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As a linguistic student, I go for learning structures of different languages, in order to communicate well with people around the world. In the long term, I would love to master five languages used in different parts of the world. This would allow me to interact effectively with people of different cultures, as I have an intention to pass on my knowledge and experience to others.                                                      

During my first year at Monash University, I had a keen interest in studying a foreign language. Last semester I took up a Korean unit, what at first was challenging. Despite the fact that it was a new experience demanding hard work and determination, I got the highest marks in my course group. I discovered that it is easy to master Korean since it has no tones and pictorial writing system. However,  speaking the language itself is a real challenge as its sounds are quite unique. The grammar is quite difficult, as verbs are conjugated in multiple ways. Nevertheless, this just increased my desire to learn how to speak fluent Korean. This semester I’m taking the Intermediate Korean and Japanese..

My experience at Monash has been very rewarding, as it is a multicultural environment. This has helped me to appreciate different languages, as I now have learnt different aspects of speech. I have an enthusiastic interest in diversity of people of the universe and have always been mesmerized by different cultures from an early age. Moreover, I take pleasure in facing defiances. Considering the fact that an acquaintance with the new cultures and languages might take away time from my major studies,I still find it an extremely beneficial and worthwhile. While learning Korean, I was able to make presentations to my course mates. It was a gainful experience boosting my confidence in my future successful endeavor to master more languages.

When a call was made for students to apply for an exchange program at Yonsei University, I was elated. This is an excellent chance to study a foreign language in its natural environment. Meeting new people and getting to learn about their culture is a great opportunity for me. I believe being at Yonsei University would help me to achieve my goal to speaking Korean language fluently.

Henry Miller said that "One's destination is never a place, but rather a new way of looking at things." A staying in Korea for the programme time will enable me to explore new knowledge, new culture and to develop new talents. The participation in exchange promises to see things from a different perspective and to revalue one’s vision. Being in Korea will broaden my horizon and give me the confidence to continue mastering other languages that are deemed difficult. Being able to communicate with people helps us to appreciate different cultures, religions among other things; this, in its turn, minimizes discrimination of people based on race. In my opinion, people who are exposed to multicultural environment make better world leaders, as they are able to appreciate diversity and its role in fostering peace. I have taken up Korean language courses at Monsah University and have basic skills needed for me to study the language further. My experience at Yonsei University will allow me to be a fluent Korean speaker. The exchange can give a possibility to be involved in functioning of language clubs that contribute a lot in improving language skills and knowing some peculiarities that only native speaker can be aver of.

From my part, I would bring a useful contribution to the exchange programme as a volunteer. Being a socially active person, I do not have any problems in communication and setting up the relations with new people. At the same time, I am eager to share my knowledge in Linguistic sphere and Asia studies. Being self motivated and strong minded; I cannot wait to face the challenges at Yonsei University both, socially and academically

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