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Correlation Analysis

Correlation analysis is a statistical tool used to measure the relationship linking two variables. The two students’ projects present a perfect scenario where correlation analysis can be applied.  Both projects look into both the dependent and the independent variables as discussed below.

The effects of video gaming on children beyond 8 years are taken too simply by most parents today. This is because parents overlook the all-important attributes of video games and the scope of their impact on children. The first student’s project seeks to show the negative effects of video games but at the same time point out the positive sides of video games. Parents are shown here that playing video games is not the evil, but rather, the composition of these games and the duration a child plays in a day are.

For instance, a child playing a golf video game learns to coordinate his hand mind over time. On the same note, research has shown that video games finally impart better problem solving skills in kids who play them under a managed environment. Such are positive attributes of video games! On the other hand, a child watching a violent video game severally finally assumes an arrogant attitude (Gentile et al, 2008).

In the case of the second student’s project, a convicted felon will have a rough time securing a job after serving his time. Temporary or permanent, the employers will be hesitant to employ such a person. This is because a criminal record has far-reaching negative effect on one’s eligibility. For starters, it taints a prospective employee’s moral standing and brings their honest to question. Most often than never, a criminal record has always been an automatic disqualification of a prospective job seeker. Those who luckily secure employment do so after a lengthy period, during which they are immensely scrutinized to ascertain their total disengagement from crime. However, there are instances where a person with a criminal record lands a job! Such cases, are however, scattered in time.

Therefore, am in total agreement with the two students’ use of correlation analysis in their projects.

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