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Fertility Treatments

The high cost of fertility treatments, in the routine practice of surrogate parenting forces doctors to place multiple eggs in the willing surrogate mother womb. This has led to a majority practicing selective abortion. The routine is morally wrong especially in the societal perspective. Mostly, it is practiced where parents have a preference of a boy child to the girl child (Daniel, 1999). It is morally wrong in many societies to compromise conception; actually, the process should be natural and not a choice of the parent (Rosemary, 2007).  Above all, selective abortion is still abortion in reality because there is an involvement of termination of the fetus and this is morally wrong in a society. To uphold the moral standards in society the parents might decide to give birth to all the children. Though they may be born with defects, it is appropriate and the roles of the society to handle, and care for the said children regardless of their condition just like normal children (Elly, 2003).

Abortion is not a choice in the society, owing to the many ethical issues surrounding it. Even surrogate mothers still have to abide with the societal norms. Pro-life supporters have an argument that abortion is morally wrong, especially on the basis that a fetus is equally innocent and that it is a potential life soon to develop into functional human being. This is a true argument; if a mother does not want the baby, let it be that she practices all methods to prevent conception (Dennis, 2003).

Pro-life supporters also argue on the ethical issue that uncertainty as to the issue of the fetus having a right to life should be a deterrent of mothers having an abortion. This has my support because there are still no straight laws regarding abortion meaning that the mothers might still be committing a crime in the real sense (Francis, 1991).

Discrimination of the unborn being the other leading ethical issue is a string point. No one chooses to be born, and the act of conceiving is never the choice of the child. Therefore, the child should have a right to life after conception and compromises through abortion should not feature as a justification of unwanted pregnancy (Francis, 1991).

Surrogate Parenting The Obligatory Exercise Questionnaire
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