How does Social Networks Influence in The Worldwide Elections

Nowadays, social network are so involved in our daily lives that even politicians use them for their campaigns. It has become an easiest way to communicate with people and friends who are not close to a person. In the other hand, the Social Networks has had an influence in the elections. Most of the citizens are on these media communications most of the time. Therefore, it has become easier to see campaign slogans on the Internet than see it on the streets, or watch a speech from the politicians through Internet rather than read it on the newspaper. They have a large influence in today’s elections worldwide because, people spend most of their time on the networks than reading the newspapers or any other source that can give them information about the elections. Twitter, Facebook, MySpace and more, have contribute in past elections as well in the recent ones, giving success to the politicians and to their communities by giving them information about their candidates and about the elections, how politicians have used this to their benefits in campaigns in these social networks.

As most of the citizens know in the US the Social Networks were really successful source of communication, for the now President Barack Obama. The social network he used the most when he was in campaign back in 2008 was twitter. Therefore, as seeing the success of such social network, He and his campaign group decided to create his MyBO (My Social-networking website After his victory and seeing how the Internet and Social Networks had a huge influence on his success as the new President Of the United States of America.  By the time the country found out he was the next President he referred in his twitter account as “This is history” (Obama) to his victory.

Now it is even possible to analyze the ranges of the elections through twitter. Also in the Germany elections of the National parliaments, twitter had over 104,003 tweets published according to the study created by Tumasjan, Andranik  named “predicting elections with twitter: what 140 characters reveal about political sentiment.”  Most of the users on twitter for political issues are handle it by attacking their contraries. These are just two examples of how the Social Networks have a great impact on the elections not just in the US but also worldwide. Most of the people who recurred to twitter as a political free expression use it to attack. However, there are some others users that communicate with others and participate in conversation about political issues.

As well other social networks help to some candidates in their electoral campaigns. When it comes to in the weeks leading up to election these social networks start to fill in with comments, dos and don’ts, on the election procedure and who is the better candidate. Therefore, many issues come to every voter mind when campaigns are here, and voters start thinking what is best for their own benefit. And the Internet and social networks are the easiest way to find out the proposals, it is not the same when taking your time reading something on the Internet or seeing at others giving their opinion. For Instance when a candidate gives a speech people usually get lost through it, therefore, they go to a place in internet as YouTube to browse for that specific speech and watch it at their own rhythm, if they need to go back they will have the tool to do it and spend the right time to watch it and see all the proposals the candidates give.

Furthermore, social networks not only were used in the back elections, they are used as well in the actual elections. O’Connor stated that social networks are powerful tools and looser, more extensive social networks to communicate directly with their peers about the election (O’Connor, Rory.) Many young people is not interested in politics it is hard to capture their attention. Therefore, presidential candidates must inform them somehow of their stances of the issues and they choose to do it through social networks.  For Instance, Presidential Candidate for the Us presidency, Gary Johnson has created an extended number of town hall meetings online and according to the web article “Ways social media will impact the 2012 presidential election” many people attends these meetings and when posting short messages it contains the link to the online town hall of the candidate Gary, Johnson (Moran). Several websites such as gives information they are able to find on twitter about the campaigns as well information about the election.

 Therefore, sending tweets with information about the Presidential Election 2012 to all followers who would be interested should spread the word (Mars, Steven.) and even get their candidate a trending topic on twitter. A trending topic is a topic about what everyone around twitter is talking about and it depends of how often they mentioned it. For Instance, Romney is the first politician in buying a trending topic on twitter, as well twitter confirmed this that the presidential candidate bought a trending topic, users are not aware of this but the Romney campaign starts to mention it more it is more easy for every user to see it is something everyone is talking about. Therefore, you get online and see what it is about and it may be that you already had your chosen candidate and this may change your mind.

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