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Experience Analysis

At the present time, many U.S. native-born citizens are often unhappy with encountering persons who come to our country to start a new life, although all U.S. citizens’ ancestors who were not Native Americans were once immigrants. This essay is dedicated to the discussion of the social difficulties immigrants undergo in the US.

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A conversation with the person who experiences difficulties is the best way to discover the truth. The interviewee is a twenty-year-old Russian girl, who arrived to the United States two years ago as a participant of the “Work and Travel” program for students and after finishing it decided to relocate here. The girl says it is not easy to become a member of the American society. Firstly, the legal process of preparing the documents to stay in the country is very complicated and difficult to handle without the help from professionals or somebody who already knows how to resolve such problems. Majority of Americans, on the other hand, are usually welcomed everywhere throughout the world: we do not need to worry about receiving visas to travel to most of the countries. Secondly, the interviewee says she feels uneasy as many people think her primary goal is to marry a U.S. resident. I know I can choose any person in the world to marry and nobody will blame me for attempting to benefit from the relationship, sinceI come from the developed country. The girl was offended several times at work, when some local persons said she could not speak English merely due to her accent and asked for another person to serve them. When I traveled to Italy with my family (none of us could speak Italian) everybody around us tried to speak English to help us.

As for the experience of requiring medical care, based on my interview, I can say that it is equal both for immigrants and U.S. citizens. The interviewee received proper medical service, when she was in a hospital, however, her insurance company did not refund the money they were supposed to pay her. I also experienced such an issue.

To conclude with, it is difficult to become a respected member of the American society as a result of bias and complex legal processes. Nevertheless, everyone is treated in the same way while requiring medical aid.

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