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Hazardous Conditions in Construction Sites

Building and construction sites have always been associated with highly conterminous chemicals and metals that are harmful to human health. Asbestos and lead remain to be the most dangerous materials, which contaminate construction sites. These building elements have substances which cause deadly infections getting into human bodies. Asbestos is used for fire resistance; it prevents overheating of the roofing and flooring materials. Asbestos cannot cause health complications when it is mixed with other components. However, this does not mean that asbestos is not poisonous. Scientists dealing with construction processes have termed asbestos as one of the direct contributor of deadly lung infections and other respiratory illness (Acheson & Gardner, 1983). Lead is a heavy metal that is highly soluble in human blood and can cause blood infections immediately. Lead is highly dangerous; once it is in the air, it continues to circulate and can accumulate on the household properties.

Asbestos and lead remain to be the most serious killer in our homes and construction sites due to their long presence in the air. For instance, asbestos does not have the ability to evaporate once it has been mixed with other chemicals. Asbestos only becomes active when the house is being renovated. It spreads in form of dust sheet, powder or any other form that can be carried in the air. Construction site workers, who happen to be smoking when asbestos is being released, will get lung cancer immediately. Asbestos has high ability to react with the tar content in cigarettes which causes the infection immediately. Lead, on the other hand, can get into the human body by means of water. This is because through the corrosion of pipes; people consume it every day.

There are effects associated with the presence of asbestos and lead in the construction sites. These substances cause both air and water pollution affecting the life of aquatic and non aquatic creatures. Persons involved in construction of houses are also affected by these chemicals. Lead is a heavy metal; once inside the human body, it affects vital organs like the heart, lungs and kidneys. Similarly, asbestos damages the respiratory and immune system of young people. The immune system of the young children is not well developed, and, therefore, once the young persons are exposed to asbestos and lead, the chemicals  affect immediately and children can die within a few days.

The Concerns and Effects of Asbestos and Lead

Lead and asbestos remain to be the main components in constructions of various homes. Unfortunately, these chemicals are slowly causing internal illness that cannot be detected immediately. The environment is being polluted by lead through the corrosion of pipes made up of this chemical. Painting the houses, lead finds its way into the air and is later absorbed through water. Asbestos, on the other hand, is easily inhaled into the lungs causing lung cancer and other respiratory infections. Other effects include the lung inflammation, shortage of breath and deep coughing which produces sputum resembling tuberculosis infection. These effects tend to be severe in young children whose immune and respiratory systems are not well developed.


Asbestos and lead affect mostly workers involved in the mining and construction industries. There is a need to develop healthy and occupational protection schemes, where the employers agree to compensate their employees as a result of these hazards. Though constructive site workers wear protective attires, there is a need to develop green attires that are wet in nature. Similarly, site workers want to be sure that the soils in which they are working are wet to prevent the spread of asbestos through dust particles. Regular medical checkup should also be the norm for site workers to help minimize the risk of exposure. However, alternative building materials have to be used to reduce health effect emanating from asbestos and lead.

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