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Film Analysis: Aliens

James Cameron is one of the most successful directors in the history of cinema. The scale and unpredictability of the settings and plots, as well as laborious and lengthy work on the shooting force viewers to look forward to his next masterpiece. Two years after filming Terminator, Cameron began work on the next movie. Aliens became one of the first movies which brought the popularity to Cameron. This is a continuation of Alien by Ridley Scott. This paper provides an analysis of Cameron’s directorial work Aliens.

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Drawing attention to the plot of the film, it should be said that James Cameron chose a deployment scenario that significantly differs from the version of Ridley Scott. The film is set 57 years after the events of the first part. A female astronaut by the name of Ellen L. Ripley spends all this time in a state of sleep to those long as her ship is found by a space rescue service. Ripley finds out that the colonists from the Earth settle on the planet LV-426 which is home to the alien, but communication with them is lost. Ripley suggests that the planet has a full population of space monsters so that their destruction is the main purpose of the new expedition. Ripley becomes a member of the expedition and goes to LV-426 in order to destroy all aliens.

Speaking about the style of the film, Cameron built his movie using a more adventurous plan. Ridley Scott’s version differs because of its gloom and depression, while Cameron added a lot more action, turning the film into a fantastic action movie with lots of action scenes. Cameron also created a detailed plot which would look at the life of the main character more fully, as well as see the aliens in all varieties. A further aspect which has played an important role in the success of the film, is the special effects of monsters. The director has made a huge leap in the expansion of the universe strangers, providing them with a full display of the cycle of birth, the Queen, and a new species – the soldiers. Thanks to this, Cameron managed to create the film that remains a benchmark of the genre of a sci-fi thriller to date.

The main theme of the film is the desire of the main characters to destroy the monsters, thereby to find the true cause of the disappearance of the colonists from the Earth. However, some viewers may argue that this desire is selfish, not for the sake of the common good, but this theme is typical of science fiction fighters of the 20th century. Moreover, the desire to benefit the society can be regarded as the excessive pathos which is often not beneficial for the image of the protagonist. Anyway, Aliens has a theme of love and care. Ripley finds a little girl named Rebecca. She is the only survivor of the vanished colony residents. Finally, the film raises the issue of greed and human misery, thanks to the character named Burke. He calls into question the confidence of Ripley and the other participants (including viewers), but in fact, Burke is an extremely selfish man.

Summing up, Aliens is the undisputed hit of space combat with the horror elements of fiction which is still one of the best films about space even after 30 years. This movie does not grow old as it has become the standard of a successful sequel, an indicator of the quality statement and conveyed emotion. Cameron improved the visual part and enhanced the effect of the drama which fit well into the difficult genre of a sci-fi thriller. In this case, the plot of the film is quite thoughtful, really exciting and spectacular. It is recommended for watching by anyone who is interested in this genre.

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