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Industrialized Fishing

Industrialized fishing is another problem that is threatening the extinction of fish. This is mainly due to increased fishing activities. Over 90 percent of large fish have disappeared from ocean’s, in the past half a century. Coral reef destruction is also cause of fish extinction; this is due to ocean warming, fishing tools damage and infection of coral organisms. It will take thousands of years to be able to restore that which has been destroyed in few years. According to recent studies, it is believed that over million fish species will be lost within next 50 years. The main cause being the change in climate; this is a great challenge in bio-diversity. There has been a decline in the number of amphibian population in the recent times. This is mainly due to the fact that amphibians are very sensitive to environment changes. Amphibians are usually considered to be a signal for bio-diversity health. In the situation where they are stressed, this becomes a clear indication that the bio-diversity is under pressure. In case they are doing well, this is a clear indication that the bio-diversity is healthy as well. However, the population of amphibians is declining at an alarming rate. It is hard to explain the accelerating rate of amphibians decline (McCallum, 2007). When there is sufficient biodiversity, the ecosystem is usually efficient and productive. Every form of life work together with the surrounding environment in order to recycle the wastes they generate. They also help to maintain the ecosystem while at the same time providing services that benefit human beings and other organisms. The ocean system is capable of scrubbing toxins out of water, taking sewage and recycling it into usable nutrients, it also turns carbon dioxide into oxygen and food which is used by species including human beings. All this is possible by help of bio-diversity presence. Unfortunately, with the current massive species loss, it is not possible for the ecosystem to regenerate itself (McCallum, 2007).  

Sharks are also a major part of bio-diversity in the ocean. However, they continue to be overfished and even killed by fishing nets, this is mainly for their meat and fins. If the number of sharks continue to decrease, then the ecosystem of the marine is likely to be affected and consequently the bio-diversity. The decline of ocean biodiversity is so abundant that every species in the ocean has been affected, and it is decreasing each and every time. Many biodiversity mammals in the seas including polar bears, dolphins, and whales among others are declining rapidly. This also affects birds like penguins and other creatures like krill. 

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