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As a writer, I have come a long way. I can say that I have grown so much in writing. However, I have made so many steps in essay writing; much is still required of me. Before I joined this class, I believed that writing is hard nut to crack. This particular belief resonated in my mind for a long time. Nevertheless, now I know I made the right choice of joining this class. In essay writing I like to communicate with types of audience most of whom I do not know. The opportunity to communicate with people that has been offered by writing is of the great satisfaction to me. In addition, I like generating ideas and putting them in writing as ‘Good learners develop these skills under their own stream’ (Rijlaarsdam, Bergh, and Couzijn 4). Moreover, I like writing because it boosts my creativity. Jonson observes that, ‘writing like any other subject has got its challenges’ (56). It requires that one keep abreast of knowledge to remain relevant. Towards this, a writer has to read much and carry out research. I used to fear research and reading widely, but now it is part of my routine.

As a writer, I have done my individual assessment and realized that I have my strengths and weakness. I am creative and imaginative – these are the  traits, which propel my writing skills. Secondly, I have a passion for reading and doing research - an attribute that has made my writing task easier and flowing. Finally, my interest and passion to communicate my thoughts and ideas to people makes writing a hobby and adventurous task to me. However, I am working on my grammar and formatting styles. I take working on my grammar as a positive challenge rather than a weakness.

Writing is important to me in many ways. First, it widens my creativity and prepares me to future challenges. To prosper in any given field, one has to communicate his or her thoughts and writing offers the best opportunity to nurture such skills early in life. Writing skills are critical to future endeavors (Meriwethe 84). This is because most of things that would be done in the future require writing skills. For instance, furthering education, operating business, and taking leadership position just to name a few.

Originally, I felt that essay assignments were hard before I started. This is because I did not know the procedure of organizing and writing an essay. However, this was different when I started writing. I learnt how to compose myself and organize my thoughts in a logical manner. It was easy and ideas were flowing. When I finished I did not believe that I had come up with such an essay. When I started, it seemed to me as if I did not have enough information but after organizing and writing the work, it was fulfilling to read it.

In composing an essay, I take time to organize my thoughts in such a way that my writing flows from one idea to the other. I organize my writing in such a manner that it has introduction, background information, the body that explains my themes and then conclusion. I always list down some of the key points I would like to communicate to my audience. After finishing writing, I read my work to correct grammatical errors and some ideas that might not be making sense. This makes sure that my writing flows and has meaning.

Microsoft Word revision technique is very useful in writing. This is because the Microsoft Word software highlights grammatical mistakes thereby making it easy for me to correct my essay faster. It also makes typing my essays easy by suggesting words, which I could struggle with. In my revision process, I did not experience extreme difficulty as I used Microsoft. The MS Word helped me to correct my mistakes, which suppose I had used pen and paper, I would not have seen. I think the use of MS Word is revolutionary, because it has made the mastery of the English lesson a bit earlier for those who learn English as a second language.    

In writing an essay I would concentrate on my logical flow and grammar. I seem to miss how the general flow of an essay should be for a comprehensive essay. In the process of writing I confuse how to write my introduction paragraph and merge it with logical flow of the paper using appropriate words for transition. Having written my essays, I have not always made the best of conclusions with regard to how the conclusion needs to be written. Even though my grammar is not perfect, I look forward to improve my writing skills through continuous practice like the one my teacher does. This will make my essay to be of superior quality.

I did find writing art description to be the most challenging of all the essays we wrote. Works of art require one to have an inner view in order to comprehend what a painter communicates. Since I could not fully rely on my interpretation, I had to look for what other writers have said about the art in order to write the essay. I had difficult time trying to find meaning of the art. I however enjoyed the essay later on after learning that art is a basic way of understanding culture. The global interaction of humankind continues to open up and as such, a deeper understanding of different cultures and values is vital in enhancing communication between any interacting groups. Cultural interaction involves understanding of different cultural patterns, for instance, social practices, traditional tenets, values, and societal norms that I learnt from writing the essay. Therefore, it was the most challenging yet the most interesting essay to write as ‘Writing seems also to be a means to promote personal understanding of the given topic’ (Tynjala, Mason, and Lonka 44).

My writing has changed since last year, because I can now write a flowing paper based on the procedures to be followed when writing an essay. I never used to know that such a procedure exits. In addition, I have added a number of new vocabularies of the English language and this gives me the ability to understand and communicate in the language much better. Consequently, I have known that there are writing styles that writers should follow and so far, I have learnt how to cite and format my paper according to the Modern Language Association, (MLA) format. I can now cite my essay appropriately using the MLA guide in both in-text citation and the work cited page.   

In the essay, ‘Good Pedagogy is Interacting,’ I read the work of Paulo Freire who is a very important education theorist. As such, his work is thoughtful, educative, and of the highest standards, any writing could be. The other essays on advertisement and the art, I have used my thought to comprehend what messages are passed through the topics. All the essays communicate something on culture and this emphasizes the importance of culture in any form of writing. This statement is affirmed by Tynjala, Mason, and Lonka that, ‘Essay writing has also some other characteristics that promote constructive rather than reproductive learning’ (44).

All the essays were formatted using the MLA guide and this was helpful in making me master the use of MLA as a style of writing. I could also be able to draw conclusion on my three essays after analyzing the issues under my topic of discussion. For instance, the essay on advertisement made me conclude, ‘The modern Americans buy a product consider information from ads, and they think ads bring feeling to them rather than product’s real function’. Having engaged in the writing of the three essays I have improved my level of writing from one essay to the other. The structure of writing is well into my head, as I know the basic structure of an essay, introduction, body, and conclusion. In order to draw a conclusion, the thesis statement must be stated in the introduction and restated in the conclusion.

Now I feel better as a writer because of the achievements I have attained so far, but I still have other targets. I want to be a good academic writer who is able to synthesize a lot of literature in order to arrive at a conclusive statement. Thus, I would be pleased when I will be able to write as a scholar in the near future.       

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