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Judgment and Evaluation

An evaluation is the procedure of probing something and rating it based on its vital features or character. The criterion by which we choose to evaluate something stems from our own predefined principles. These principles may be personal or universally accepted (Heuer, 1999).

What are the different ways in which we evaluate people?

There are different ways in which human beings evaluate each other. A few ways of evaluating human beings include through their physical appearance, materially or through the things that they possess and/or they do not possess. In addition to this, we can evaluate people through talking to them and understanding their thoughts, beliefs, morals and values. Sometimes people can be evaluated on the basis of their cultural and educational backgrounds. In addition to this, psychoanalysis methods can be used to evaluate people. However, these methods of evaluation continue to change with time as we grow and change ourselves. New opinions are gained when we learn more about people. Evaluating people is a complex process that requires having open-minded views, as people are all different. It is only through accepting and respecting these differences that we can stay in harmony with each other (Weiten, 2007).

How do these factors play a role in our expectations of other people?

The factors mentioned above play a pivotal role in our expectations. The types of evaluations mentioned above form the basis by which stereotyping and some set opinions are born. Through these evaluations, human beings may end up having misguided thinking and judgments about certain individuals or groups of people. Opinions are the ideas that we preconceive about certain people. For example, meeting one Indian man may make us have the opinion that all Indians speak the same as this man. These expectations may be correct, but they may also be untrue. We may make decisions based on the expectations that were founded on biased judgment of individuals. Changing nature of judgments is particularly common when it comes to human beings. These factors are often set in our minds and are not scientifically accepted hence we may error in our judgments. Hence, it is indispensable to use correctly all the factors when evaluating people (Weiten, 2007).

What are the disadvantages of these expectations?

Several disadvantages can be associated with these methods of evaluation. For example, the outward impression or evaluation through the physical appearance may result in false conclusions due to stereotypes and preconceived opinions. These evaluations and the resulting expectations may lead individuals into thinking that a certain individual is someone when he actually is not. Interacting with people gives us an opportunity to understand people in a better way, judge them in a more objective and true way. An excellent example of wrong judgments is the stereotype that all black boys who have hooded clothes are thieves. This may make us think that it is correct when it is not correct. We can even make decisions that may lead to fatalities. When we have certain expectations, we end up limiting our thinking about certain people. Expectations close the door for new and open relationships to be started. Wrong expectations may lead to incorrect or even shameful behavior towards others. It is worth noting that we understand these expectations and handle them in the correct way. However, an additional limitation of expectations is tha they may vary based on the situations and surroundings. A culture may change all the occasion with other culture altering very little if at all. Changing and progressing traditions shift individual’s viewpoints opening diverse areas where assessment based on the former requirements will be not as significant as it used to be (Heur, 1999).

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