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Correlation Study

This article will answer the questions on how the experimental method in research has evolved in psychology and education. The physical science and educational psychology has relied on experimental research method to come up with various principles and laws (Ross & Morrison). Experimental psychology was most importantly uses in the behavioral approach method in psychology during the 19th century. It is through behavioral approach in psychology that experimental method is extended to other disciplines, such as technology. This article is emphasizing on the trends, issues and how experimental research is practiced in the area of educational technology. This article provides readers with efficient background on how the experimental research is used to answer person’s questions during his or her research process.  Experimental method was introduced through educational psychology during the 19th century. It’s mostly interested in changing the environment by using the standard procedures, hence holding the other entire variables constant with exceptional of independent variable.

Independent and Dependent Variables

A study was taken to determine the use of different feedbacks. The instructions were given using computers in the study involving educational technology. Five feedback statements were assigned to the graduate students randomly. The five feedback treatments included, (a) fill in the blank study task and multiple choice task, (b) single try feed back (c) multiple response feed back, (d) single try feed back with overt responding and (e) multiple try feed back with overt responding (Ross & Morrison). All the students were treated the same, and there was no manipulation of the feedback treatment. The study observations found that the recognition study treatment with feed back was the most appropriate followed by overt responding. The independent variable was the type of feedback, while the dependent variable was the degree of learning.

The findings of the study found that recognition study treatment was more appropriate than the other treatments. It was then followed by overt treatment, which was ranked in the second position. With experimental research design, the author concluded that learning advantages were due to the properties of overt responding. The overt responses were because of the personal opinion of the student rather than influences from the environment or instruction methods. It is because of this reason that teachers should encourage learners to come up with personal opinions (Ross, S & Morrison). When a student comes up with a personal opinion, it means that he has fully understood what he was taught and the instructional method was efficient.

Experimental research surfaced during the 19th century, where it was only used in psychology research. The use of experimental research in technology was facilitated by behavioral psychology and physical science. The aim of experimental research is to use standardized procedures in the investigations of the effects of treatments. This standardization has made it possible to attribute results to treatment differences, as opposed to the outside factors. There is high internal validity in true experiment because of randomly assigning subjects to different treatments. Threats of internal validity occur because of history, statistical regression, maturation and many other factors. Individuals should follow a systematic planning when conducting an experiment to have successful results. Research in education technology should be dispatched to other practices for experimental research to be successful.

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