Data Analysis

In the current technological world, the use of databases is inevitable. For an organization to remain relevant in the vibrant market, then safe guarding information is key to an organization. The information includes records of customers and employees of that company, contacts, advertising and sales data, records of inventory, financial statements and production records. All these information is protected in a database information scheme. Utilization of database saves the company a lot of time, increases the financial worth of the company over a long period of time, makes it easy to make contact with employees/customers and provides information on the kind of organization (In, 2004). This information is methodically categorized into an understandable layout with regard to their functions to facilitate easy access by the employees and the management of company operations to be well-organized.                              

            A database thus manages, modifies and extracts stored information readily. The use of databases has enabled the accumulation of vast information to be simple, efficient and instant. The proficiency of an organization is boosted with the storage of large volumes of pertinent information in their databases. The organization size, industrial infrastructure and financial budget mainly influence the type and capacity of database to be employed in that organization .Databases range from small systems such as those applied in the storage of phone numbers by individuals to large systems for enterprises which amass bulky information accessible to very many people. Therefore, the lack of a database in an organization makes the analysis of records to be tedious as manual work is employed in such a case.

My organization utilizes a variety of databases, all of which are intended for different functions in the organization. The Oracle database is multi platform, powerful, flexible and user friendly. It is faster and very convenient when it comes to the distribution of information. The database makes use of the Access Control Strings (ACSs) application to retrieve information and present the border for corrections and adjustments to be made to the stored data. It is mostly of great significance when it comes to compound and hefty applications that are fundamentally required for the operation of the organization and thus, it is very efficient. The data is classified accordingly with regard to associations, for example, customer’s identity, name and contacts. The database includes diverse fonts, arithmetical and dual data, fields, tables, accounts and forms. The illustration of information is rationally in tables and accessible by column and primary key. The main concern for such a database of high magnitude is maintenance as the system should not breakdown.

Another database used in my organization is the structured query language (SQL) which also helps in tackling intricate applications. It ensures data regularity and precision, and straightforward retrieval of data. This is arranged into files, fields and records. A particular portion of information is termed as a field. The total collection of fields consist a record whereas, a compilation of records is called a file. The organization of data in columns and rows makes up a table which is the core structure in this database and is made up of records and fields which correspond to a particular subject.

 The MS Access being user friendly and simple to understand enables employees to update the data in the organization with ease and simultaneously.Datastream7i, the MS Access application exploited in our organization, integrates the administration of asset presentation into all aspect of operation and facilitates efficiency in the management of assets. Information about customers contacts such as name, address, phone number and e-mail are maintained in this database. The main setback experienced with MS Access is that it limits the data size and this may affect the organizations operations.

In order to achieve optimum performance of the databases in this organization, several improvements should be undertaken and this include, the analysis of the database using the Performance Analyzer to check any anomalies, the entry of data using the database programs such as Access and the normalization of the database during the analysis phase in order to boost the database complexity and increase the tables number to give the necessary information.

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