Writing a Narrative Essay

Each part of the essay must also bring forward the importance of the happening and bring forward its universal applicability or truth in front of its audience. Many people say that rather than the content and information of the story, writing skills and individual style matters the most. Your style of writing may range from critical to philosophical or analytical, romantic, sardonic or anything. It is this that is going to decide the contents of the essay and varies in every writer. It is something very personal and has to be developed over a period of time. The writing style of the writer is like a signature of the writer on his every writing. The conclusion of the essay is as important and significant as its introduction. In it the story or the event narrated can be summarised or if that is not desired, the entire narration may be summed up with some question or future considerations. The conclusion leaves the reader with the taste of what has been read and it should also provide them with a thought to think over, which is mainly the central idea of the story. The end should leave the reader pondering over the issues raised by your essay with a good aftertaste of the reading.
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