How to edit an essay?

       The essay has been completed and is ready to be submitted. But have you edited the essay before the final submission? Editing of the essay is a vital part of essay writing skills. Editing is also an art which is learnt through practice.

You need to do proofreading an essay no matter you are sure that your essay is brilliant and without any defect. Essay editing is an important part in essay writing. Essay editing might be considered a difficult task but if organized properly it no longer becomes time consuming and can be done effectively. So go on with your editing and enjoy this task. This essay presents you several points which helps you in easy editing of the essay and will yield the good grades for you.

First of all be slow in your editing process. Check each and every aspect of the essay very carefully and take one thing at a time. This will enable you to detect the minor mistakes you have committed in your essay. Also use the grammar checker to check the grammar errors like usage of punctuation marks. This will also enable you to find the usage of same tense throughout your essay. Then use the spell checker to find the spellings which you have done wrong. But do not completely rely on the word processor. Use your own judgment also because sometimes the similar words are given by the word processor.

After you have done all these tasks, take a print out of your work. It is easy to detect the flaws on a piece of paper rather than on a computer screen. This will enable you to correct more mistakes making your essay move towards perfection. Then check each bit of the essay part by part and make the necessary changes required. Make a plan on how you are going to edit your essay and stick to your plan throughout the essay. Then see if the thesis statement written by you reflects the assignment been given by your teacher. You also have to analyze that the thesis is completely understandable and does not denote any type of confusion.

Then see if the introduction part has been done well. Has it been well developed? Does it define the tone of your essay? Then comes the conclusion part. You have to see that the conclusion ends the essay in a well defined manner and satisfies the reader with the thesis given to you. Also see if the main body of the essay has been well classified. Here you have to see if the paragraphs have been well developed. Edit your essay if you are still not sure about the essay. Don’t hesitate to edit the essay as many times it is required.

Though the editing requires time as much time as the essay it takes, but editing will help in scoring good grades.

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