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Google Analytics is a free web statistics service offered by Google that provides people with rich insights into their marketing effectiveness and website traffic. It has flexible, powerful and user-friendly features that allow people to see and analyze their traffic data in a whole new way. It operates by sticking a JavaScript piece in people’s HTML code that loads when somebody visits their page. Google Analytics not only helps people to reinforce their marketing initiatives and write better-targeted ads, but also to design higher converting websites. This paper discusses Google Analytics and the way it is used by marketing consultants to increase marketing effectiveness and performance.

Google Analytics has numerous benefits to users which include: monitoring people’s reports and alerting them of any important changes in data patterns, as well as isolation and analysis of traffic subsets via a rapid interactive segment builder. Google Analytics is also very instrumental in e-commerce tracking; it helps tracing various transactions to campaigns, identify sources of revenue and get loyalty metrics. It also helps people to keep track of their sales and conversions, as well as track mobile websites and web-enabled mobile phones.

Google Analytics is also very important in customizing reports. It enables one to create, alter and save reports in a manner that presents only the information one wants to see, organized in a manner that pleases the user. With its drag-and-drop interface, people can choose the matrix they need and define several stages of sub-reports. The custom report created will be available to the user for the period he or she wants it. Google Analytics is also used for advanced data analysis; it helps to carry out advanced data analysis with numerous dimensions. With its advanced data analysis tools, one is able to manipulate even the data in the report tables. This web solution also helps people to export their data directly from Google Analytics interface to PDF or Excel files, etc.

Limitations of Google Analytics

Real-Time Data Tracking

Data from the previous hour is visible on Google Analytics but it is unreliable until the next day. This daily update may be an issue to some people who wants more frequent updates. In addition, e-commerce data takes a long time to permeate through to the interface.


Google Analytics cannot differentiate between a blog and a site. In spite of owning a Feedburner, this service cannot do anything with the information of the subscriber. Ideally, one would expect a blog analytical tool to show at a glance people’s popular posts, their number of tweets, new subscribers, trackbacks, likes etc

Account Transfer

Google Analytics does not allow account or profile transfer to a different account.

Change Time Zone When Linked With AdWords

Google Analytics accounts which are linked to AdWords apply time zone settings from AdWords. This is something that is cannot be changed easily unless a person contacts Google to first unlink the account, and this might be a nuisance.

Attribute The First Touch To A Conversion

Google Analytics attributes the latest campaign information to a conversion, a problem which is changeable but necessitates the addition of a tracking code.

Though Google has the Help Center to handle queries from customers, there are cases when the people’s questions are not answered or they do not get satisfactory answers. In such circumstances, chances are slim that you will get the required information from Google even with follow up calls, and one is compelled to hire an expert in Google Analytics to train you, which is quite expensive.

Google Analytics limits the amount of data people can store, though the limits are not so strict for those whose AdWord accounts are active. People with large websites containing over five million hits per month cannot use this service because of the large amount of data.

How Google Analytics Are Used By Marketing Consultants To Increase Marketing Effectiveness And Performance

Through Google Analytics, marketing consultants are able to track every detail of the marketing campaigns as well as the return on investment of specified products, enabling them to advice business owners on what to do to increase their business performance and effectiveness. In addition, marketing consultants also utilize major performance summary screens provided by Google Analytics to inform the executives of organizations on the advancements and sales results attained from online marketing efforts. Google Analytics through its Discount Tire marketing strategy has proven very successful in enabling marketers to locate the stocks that are missing in the local stores, hence ensuring that customers’ shopping is pleasant because they get whatever they want from the stores. This has consequently led to a significant increase in sales.

Google Analytics has proven to be very effective in streamlining designs, for example, it helped marketing consultants in 2005 to track and measure the results of the Discount Tire initiative. The service helped them determine the effectiveness of the design by pinpointing that the “purchase and make a reservation” slogan used in marketing the design significantly decreased sales. Instead, the marketing team adopted the slogan “check out and make a reservation”, and what followed was a 14% increase in online sales in just a single week. Besides, the advanced data collection and analysis tools offered by Google Analytics help marketers to manipulate marketing data to suit the needs of the customers and in turn helps to improve marketing performance. Marketers also use the Analytics Intelligence tool provided by this service to monitor people’s business reports and provide them with updates of important changes in data patterns. This way, one is able to know if a particular set benchmark is attained. This is important in identifying problems in cases where the benchmark is not reached as expected, and correcting it in time.

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