Essays on different topics

        Sometimes the tutor may wish to test the students on varied topics which require extensive study and presentation in the form of essays. But you should know the technique of writing essays on different topics maintaining the art of writing throughout your assignment. This article will basically focus on the task of writing essays on different topics which will result in getting good grades and improving your writing skills.

The essays on different topics show the expression power of the writer. It also judges how capable the writer is of handling varied subjects and balancing the art of writing. It also tests the subjective attitude of the writer towards the topics of essays which he is writing. His research helps him to score well and earn appreciation from the group of readers.

Always keep a set of instructions to follow while writing the essays on different topics. The general rules for writing such essays are almost the same. First of all elaborate the structure of the essay. Then develop the outline of the essay and frame the body structure of the essay. Do research on different topics to provide a good essay. The essay should be presentable. Support your viewpoint with the help of more information and give valid reasons supporting the same. Give a systematic outlet to your thoughts in a well prescribed manner. This will enable the reader to co relate different topics and you will also be comfortable in writing such essays.

The essays should follow a particular format. Formats vary with the type of essay you are writing. Here the essays are having different topics and the format also tends to change. But the basic pattern of introduction, main body and conclusion is the necessity of any type of essay. It includes the writer’s views as well. There are various rules followed while formatting an essay which the writer should learn.
The writer should keep in mind to use good writing skills. Good writing skills include good language with proper formation of words with correct grammar. The writer should avoid using high frequency words and scientific terminology. The essay should depict simplicity and it should be a combination of good words. The words used should be reader friendly and should directly relate to the thoughts of the writer.
The essays on different topics should reveal important information. It should be reasonable and useful to the reader and the person in concern to these essays. The thesis presented in the essay should be supported by valid arguments. The writer can make the essay more presentable by the use of graphs, charts and quotations written by famous personalities. This will enhance the quality of an essay. The real life examples give an edge to the essay.

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