime from happening. This type of film has both the crime prevention feel and the horror effect. The formal features that are involved in a thriller are the lighting and the setting of an urban area that is dark. It is evident that most of the horror films bring out the fear other than the suspense bit of the film, of which a thriller should have both. The film called “Fatal Attraction” best suits the thriller category (Saricks 75).

Summary of “Fatal Attraction”

The main theme of the film centers on a man who is married but ends up having an affair with a woman over one specific weekend. The man thinks it is a fling they have had, but the woman refuses to accept that it was just a fling; therefore, she blackmails the man through emotional torture. She stalks the man and becomes completely obsessed with him. She keeps torturing the man, who is called Dan, psychologically. At the beginning, whereby she does not want Dan to go away but stay with her, she ends up attempting a suicide by cutting one of her wrists. She keeps stalking Dan in this film. She appears at his office without any notice and invites him for operatic shows, which Dan has no interest in. When Dan turns down her calls by telling his secretary not to accept any of her calls, she becomes even more and more obsessed. This is the time she claims to be carrying Dan's baby. She haunts Dan even to his home and pretends to be a buyer of their apartment. She wants him to take full responsibility of the baby she is alleging to be carrying (Leonard 55).

Even after Dan moves to Bedford with his family, she still manages to locate where they stay. She goes to the extent of recording some verbal abuses and sending the recordings on tape to him. Due to Alex’s increase in obsession, Dan has no choice but to turn this event to a police case. The police are against Dan, they believe that Dan wants to violate the rights of Alex, and that Dan should take full responsibility of the damage he had caused (Klever, 18). At some point, Alex kills one of a pet rabbits that belongs to Ellen driven by her obsession of having Dan. At some point, Dan is forced to tell the wife of the Alex’s pregnancy after what the wife chases him away. In an incident, Alex takes Ellen to an amusement park after school without notifying the mother who is driven by fear of what she could do to her daughter. Due to the pressure of what Alex is capable to do, one day, Dan barges into Alex’s apartment and tries to kill her. Dan immediately reports the scene to the police and tells about the missing child. The wife accepts him back. While Beth is having a shower, Alex makes an appearance with a kitchen knife once again. She expresses her resentment, and, due to her fidgeting, she ends up cutting her own leg. Frightened, Beth screams and this attracts Dan’s attention who then fights Alex driving her to the bathtub. She comes out of the water in the bathtub and still waives the knife she had. Meanwhile, Beth comes with Dan’s gun and ends up shooting her right at the chest and killing her. The police come into the scene, and Dan gives the turn of events as the final scene (Leonard 55).

Analysis of the film

The film “Fatal Attraction” is a thriller. This is portrayed by the horrific effects that are displayed in the film. The turn of each event makes the individual viewing the film have a feeling of wanting to know what is to happen in the next scene. The scenario whereby Alex ends up cutting one of her wrists brings out a chilling effect to the one watching. This is because an individual may think that the next thing she would end up doing is cutting the wrist of Dan too which she refrains from. The thrilling effect is also evidenced by stalking events. Alex ends up stalking Dan even to his own office. Fear is brought out when she kills a pet that belongs to Dan’s daughter, Ellen. Her obsession clearly brings out the fear as the person viewing this film will wonder what she might be capable of doing next. This thrilling genre also shows investigations by police, which is an identity of a thriller. The crime scene at end of the film is very horrific. There is also the suspension created during investigating the matter. According to the audience, the thought is that Dan might be held account of the whole case. This is opposed to the ending, whereby Dan is seen to be back with his family as photos are being taken from the scene.

This film production fits into the genre of thrillers. This is because of the continued effect of fear, chills and horror it has on the person viewing it. The scenes have a feel of a spy, a detective, police, crime, and mystery. The psychological effect and the delayed actions from the actors create a feeling of anxiety, which is a part of the thrilling effect that is expected in a thriller film. Therefore, the film “Fatal Attraction”meets the standards of the viewer’s definition of a thriller in the media industry.

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