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Journal Entries

In this coursework five different articles out of the New York Times are analyzed. All of them have the same concept – medical care. All these articles are recent and are of great actuality internationally. The authors of the articles try to find appropriate solutions for the problems raised in the society – euthanasia, medical insurances, and new therapy. In spite of this, all these problems should be discussed in society.

JOURNAL ENTRIES                                                                                                                              


In the article “Push for the Right to Die Grows in the Netherlands” David Jolly tries to evaluate the problem concerning the human rights, including the right to die. The author gives the examples of such a death, underlining that people who are sick and weak have a right for death, if they decided to die. The author of the article leads the readers to a discussion when gives how the practice of euthanasia started in Netherlands. Dr. Petra de Jong, a Dutch pulmonologist, in 1989 was asked by ill patient to end his life. She gave that man a powerful barbiturate but unfortunately that was not enough. So it took him 9 hours to die. So, to the author’s opinion, it was not quite humanistic, as people should not suffer as they have a right to die, as well as they have a right to live.

As it is clear after reading the article, the author stands for the human right to die, in urgent cases, in case of illness or weakness in the old age. David Jolly supports Dr. Petra de Jong’s point of view that every human being has a right to choose if live or die. Dr. Petra is the head of the euthanasia advocacy group named Right to Die-NL who helps to achieve so called “dignified death”.

But anyway this right to death is allowed not in any case as there are strong traditions and rules prohibiting this right, including the religion side.

The article by David Jolly is about the problem of great actuality for the modern society, for the whole world. This problem is of great actuality internationally as many people in different countries of the world suffer of diseases causing pain. It’s like a great burden instead of dying among loving people who care about the human in case of need.

In spite of this the author tries to reveal that dying on demand is a step of great responsibility for people who have chosen such a way of dying. It’s like an organized suicide, when one can not take sufferings anymore.

JOURNAL ENTRIES                                                                                                                4

In any case, euthanasia is provided by means of humanity as people should not stand pain if there are no drugs to cure it. And doctors should not take responsibility for death if people chose this way of dying.

In the article “For the Elderly, Emergency Rooms of Their Own” by Anemona Hartocollis the information about the new emergency rooms for the elder people is represented.

For example, the author gives the description of the hospitals and medical centers where such rooms are organized. In such rooms there are no noisy machines or blinking lights. Instead of it, the patients are offered to read something interesting in a newspaper or listen a good music. All the conveniences in such rooms are preserved. There are much comfort and care.

Such comfortable solutions as an artificial sun on the beautiful artificial sky, around puffy clouds and leafy trees, made a great impression on me. Really, such rooms are very comfortable for the elder people, who can spend around all of this a couple of days without being worried about their lives. Elder people must be sure about their health, and that doctors and medical workers can help them in case of need.

“They thought it was a bedpan unit, focused on nursing home patients,” Dr. Rosenberg said. “When they finally realized this was the unit that gave better health care to their parents and grandparents, they jumped onboard.” It is about the hospitals that organized emergency rooms for people over 65 years old. Really, they call doctors to their homes more often than younger people, and they need special attention and care from the government.

So such emergency rooms would help elderly to feel like they are home or in the garden, as everything is made for their comfort.

JOURNAL ENTRIES                                                                                                                5

In the article “Texas Board Approves Rules on Use of Stem Cells” the author MinjaePark gives the highlights to the problem of great actuality. Last Friday Texas medical Board approved new rules on the use of stem cells, that gives Texans a chance to be cured by therapy that can be potentially unsafe.

The author of the article shows the advantages and disadvantages of such a therapy, providing the assumption that this therapy should be tested first than be used to people. Health should be cherished above all. This is an author’s opinion.

In another article from New York Times “Insurers Alter Cost Formula, and Patients Pay More” its author Nina Bernstein tried to show how calculation methods for medical care are able to influence on the cost of insurance. It is really a great problem, as the patients are not willing to pay more for medical insurances though this is required by some insurance companies.

The thing is about defending human rights for a good medical care, the basic human right that must be strictly followed in any case, especially concerning elderly people who are not able to care about themselves.

Above I analyzed the article from New York Times about emergency rooms for elderly in hospitals. In any case people will not get such rooms without insurance.

In the article “Debt Collector Is Faulted for Tough Tactics in Hospitals” its author Jessica Silver-Greenberg tries to show how humanity is neglected by a single debt collector who collects medical debts from the patients. He comes to a hospital and tries to collect the debts from the patients in a bad manner. Such a conduct is really inappropriate. 

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