Career Development

My career development has been influenced by a number of factors, and the desire for achievement is behind my major selection. I have chosen to major in management science, because I have realized my entrepreneurial skills at this earlier stage of career development. Besides, I have chosen this major to improve on my father’s failure on entrepreneurship skills. Over and above, my reason for choosing management science has also been my ability to manage events well after testing this ability while I have been a student leader in the university. I was in charge of managing finances for various extra curriculum events in the university that is sports and music festivals. I intend to start up an entrepreneurial activity of my own while I am still a student and monitor it grow into an enterprise. This comes with the intention of applying all the management skills I will have learned as a UC management major before I graduate.

I have done prior studies and research on what management science major entails. It is a discipline that entails the application of quantitative management techniques to make a decision. It entails programming of basic variables in a business, scheduling of resources, making economic order quantity and ensuring maximum sales. This entrepreneurial desire became practical when I was involved in a volunteer work at my first year in the university with KPMG Research Company. I was posted in a cooking oil producing company. Here, there was a lot of programming on the amount of barrels that should be produced to meet the maximum sales of the company, which meant that management decisions were at all times necessary. I was involved at scheduling processes, and I kept on asking why particular decisions were made and this helped me learnt management ideas.

At my first semester of my second year, I managed to a secure an internship with Deloitte International, in the department of consulting. The department received at least 500 clients every day that came to consult on their business success. This gave me the opportunity to learn a lot of quantitative skills of management. Besides, we were highly involved in the management of taxes and how they influenced the performance of businesses. This gave me the chance to learn how fiscal policies influence the viability of businesses. The most motivating factor for choosing management science as my major is because I saw my father business fall during the last downtown. This has motivated me to acquire the best management skills to revive it back to normal.  My desire is to be one of the best entrepreneurs in my town having acquired the necessary management skills.

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