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Human Sexualities

Attraction is the main force that brings two or more things together, at least under normal circumstances. This is usually the case in the case of mate selection among humans and other animals that feel the urge to begin the reproductive processes in their different habitats and niches. However, there are cases where attraction does not play any role in the relationships that exist. For instance, a father who enjoys a cordial relationship with some given family friend may impose such a personal force on their children to get engaged to or even marry his friend’s children. In other cases, someone may just have a big dream to fulfill and when they realize that being closer to another particular individual as a special partner their dream is realizable then they take that as the best way that would lead them to great heights. With all such complications relating to mate-selection, I endeavor to pin-point the pleasant experiences that many partners face, using my own personal encounters to portray an ideal mate selection scenario.

My affair with my husband has always seemed naturally thriving and warmly nurtured. He is quite a gentleman, caring partner and a very understanding person that any woman would want to as a lasting partner. I had doubts of our romantic adventure at first. Though, my greatest hopes have always been that we will enjoy wonderful moments throughout our marriage life.  Time would tell. And up to this time, everything seems to be going as I have always wished.

My man is military personnel. He is a dedicated man whose heart is totally in the service of his country. I always commend him for being such a committed person and dedicated to his job. With the routines of the military staff, he has even spent some whooping eighteen months in Iraq in the terror war against terrorism, diligently serving his country and even risking his life for that noble course of contributing towards attainment of security and peace for the entire world.

Despite such strenuous duties even oversees, my husband never forgets his family. He is a wonderful provider and no matter where he may be, his priority number one is ensuring that the family back home has all that it requires. He is also one guy who understands that communication is one fantastic way of staying close with the ones you love. That is why he does all he can to make a call even during the busiest of his moments. I do acknowledge that it is the commitment towards each other as a couple, and the understanding that our family is a wonderful gift that keeps us going strongly and happily.

We share quite a lot in terms of our attractiveness interests. I enjoy being with him and he seems to feel the same. He says I am beautiful and I believe is genuine. I also find him very handsome. We are dedicated Christians and we all attend church services together as a family because we believe that this is one crucial aspect of realizing the strength of any happy family. We consult whenever an issue arises and I believe this is cemented by the gift of understanding that we enjoy between the two of us as we strive to raise a great and ideal family together.

Theories of mate selection are almost all inclined to the notion that individuals with that strong feeling of love for each other have similar characteristics and interests and thus they do thrive in their relationship. I tend to fully support that, based on my own real life lessons that I have managed to attend practically whether accidentally or optionally. To this date, I keep telling myself that there is someone somewhere with whom I share at least seventy per cent of my interests, ideals and opinion. That is the person I would be comfortable living with as my mate.

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