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Crime Analysis

Arson, burglary and robbery are related criminal acts which are carried out by either criminals or any one else aimed at committing felony  so as to get personal benefit, conceal  information or just to be destructive for no apparent reasons. There are however a lot of efforts and strategies being put in place to control these incidences.

Arson is burning of something deliberately which may be committed due to varying reasons. These reasons may include vandalism, spite and revenge, intimidation, to conceal crime or to commit economic crime such as fraud to insurance companies, civic disorder and others (U.S Fire Admin, 2007). Though the most common treatment of arsonist is to charge them in a court of law, there are several other ways through which such acts, may be deterred from happening. Theses include;

All unoccupied buildings should be re occupied or brought down. According to the United States Fire Administration Department (2007), it was established that unoccupied buildings are criminals hide outs where such arsonist motives are cultivated. Monitoring of such buildings was also established as mitigation measures. The public according to this report should be educated about the dangers of fire and the negative effects included. The report also observed that installation of smoke detectors is another way trough which fires may be detected thus discouraging the arsonists. The public should be encouraged to participate in fire prevention campaigns where they may learn more about arsonists and the best ways to prevent such cases.

Some people may engage into fire setting due to their mental condition. It usually starts with small objects in a constrained room and if the condition is not addressed this may become a habit. For such people psychotherapy and behavioral therapy is important.

Burglary is the act of breaking into someone’s home with an aim of committing a felony. It also means breaking into any other building, vehicle, and vessel at either day or night with a criminal mind. There are many ways through which burglary may be prevented at home or any other building. In short the aim is to add security so as to make it impossible for any one to get in. when collecting data about the incidents of robbery, the following may help to get more effective data collection.

One of the important measures when collecting incidents related to burglary is enabling the victim to recall the events during the burglary. Sometimes the victim may be traumatized but the victim’s story is much helpful. According to the National Crime Survey in U.S. the necessary actions as to help the victim recall the incidence should be adopted (Woodworth, 1985). The reporting further indicates that expanding the scope of investigation may reveal more crime problems than expected and a broader success in collecting the information on burglary .If for example burglary has been committed other crimes may be involved like drugs involved cases or others. Use of supplements to collect data about crime and burglary is another helpful way that may be employed. Usually by collecting data in advance it will guide on the direction that a reported robbery may be investigated (woodworth, 1985). The NCS report indicated that some police departments are using very out dated systems in investigations and data collection. As the technology we are in advances, so does crime and other social ills. It is always important that use of technologically collect methods in burglary investigations be adopted.

It is always important to use questionnaires which are given to the public and with specific questions on burglary which are expected to be responded to. One side of the questionnaire should establish the number and nature of the burglaries committed overtime in a specific area. The other side should include the actual experiences of those victimized during the burglaries. This way it is possible to predict the burglary cases expected overtime as well as scale down to areas mostly experiencing these cases. The relevant authorities will use this data for reference and direction when investigating cases in future (woodworth, 1985).

Robbery has been for along time the biggest threat to businesses, homes or other premises which are judged as to have something of value. There are however some helpful strategies which may be employed and will improve the fight against robbery.

Limiting on people visiting the premises is one of the best ways to prevent burglary incidents. Entry to strategic areas should be limited to only specific people. According to the Center for Problem Oriented Policing, CPOP (2010), keys entry cards or other special identification systems can be used to ensure only those permitted do get access to designated areas.. Revolving doors have also been found to limit on the number entering the premises at any particular time. Installation of control vestibules which are specialized forms of access control devices is also an effective way to control robbery. These vestibules are meant to scan for weapons from those accessing the premises (CPOP, 2010).  Banks and other organizations that deal with large sums of money have also been encouraged to use bait money. This is cash with specific serial numbers which are recorded by banks and contain some type of dye that may be activated to burst once the bag containing money is triggered (CPOP, 2010). This report also indicates that banning disguises can help in preventing robbery. This means that one is not supposed to enter the premises wearing hats, sun glasses or other forms of disguises that may be used to hide the identity of the suspect. Use of tracking devices has been identified as another method largely employed to reduce robbery. Some tracking devices may be inserted secretly in money or other precious things on transit and if any robbery is committed, then the police will use the signals emitted by the devices to track the robbers. This can be used to reduce robbery significantly (CPOP, 2010).

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