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Adlerian Therapy

Balla, M. (2007). Adlerian family therapy. North American Society of Adlerian Psychology. Retrieved from

The article’s main concept is based on the fact that the family is a social unit, which plays a huge role in forming a society. As a result, parents are supposed to be the family leaders, so that they could influence positive development of their children. The Adlerian perspective advanced in the article is that social equity and social interest play a lead role in creating solid foundations for the development of a harmonious relationship.

I agree with the author that the family is the best environment, through which children’s mental behavior can be rehabilitated. On the contrary, if the family is the source of children’s mental problems, then it becomes very challenging for children to grow up forming and maintaining positive development within their families.

Walen, K. (2010). Adlerian play therapy: Effectiveness on disruptive behaviors of early elementary-aged children. University Of North Texas.

Retrieved from  http://digi

The dissertation explores the efficiency of Adlerian play therapy in curbing disruptive behavior in children. Play therapy is a developmental responsive therapy for mentally ill children aged between 3 and 10. Play enhances communication among children, as they are able to make use of their natural mode of communication. During Adlerian play therapy, children are provided with a beautiful range of toys, through which they can experience and express their emotions and thoughts.  The mentally ill children use toys as a method of expression. The author makes use of recordings as the methodology used for collecting information about the children. As the tape indicated, when left alone, children express their emotions, thoughts and experiences through playing with tapes.

The dissertation is effective in presentation of ideas as the author’s arguments are based on facts from a conducted research.  The author’s argument is limited to a survey conducted on children playing with toys. As a result, the author fails to research other forms of play therapy that could be used on mentally ill children.

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