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McDonald’s in East Asia

Why is McDonald`s Restaurant popular?

East Asia is a perfect location for McDonald`s restaurant, even before McDonald`s restaurant, there is evidence in the reading that there was a ready market for fast foods in this region. This is shown when Rubie Watson and the writer of the reading look forward to treating their host family in dim sam(tea snack) in Yuen Long, soon after their arrival, a friend suggests  that they go to the new place. An already existing fast food restaurant proves that fast foods were loved by most people in Eat Asia. There is a course to believe that the fact that McDonald`s restaurant was situated in a gigantic, three-storey sparkling building adds up t its popularity as the writer of the reading underwent a sensory disorientation. This might mean that the building was simply marvelous.

The tendency of  McDonald`s restaurant  to  target locations noted for high real estate value such as Ginza in Tokyo contributes to its popularity. This is in contrast to other restaurants that are situated near main train station and often have remarkably little frontage space and limited seating space. The pleasant environment offered by this restaurant makes it popular too, young people are seen to socialize within the premises even when they are fully aware that the management's intended use of space is at odds with their own. The fast foods that are offered in McDonald`s restaurant make it even more popular.

What are the effects of fast food in Japanese table manners and lifestyle in general?

The Japanese are seen to develop a positive attitude towards American food, or food from the ‘west’. It is evidenced by the fact that by 1986, the McDonald’s restaurant chains had expanded to556 restaurants. Every single month during that year, the Japanese are said to have consumed tons and tons of American food. This shows that they embraced American food positively. In the entire McDonald’s restaurant menu, only one native food is served, the Teriyaki burger.

Although the Japanese have no changed their view of heavy meals, they consider McDonald’s restaurant a place to have light meals. The writer states that on Sundays, young men take out their families to the McDonald’s for a light meal. He also states that other recently imported foods like fried chicken are treated more like meals than snacks, perhaps because chicken seems less alien than snacks to the Japanese.

PDF 2. Watson.McDonald’s in East Asia:

What is cultural Imperialism and how does it affect McDonald’s restaurant?

The reading describes cultural imperialism as a new structure of exploitation that emanates from the export of accepted civilization of the United States, Japan, and Europe to other Parts of the world. Chinese leaders have raised alarm over the growing influence of McDonalds and other foreign food firms. I would say that these Chinese leaders believe these firms are spreading cultural imperialism. They simply think these firms are influencing the natives with the cultures from the west. It is evident that in Japan, McDonald’s is hugely popular, more popular than the local firms. This dominance can be viewed as a threat to the local cultures.

At the beginning of this reading, news from the Wall Street Journal announced that the world`s busiest McDonald would comprise moving to make space for a latest commercial development. Clearly, this is a strategy to silence the effect the McDonald’s restaurant has over most of the residents of Beijing. There is no justification at all, to eliminate an evidently profitable business I order to develop another commercial venture whose commercial viability and profitability are yet to be established. This shows that cultural imperialism will have a substantial impact on McDonald`s restaurant. It may be forced to relocate from commercial viable locations just to curb its perceived influence on the local residents.

Is McDonalds a multi-local corporation or a transnational firm?

Most people would answer this question differently depending on one’s view of McDonald’s firm. There is no better way of describing this restaurant without first having to explore the two options. A Chinese native will most likely consider McDonald’s restaurant a multi-local corporation. With no decent exposure to information, one can be forgiven to think that this restaurant is a multi-local corporation. Contapluto  multi-local  views  mean that McDonald’s goes to extraordinary span to find home suppliers and local associates whenever new outlets are opened. However, the key to McDonald’s success was allowing local control by local owner operators.

At the first glance, McDonald’s appears transnational. This is according to the reading. Situated in more than 100 countries and maintains a extensive center of operations compound in Oak Brook, Illinois. The classic model of transnational corporation assumes a non-national, or even anti national mode of production controlled from a headquarters complex located somewhere in the third world. Dispersed production and centralized control would certainly appear to be the norm in the transnational food and beverage industry. McDonalds can well be said to be a transnational company.

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