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Communication Competency Analysis

Communication competency refers to the ability to transmit messages that enhance the attainment of targeted objectives and at the same time uphold the social acceptability. According to According to  DeFleur, Kearney, Plax and DeFlieur (2005), competent communicators try to make themselves conform to the set goals and methods to enable them come up with relatively smooth, productive and in most case, enjoyable dialogue. Competence entails a number of important mind-set and abilities

Commitment and good faith are some of the pillars of the concept of Communication Competence. Distrust among individuals can lead to greater use of energy verbally resulting to pushing and pulling and as a result, manipulating the original message.  Competence involves taking good care for the other person as well as the relationship and dully accepting the other’s perspective and needs. It involves ensuring that the outcomes of communication are fulfilling to those concerned. Getting along with the other person can be highly unlikely in case we do not appreciate he/her background. There is need to have a pragmatic understanding of what is possible to be attained with the other person.

A competent communicator has to be flexible. The communicator has to develop a wider array of communication abilities, having with different amounts of value depending on different situations. Any form of communication choice is likely to have dazzling success in some situations, while in some cases failing miserably. Out of experience, competent communicator manages to gain high level accuracy in comprehending the probable   effects of varied skill in intricate circumstances. This form of understanding leads to a greater level of competent choices DeFleur, Kearney, Plax and DeFlieur (2005)

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