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Instant Message, Instant Girlfriend

Hobbs describes himself as the “quintessential (the most perfect embodiment of a) nerd,” but his persona changed completely online. List the characteristics that made him a “nerd.”

  • He could not finish telling a woman anything charming face-to-face or else he started sweltering;
  • He was always nervous when talking to women face-to-face;
  • He could not complete full sentences when talking to women face-to-face;
  • Although charming to the girls, he only feigned his affection for the girls and did not love them (as some of the loved him);
  • He was also a silent and painfully awkward dweeb who was absorbed by his books.

Explain why you think these characteristics disappeared in his online relationships.

In online conversations, Hobbs was a different person altogether: handsome, charming, and technology savvy one. This is because he could take his time for the perfect answer to each question as well as to have the ideal response to every flirtation.

Conclude with your prediction about his future, face-to-face relationships.

His future face-to-face relationships are supposed to be successful and he is not a nerd. He is prepared to face the truth and numerous break-ups. Moreover, sometime later he might be accepting Lara’s friendship (not just online, but also real face-to-face relationship).  

Do you think his online experiences changed his ability to interact with a woman in person?


Hobbs’ online experiences showed him that one cannot run away from the reality by engaging women in online conversations. It happened after one of the girls texted him, “I love you.” He says that he realized that he had to undo what he had done before, because he lost track of what really mattered to him. As he broke up with the girls one by one, he felt relieved when the lie came clear from the four words: “we need to talk.” As a result, when he met Lara in the movie theater she accepted his screen name. This means that he was willing to meet her in person, because he knows that one day they have to meet and he ought to be prepared for that.  

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