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Analytical Framework for Star Industries

Employees are the backbone of an organization and without employees no organization can exist (Lynch, 2006). Organization is a place wherein individuals belonging to different demographics work together for the achievement of a specific goal. Inevitably, the goal of every organization is to increase its surplus and mitigate the expenses, especially the unnecessary ones (Robert & Kolb, 2003). The goals of an organization do not restrict the increase of the surplus, but it also needs to satisfy the employees and their shareholders.

For the continuous and stable growth, organizations have to identify and fulfil the needs of their employees, because without them an organization can not sustain perfectly in this huge competitive world.

This assignment is aimed at analysing the workforce of a chosen organization. In the workforce analysis internal analysis, external supply analysis, demand and gap analysis would be done. The organization which has been chosen for this analysis is Star Industries Intranet.

Star Industries Intranet works as a manufacturer cum wholesaler and retailer of quality windows and doors for residential and corporation uses. The company is in the business from last 30 years and is operating at a reasonable pace. At the time of operation the company only focused on the Australian region, but after 10 years of operations the company spread its operations in Eastern countries to better serve their clients worldwide.

According to the specification of this paper, workforce of the company should be analysed though 3 different angles. Now we move to analyse each category separately.

Internal Supply Analysis of Star Industries

This section of the report specifically deals with the internal supply of the workforce of the organization, which is predominantly composition, characteristics and competencies of the employees of the organization. If to speak about the competency and composition level of the employees of Star Industries Intranet, it can be said to be rather effective; this can be judged from the quality of its products and manufactured items. The company always analyzes the characteristics before hiring any employee. The best thing found in the company’s workforce is that it assigns every individual according to his/her expertise and education, which is not only good for the productivity but also helpful for the satisfaction level of the employees.

This particular section of the report deals with external supply analysis of the organization. External supply analysis includes research and review of the predicted and current workforce data. Star Industries Intranet is basically a manufacturing company and has to hire such people who have sufficient knowledge regarding the manufacturing of doors and windows. Hiring of skilful workers will be extremely important from the standpoint of the company for its long term survival. The company can find such people abroad, in India, Pakistan and other 3rd world countries.

The corporate world is changing very rapidly. The chosen company (Star Industries) has to work extremely hard to compete with the other companies operating in the same line of business. One of the dominant methods to stay in the competition is to analyse the demand of the company timely, especially the human resources requirements. Start Industries Intranet has to analyze the demand according to the requirements of the industries. The company has to adopt Just in Time (JIT) process and has to hire the workforce accordingly. The company will certainly move with a good speed, if it hires people according to the manufacturing demand.

Gap analysis is basically the difference between the demand of workforce and according supply of them. Star Industries has to analyse the industry and market first for the supply and then evaluate its demand. Currently there is a shortage of skilled workers in the industry, and the company has to work extremely hard to select the right person for the right job.

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