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Audience Analysis

The targeted audience is that of employees of the Center for Disease Control (CDC) who posses broad knowledge on health management. They would like fellow employees who would add value to the services offered by CDC. In addition, they have spent a good number of years working tirelessly to ensure that the CDC goals are met and, therefore, would like new ways of handling the same activities with ease.

Further, the audience has a vast knowledge on the health management discipline including health management system and as such is aware of various methods of controlling diseases including HIV/AIDS. They have educated the world on various methods of malaria control such as use of mosquito nets and yet several malaria diagnoses are being made in U.S. and the world at large. As a result, this calls for a new method of disease control to alleviate such occurrences. Global disease detections and a desire to develop new methods of detections are also in the list of their capabilities.

Moreover, a majority of the audience constitutes adults, males and females aged 24 years onwards most of whom are middle class to upper class individuals with at least a college diploma and a good number owning university degrees. Thus, a speech on health management has to be delivered by an individual of a similar caliber.

Last but not least, the audience will be interested in the speech because they believe that new employees are very active and the speech will be used for employee evaluation. They are interested in the fact that the new employee will break the monotony of handling CDC services by introducing new technologies. Therefore, the speech aims to be precise and to ensure the expectations of the CDC audience are accordingly met.

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