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Innovation in Knowledge Creation

How have the concepts of innovation and fashion in knowledge creation, as proposed by Abrahamson (1991), Huczynski (1993), Ramsay (1977) and Barley and Kunda (1992), affected your views about the knowledge creation process?

The concept of innovation and fashion in knowledge creation proposed by Abrahamson (1991) affected my view on knowledge creation process in several ways. According to Abrahamson (1991), three perspectives can be used to explain limitations of diffusion of technicality of inefficient innovations or rejection of efficient ones. These perspectives include the fad perspective, fashion perspective and forced-selection perspective. Fad perspective argues that organizations in a group are not certain on the efficiency of innovation. Therefore, people in a group influence each other on the adoption of inefficient innovations. This perspective made me view the importance of influencing positive group thinking during knowledge creation process. Huczynski (1993) Ramsey (1977) and Barley and Kunda (1992) claimed that innovation and fashion were temporary. It made it clear to me that the process of knowledge creation could be affected by changes in culture and economic conditions.

Reflect on your role, the role of the University, and other actors who play a role in the knowledge diffusion process, as proposed by Abrahamson (1991).

Abrahamson (1991) proposed that both outside forces and forces inside an organization group determined the rate of diffusion of new technology methods. My role in the knowledge diffusion process is to encourage members of our investment team to share knowledge by encouraging a culture of openness and teamwork. Universities have a role of encouraging students to express their opinions freely and to adopt knowledge that they feel will benefit them as they live their lives. Government has a role of encouraging the diffusion of positive knowledge by implementing policies that encourage innovation and freethinking.

Reflect on the impact of local and global social and economic conditions on the definition of workplace-based problems and the resources that are devoted to addressing them

Both local and global social conditions have an impact on the definition of work-based problems. If the local society supports the activities of an organization, it is likely that most organizations will not have serious work-based problems. If these problems occur, the local society will be willing to provide assistance of addressing these problems. Work-based problems will also not be common if countries have good international relations. These countries will support each other in case work-based problems occur. If the local and global economic conditions are poor, most organizations will experience financial crisis. During financial crisis, firms are unable to pay for their operating expenses and most financial institutions fail to offer financial assistance for solving this crisis. Thus, companies will lack resources for addressing this problem.

How can an awareness of the processes of innovation in knowledge creation be used to inform your approach to workplace-based problem solving

Awareness of the process of innovation can be used to inform my approach to work-based process problem solving in several ways. Fashion and fad perspective as defined by Abrahamson (1991) argue that diffusion of innovation occur when the conditions in the market are uncertain and that organizations prefer adopting the innovation models of other firms. It is thus necessary for organizations to encourage social interactions and networking so that its employees become aware of the importance of innovation in work-based problem solving. Considering this concept, I will focus on encouraging networking between members of our team and other workers from different organizations that are in our industry. As members of my team interact with other employees, they will learn on how knowledge-sharing culture promotes overall organization growth and productivity. Furthermore, networking will help the members of our team learn on insights that they can adopt to adapt to culture of knowledge sharing and teamwork within a short time.

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