Best/Worst Co-Worker

Maintaining a satisfying work environment is of paramount significance. Many times, work places may be fun or boring places, depending on the environment and the people around the place. This is so because coworkers can create or destroy a pleasant work experience. It is essential to note that they play a key role in improving or worsening the execution of daily jobs. This depends on how one relates to coworkers at the workplace. It is essential that people understand how they relate with others in order to get the best out of the relationship at the workplace. Thus, a good coworker or a bad coworker may have those characteristic that an individual may not like. The most notable characteristic of good coworkers is how they make the work environment be fun. This may range from how they perform their duties and relate with other workers. It is vital to note that the factors define a valuable employee and how it differentiates the individual from the rest employees.

On the other hand, bad coworkers are those who complain all the time. These coworkers show no enthusiasm to work and lack creativity when needed. Such employees like gossiping and speculate a lot. Such coworkers talk about how coworkers on how to others are working in the work place or why others missed work. Bad coworkers have an egotistical attitude, and they push others. In addition, bad coworkers are lazy and irresponsible. They miss deadlines and spend their time making excuses, talking about non-work topics, and blaming others on their failures. Bad coworkers are prone to abusive behavior and are highly argumentative.

However, my interaction with Ron showed the importance of having a good coworker around. In addition, Ron helped and enabled me to understand the relationships that people can build from each other when working together in harmony. The interaction I had with Ron showed the qualities of a good employer at the work place. Being a High School student working at BUNAC’s voluntary programs, I developed a working relationship that enabled me to perform the duties as assigned. Ron is a coworker, who had the willingness to look at problems and offer constructive criticism. He recognized the strengths I had and assisted me to build the weaknesses into the strong points. He worked together with me and gave me an impetus to wake up every day in order to continue with our routine duties at BUNAC. This enabled me to understand the significance of building strong relationships, having focus, and taking responsibility for individual errors and mistakes at the workplace.

Several people indicate that it is essential that good coworkers demonstrate and maintain high levels of professionalism. This means that good coworkers must work hard and perform their duties with the utmost care and on a timely manner. In addition, it is vital that they shun inattention and negligence. Ron demonstrated professionalism in the manner he handled duties while we were working together at BUNAC. If he made a mistake while working, he took his time to mend it before it affects other duties that needed his attention. He showed promptness in the way he handled arising problems that could restrain better performance of duties. Ron also took responsibility of his errors and took care while mending them. In addition, his professionalism emanated from the fact that he did not blame others when any mistake occurred. He was aware of his duties and keen on detail. In addition, he was sensitive to the responsibilities of the coworkers and recognized how his duties affected their workload. He had self-belief and showed the importance of understanding the interfaces between different job functions. This illustrated the significance of taking credit from individual work.

Team spirit and motivation continue to play a vital role in improving the performance of duties. Ron demonstrated that his team spirit and leadership skills. In addition, the manner in which Ron performed duties and a part of his project, he gave a hand in assisting others working in the project. This enhanced the quality of work and completion of projects on a timely perspective. Ron demonstrated punctuality in performing duties and enabled all of us to complement each other during our work. He was a good teammate to the coworkers.

As an open-minded person, Ron had built strong working relationships with coworkers. His ability to listen to coworkers’ ideas, beliefs, and thoughts enhanced the interaction among coworkers. Thus, this made everyone in the department to interact with him. In addition, he was approachable, and this made it easier to share ideas. Isolation was not part of his beliefs and was available when free. He played a role of a model to everyone in the department. Thus, he listened to and provided emotional support to the coworkers.

In addition, the best coworker must show a respect to others. Ron showed respect to his superiors and juniors alike. He was a non-believer of discrimination in the work place. Thus, this made it to be easier to value the capabilities, limitations, and strengths of the coworkers. In his interaction with the coworkers, Ron showed calmness even amidst odd situation. He did not believe in intimidation and offered help and guidance to juniors especially when they needed clarification of duties. In overall, Ron was highly accessible. Thus, this demonstrated his kindness and responsive nature to the needs of others.

In addition, Ron showed an unquenchable thirst to study and undertake new things. This emanated from his ability to interact with everyone in various departments and his need to understand how the different departments are related. Thus, at free time, he interacted with every departmental head. This enhanced his overall understanding of the organization and the workforce. In addition, this enabled him to build a network of relationships with others. Thus, he often took the initiative of finding better ways of performing duties and finding tasks that needed attention. This demonstrated the need of looking out for the best interests of BUNAC and putting the interests of the clients first.

One of the most notable characteristics I valued in Ron was his dependability. He showed commitment to the duties assigned by his superiors. Other workers also relied on him to perform those tasks that demanded an immediate attention. He strived to achieve consistence and high levels of excellence in performing duties. People knew him as an individual that performed tasks well and always on time.

The growth of companies depends on value creation from employees. Ron demonstrated the ability of exceeding the expectations of the superiors. To him, the best tasks were those for which he could never stop finding solutions. He often could go beyond the expectations of the supervisor as he found more solutions. He was always willing to take more duties when the work overload was high.

To sum up, Ron remains the best coworker I have ever had as he performed duties in a cheerful manner. He was naturally positive, easy to be around, and cheerful. Thus, that explained why everyone in the department liked him. The fact that no one likes to work around individuals who are sulky and have a negative attitude, Ron made a work to be fun. That, in its turn, enhanced the way he performed duties and creation of solutions to some of the duties that needed attention.

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