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Market Analysis

Bloomington CA has a population of about 23,670 and currently there is no healthcare facility in the town which provides maternity services. Actually, the nearest maternity center from Bloomington CA is about 10miles away which provides services to quite a number of people. As a result of this, there is a dire need, for Bloomington CA residents to have their own health facility that will offer maternity services to them. Since their health care facility existing as of now, it will then be prudent to put up a new facility from the scratch.

      The maternity hospital shall seek to offer services to the young adults. The maternity will offer services such as obstetrical and gynecological to the Bloomington residents. The target groups anticipated to benefit from these kinds of services expected expectant couples and young ladies. Mostly, the significant percentage of the population is aged between 24 to 45 years, and consists of people at the ripe age of siring children. In order to serve the general community of Bloomington CA adequately, the facility will include different wings that will reach different classes of people: high class and low class. Most important, the facility will be situated in centralized position to enhance proper coverage of Bloomington CA area and easy access of maternity services.

      In addition, Bloomington CA will offer adequate market size to the maternity hospital. The population of people aged 24-45 years is about 10, 500 people. This category will form the main market share to the facility. Moreover, to identify the market size for the maternity hospital, a comprehensive research will need to be done. The research should be focused on identifying the size of the population who require gynecological services. Similarly, knowledge of fertility rate of Bloomington CA residents will go a long way in the determining the size of the market.

      Consequently, the maternity segment will offer obstetrical and gynecological services to the society. The services shall be offered to the pregnant ladies and mothers. Obstetrics services comprise of care given to women reproductive tracts as well as one offered during prenatal, postnatal period. Moreover, it will also include midwifery services offered during child birth. On the other hand, gynecological services will focus on assisting women with health problems in their reproductive organs.

      Additionally, the external environment is likely to cause positive impacts to the maternity services. Bloomington CA residents are economically stable as depicted in the census report. This eliminates fears of failure due to lack of enough funds to pay their bills. Likewise, the level of technology in Bloomington CA is notably high; therefore, there will be ease in the delivery of services. With low level of environmental hazards in Bloomington CA, presence of maternity will be favored. Similarly, there is no evidence of social attributes that would discourage contributions of a maternity hospital as many have been depending on such services from other hospitals previously.

      Furthermore, the SWOT analysis for the maternity hospital shall include the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats that presumably will face the facility. The strengths associated with maternity hospital at Bloomington CA include the lack of existing similar health care facility in the town. Nevertheless, the weaknesses that affect the business comprise of lack of a proper premises to start up a maternity hospital in the region which indicates that a considerable amount of funds must be sought to construct a viable facility. However, the hospital has an excellent number of opportunities which include a high population in the area which is likely to offer a dependable market share. Finally, the maternity hospital is faced with threats of a likely competition from the nearby facilities which have existed for a long time.

      Most important, the maternity hospital is likely to face competition from nearby hospitals. The hospitals include the inland midwife service in the Redlands, about 10 miles from Bloomington CA. Also, there is a maternity hospital in Hemet, about 40 miles from the town and is known as Hemet valley medical center. The two competitors have an upper hand over any new maternity hospital in Bloomington CA, because they have been in operation for a long time and, therefore, they are more established. Nonetheless, the two facilities are far from Bloomington CA making the new facility have dominance.

      Evidently, there is a dire need the presence of maternity hospital in Bloomington CA town. The maternity hospital shall seek to offer Obstetrical and Gynecological services to the young adults. Mostly, the target market covers a population of people aged 24-45 years which consist of 10, 500 individuals. Moreover, the external environment in Bloomington CA is likely to cause positive impacts to the maternity services if started in the area. Likewise, The SWOT analysis for the maternity hospital, which focuses on, the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats that presumably will face the facility favor its erection. Lastly, the maternity hospital will possibly face competition from Hemet valley medical center and Inland midwife service center.

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