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Asian American Community

I take this opportunity to analyze the lives of Asian Americans today based on what the society has become. The Asian Americans still form an important part of the American demography and because this is my race, I find it vital to study this community. Just like other minority groups, the Asian Americans still face historical abuses just like the African Americans and Caucasian Americans. We face and share similar issues in most cases; though as this discussion will show, there are some variances. I challenge my conscience in relation to what I can do to change the status quo. However, I must prove that the race-based issues are indeed a concern in the modern society.
I view myself as an Asian American because I live among the Asian American members of community, who not only resemble me, but also share my cultural roots. Other than my race, the surrounding community includes other minority groups like the African Americans, and the Latinos among others. The African Americans originate from Africa, whose body complexion is dark. There is a striking variation in color, if I compared my body color and the African American’s. Otherwise, the Latinos have similar complexion with Asian Americans like me. Other than the issue of color, the out-groups share similar challenges in America. Racial abuses are common social issues in the American land and a number of researchers have tried to explain why racism exists. Others opinions are that the issues have been a problem because of cognitive perceptions that have been propagated since the historical times. As noted by Cole and Omari, (2003), even under the slavery, there is a mulatto elite segment of Afro-Americans who are receiving benefits during the job hunt and when doing the work tasks, because of their blood relations with Whites. (p. 786). This segmented group associated themselves closely with the Whites and thought that they were more privileged than other African Americans. On the other hand, Authoritarianism theory holds that racism emerged from the minority characteristic intolerance of the minority groups, based on personality syndrome. The personality syndrome is founded on the ground that human traits are a reflection of an organized conscious and subconscious mind that informs thoughts and acts of an authoritarian person.

Leaders in my community have tried to implement the equal treatment for the minority groups by making sure that the provision is enshrined in the constitution. The journey began when emancipation of proclamation which was instigated and signed then by the president Abraham Lincoln in 1863. Guelzo (2004), points out that the there is no single statement that has changed the lives of American people like the Emancipation of Proclamation declaration made by Lincoln. Guelzo claims that the declaration has remained a document of conflicting interpretations and held with great suspicion. The impacts of the Emancipation of Proclamation can be subdivided into three parts, namely: immediate, political, and international for a better analysis of the declaration. It is prudent to note that, the Emancipation of Proclamation marks a great step towards the equal treatment of all individuals in the society, however; much is yet to be achieved in this journey of fair treatment of all people in the society. I still feel that leaders, who are an in-group majority, still favor the Whites in employee recruitment. This is true because survey of resumes by Coleman showed that at least 50% of the White population are likely to get job call ups after the submission of their papers. This probability is higher if compared with those of Asian Americans. However, the community leaders are trying their best to see the Asian Americans grow in recruitment in mainstream jobs. The surge in numbers of the Asian Americans getting jobs is convincing and modest in this era.

The treatment of the African Americans by the community leaders is unfair in my view. There are claims by black scholars of racial biasness in production of scholarly journals with regard to how often a journal appears in other top-tier journals. This issue raises the reality of the notion that the Black and other out-groups face discrimination in the publishing of academic journals in the labor market. Labor market discrimination in America, for example, is a reality that the Blacks face. Most employers in the United States admit that they generally discriminate against black job applicants due to negativity associated with the group. On the other hand, black employers also discriminate against White job applicants at a rate higher than White employer discrimination. This, I think, could be due to bitterness of the oppressed minority that is a result of cumulative hatred resulting from historical injustices. I, therefore, conclude that even though we are all minorities in America, the African Americans’ race-based problems have deeper roots than we have.

Media coverage in the local seen has also been low for the Asian Americans when comparing the relative population numbers against the Asian Americans who get media exposure. I noted this observation in the prime time programs and despite the stabilization of our population watching television programs. We only feature in comedies, crime acts, and as law enforcers among other minor responsibilities. In these roles, the Asians appear as less intelligent and with poor speech patterns. If I compare this with the roles of Whites in television programs and the movie industry, it would still take decades before my fellow Asian Americans prove their ability to take the roles of main actors. I also note how the media can play a provoking role in racial abuse displays. I suppose that this is an issue that needs to be taken and confronted the community leaders with. As the wise say, a journey of a thousand miles must start with just a step; I believe that I can play my part in empowering my community. I can explain media discrimination against the Asian Americans within the context of aversive racism and the theory of social identity. In the contemporary forms of racism, exhaustive empirical evidence supports the framework of aversive racism. This evaluation is based on how the Whites characterize the ethnic minorities by endorsing the egalitarian values. In addition, they fail to acknowledge their negative attitudes towards the minority groups in America.

Even though egalitarian disposition results from the high stake of the social norms that are in opposition to the racial/ethnic discrimination in both moral and social contexts, racial discrimination persists due to the different values and ideologies between the minority and majority groups. In addition, cognitive frameworks give rise to superiority and racial stereotypes and avenues for the social identities that are motivated by the intergroup relationships. The theories of aversive racism and social identities “promote greater awareness of the different types of intergroup outcomes that can be anticipated from the important role that character race/ethnicity and the particular manner, in which characters are depicted each play in predicting viewer’s responses to media,” (Dana et al. 5). From this concept, it follows that watching television storylines, character evaluation is sufficient to offer partiality, and as preferred rejoinder to a particular group in favor of the in-groups (the Whites) and opposed to the out-groups (Asian Americans).

In a candid session with my community demographic analyst, I got the true picture of how the Asian Americans have made significant steps in our land. Mr. Makinnon, James takes me through the data from 2006 and 2010, compares, and helps me in interpretation of the figures. Mr. James takes me through interracial marriages involving Asian Americans and other races and I realize that the marriages have declined. This was consistent in marriages where both spouses are the U.S.-raised and the largest decrease was observed among Asian Indians and Koreans. For instance, the table below is a representation of the interracial marriages among the U.S.-raised Indian Americans and other races in America.

From my opinion reflected in this essay, the Asian Americans like other minority groups still face some forms of racial discrimination in various fields that are critical to the economy. The workplace, politics and media are vital areas in which people progress. I cannot compare the state of racial segregation in the 19th century, because significant steps have been made in stumping out the vice. However, the journey is not yet over. The Asian Americans form a part of American demography and we must fight for equal treatment on behalf of our community and others. For this I take it as my responsibility to play my part.


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