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The Research Essay

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Choose your thesis topic well. While the research essay attempts to persuade the reader into taking a stand, it should never merely reiterate another person’s opinion or underscore the same sources. The essay should have a fresh angle, or alternatively it could be developed from another person’s thesis. A thesis topic may also compare two completely dissimilar issues. For instance, a thesis may tackle contemporary economic fundamentals and how early guilds contributed to the establishment of the medieval European civilizations. Alternatively, it may tackle research conducted on French children and how it can be related to the elderly citizens of Florida. A well-thought out and fresh thesis topic can very well dictate the grade that a research essay would earn its writer.

The thesis is the most important part of the research essay. It not only determines the materials to be presented in the research essay but also dictates how a research study is made.
The thesis abstract is followed by an introduction. It has several critical requirements. The introduction should cite the reasons why the research was made. It should capture the attention of the readers, so that they will be encouraged to continue reading the thesis. The introduction should also give a rationale. It must cite the various research objectives, while introducing the research hypothesis. After the introduction comes the thesis statement. For the research essay to be highly regarded, it should present an arguable topic. It makes no sense if the thesis is focusing on a subject that is universally accepted. The thesis statement normally is written in interrogative form and begins with either “how” or “why.” The thesis statement sets how the flow of the research paper and thus should be focused and clear.

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The Nature of Exploratory Essay

An exploratory essay begins by stating a problem and explaining why the said problem is worthy of a discussion. Compared to an inquiry essay that looks at a solitary topic, the nature of exploratory essay is focused on a set of issues.

The nature of exploratory essay calls for posing several inquiries and providing information which may answer the said questions. But the main goal of an exploratory essay is not to provide the right answer. Instead, it merely conducts an investigation on a certain problem, culls possible explanations and shares them with the readers.

Professional Help For Writing an Exploratory Essay
The nature of exploratory essays includes an explanation of how the research will be undertaken and provides an educated guess on the results. Exploratory essays tackle questions both on content and rhetoric regarding the probable answers to the problem being addressed. The nature of exploratory essay also presents the high and low points of the various solutions being presented as possible answers to the essay problem.

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The nature of exploratory essay has a definite flow. It slowly builds up from the discussions and outcomes found throughout the research stage. We have writers who are gifted creatively, able to write exploratory essays that are concise and thus deserve outstanding marks.
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The Literary Essay

There are many types of essays depending on the purpose and writing style. The literary essay aims to talk about the writer’s analysis of a given literary piece. It is not as simple as writing a book review. It entails following specific guidelines and instructions, and a particular format to be able to provide a well-written literary essay.
One of the few things that should be done when writing the literary essay for a certain subject is to use the present tense, not the past. When quoting or stating anything from a literary piece, it is always right to use the present tense, such as “the man takes his wife to the hospital and brings her food and drinks”, not “the man took his wife to the hospital and brought her food and drinks”. The latter is commonly used when writing a simple book review or telling a story based on a literary writing.

The literary essay of any literary piece should be written with a third-person viewpoint. Never should a writer utilize the words “you” and “I”. Again, the literary essay is not like telling a story, and is does not involve the writer in the actual document. But in some cases, the second person point of view is allowed, depending on the specific guidelines given by the professor. When an informal literary essay is assigned, these words are often encouraged so as to create an interactive form of writing. Then again, it is always best to use the third person viewpoint rather than the second.

In writing the literary essay of a book or writing, the writer should not create a summary of the subject. Quite the opposite, it needs to have a thesis statement that will give an overview of the significant aspects of the literary piece being focused on, and discuss further basing on the thesis statement created.
On the contrary, even if you are not supposed to give a plain summary of the literary piece that you have chosen as a topic of your literary essay, you should be able to give examples of the elements in the story or plot to give an objective analysis of each one. Each analysis that you incorporate within the essay should be supported by the particular element in the plot that you are pertaining to. This way, your literary essay is presented with credibility and professionalism. Each time you take examples from the literary piece, you are able to prove the validity of your assessment.

Additionally, when citing parts of the literary piece, a professional tone and structure should be used. This may be a little confusing, but once you get used to it, it will help you create a more remarkable piece. Every little detail of the structure of the literary essay you are writing contributes to the overall quality of the document. To create a well-written and well-structured essay, make sure to look into the details of your writing.

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The Expository Essay

The expository essay of a particular subject is different and more complex than the response or evaluation essay. It involves a deeper explanation and clarification on the different aspects of the subject. There are different methods in exposing the nature of a subject, whether a person, a thing, a place or an event. The expository essay can be done through an analysis, a definition, an explanation of a process, a comparison, a demonstration of a cause and effect correlation, and a justification basing on the information that is presented.

When writing the expository essay of a particular topic, there should be an objective and broad presentation of information about it. It should not contain the writer’s personal view or opinion, but rather the factual information about the topic. It is best to provide detailed information on the topic with supporting facts and data that explain the information further.
The main objective of the expository essay is to present all gathered facts about the topic and clarify problematic areas of the information. It is comparable to how a teacher introduces a new idea to a class of freshmen who do not have any idea on the topic; the expository essay aims to explain in a clear and precise manner the topic that is being exposed to the reader.

When writing an expository essay, it is helpful to choose from existing essays and decide on which one is appealing and motivating enough to start a new essay on. Once you have chosen your topic, you should write and check the different parts of the essay many times to make sure all facts and ideas are stated clearly without any indistinguishable data or knowledge. It is also imperative to check the spelling and grammar used in the whole essay, as there is no place for errors. An expository essay should be flawless and well-structured, so as to become interesting in the eyes of professionals who will probably read the essay. Revisions are necessary to ensure perfection and precision throughout the writing. An effective way to check whether your essay is well-written is by reciting it and listening whether every word sounds right and is fit for the whole structure. There should not be superfluous words that may only bore and mislead the readers. The best essay contains a variety of words rather than a repetition of terms. All punctuation marks should be used correctly basing on the sentence structure and use. In the end, it is the revision that will shape your essay into an effective piece of writing.

On the other hand, an expository essay should start with an attention grabbing statement of question. With the use of significant statistics and facts about the topics, you can create the most noticeable introductory statement that will entice readers into reading of you your essay. When revising your first rough copy, check for grammatical and spelling errors, and then assess the essay in terms of directness and clarity. The thesis should have an obvious connection to all the important points in your essay. Also make sure that aside from the precision of your presentation of facts, the expository essay should be written in the proper format.

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The Evaluation Essay

The evaluation essay commonly given to students as an academic requirement for different academic levels is basically a writing that aims to provide an objective assessment of a certain topic or subject. From the word evaluation itself, this type of essay is based on the judgment or evaluation of a thing or an action. It requires an in depth analysis and sufficient knowledge regarding the subject being evaluated. The evaluation essay on a particular subject depends on factual evidences that support personal opinions or viewpoints. In order to know whether a topic is fit for your capabilities in evaluating, there should be a review of related facts and data. Whether or not a particular topic or subject passed your evaluation, the implications should be stated clearly in the essay.

In this case, the evaluation essay of any subject must be done with a definite rating system for such thing, event or person. The rating system, regardless of which is given more importance or value, should basically comprise the criteria for the evaluation. Depending on your preference or the purpose of the essay, you can evaluate a subject basing on the qualitative or quantitative factors. In layman’s terms, you can evaluate a certain event, thing, person or action based on its quality or quantity. It is just important that the rating system and the criteria for judgment is based on objective reasoning and not one’s personal opinion. It should clearly follow the criteria for evaluation.

When writing the evaluation essay of a particular subject, the writer should introduce in a precise and accurate and straight to the point. The introduction can consist of a little bit of history, the creators or inventors, a few quotations from them regarding the subject and some significant and relevant facts that will later on be discussed in the body of the evaluation essay.
Following the introduction part of the evaluation essay would be the presentation of the criteria for evaluation from objective bases. It should be an assessment with supporting facts and data, which makes the subjective objective. It does not end in saying that a subject is good or bad; it presents relative ideas and information that will prove the correctness of the evaluation.
In writing your essay, you should create an outline which includes the comparison of the subject to other similar ones. You can also compare your evaluation with other people’s assessments to give a more evenhanded presentation.

After working on the body of the essay, summarize the different aspects in which the topic meets the criteria that you use in evaluating. Carefully discuss the points of assessment and expound on the underlying reason why each one is met or not. Once the evaluation essay is completed, the reader should have an idea about the subject, and have inkling on whether or not the subject or topic is suitable for him or her. Even if the reader has different criteria for judging the subject, he or she should have an overview of what it is and how others see it.

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The 5 Paragraph Essay

Most teachers require their students to write the 5 paragraph essay at some point within the academic year. This is one of the most common assignments given to students to gauge their writing skills, and can be a little demanding since it is compulsory and a prerequisite for a passing grade. When writing the 5 paragraph essay, a student needs to have patience and sufficient knowledge in the basics of essay writing and the standards of completing this specific objective. It is an easy way to know how well a student writes; therefore for those who are unfortunately “ungifted” in writing skills, so to speak, are encouraged to seek professional help to write this kind of essay.

It is important to keep an organized layout of the whole of the essay to be able to produce a well-structured one. When doing this, make sure to do the following:
1. Write the introductory paragraph. The 5 paragraph essay should be commenced with a quick overview of the value of your topic. This contains the thesis statement which should be explained and expounded on later.
2. Compose the first body paragraph. This is the second section of the 5 paragraph essay you are going to write. This should have a clear presentation of your first standpoint or opinion about the topic with a detailed supporting argument to prove the correctness of each point you make.
3. Create a convincing second body paragraph. For this part, you will need to write a similarly structured paragraph as the first, with at least three references or facts that show the accuracy of your opinion. Your argument should become stronger with sample data from reliable sources.

4. Finish the main body of the essay. This should be the third body paragraph, but technically the fourth paragraph of the whole essay. It should contain a unique opinion regarding the topic with supporting facts and data.
5. Complete the essay with a concluding paragraph. The 5 paragraph essay should be wrapped up with a conclusion that is basically a rephrase of the thesis statement, followed by the ending statement.

A conclusion does not necessarily summarize the body. It should contain a brief summary but must include a discussion of the implications of the essay or research. In such a case where there is no possible conclusion due to the lack of existing data, this may be mentioned in the conclusion paragraph. Lastly, your conclusion should be the end point of the essay and not a starting point of another topic. This will show the professionalism and credibility of your writing skills.

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Term Papers Essay

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Technology Essay

A technology essay is a paper with particular focus on technology, an aspect of it, a type, a form, etc. Students often go into exploring the components or scientific explanations of technology. Some delve into theories and make recommendations. However, students can go as far as writing about the impact of technology in society or the economic value of technology; there are no limits to the discussions one can make regarding this subject.

The technology essay is written with the purpose of research and with the goal of enriching academic knowledge. The writer could opt to write an essay that explains the mechanism of a piece of technology, cite its discrepancies and recommend solutions. The writer could also go into the sociological, political and economic implications of technology. The essay on technology carries an objective tone rather than a subjective one. It relies mostly on data and evidence rather than mere speculation because of its scientific nature. A technology essay can be treated as a research paper; it explores technology in differing angles. The writer/researcher should gather evidence and facts to support the main ideas of the essay. A well written work is a well researched paper. The data should be organized coherently. Regardless of the type of essay, a paper always has an introduction, body and conclusion.

The introduction should already establish an impressive outlook for the readers; it should get their attention to continue reading through the end of the technology essay. Though its scientific nature calls for technical jargon, the writer should still maintain balance among the words used. An average person should still be able to make sense of the essay. Also, the topic chosen has to be relevant to attract a multitude of readers. Popular topics include alternative energy sources, “green” technology, technological solutions to ecological issues, economic development through technology, etc. Be updated with modern issues and select a topic of importance.

A technology essay will not be successfully written if the author does not fully understand his topic. Though the content relies heavily on data, this does not mean the author will simply copy information. The essay requires the author to process the researched data and formulate a critical analysis. It could be a recommendation, opinion, query, reaction, comparison or argument regarding the subject of the essay. It is helpful to seek the guidance of experts such as professors, CEOs, engineers, etc. Find out the local experts related to the topic of the essay. Interview them and ask relevant questions that can be meaningful for your paper. The essay will be more enriching with information coming from various sources.

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Technical Essay

College and graduate students are required to be knowledgeable about how to write a technical essay. There are four basic protocols to be followed in creating an essay: follow instructions, formulate the thesis, and organize the essay and review.

First, follow the instructions of the professor. A writing assignment usually comes with specific requirements from the professor so take note of them. The technical essay should be written based on those specified details. The professor expects output based on their guidelines and if you fail to deliver according to his instructions, your work might not be entertained or will score a low mark. For instance, the professor can require you to write using APA style or MLA style. Remember, professors are used to reviewing hundreds of works submitted by their students; they can easily spot the odd one out who did not follow instructions.

Second, come up with a thesis statement for the technical essay. The topic may be assigned by the professor but the thesis has to come from you. It is the statement of the main idea which the rest of the essay will revolve on. Based on the topic chosen for the essay, formulate a thesis that is both interesting and assertive of your main point. It could be a sentence or a combination of sentences. Always be brief yet concise.

Third, organize the contents of the technical essay. Include an introduction, body and conclusion. The introduction can be a background on the subject of the essay or it could be a synopsis of what the reader should expect from the text. You can be deductive and start with general statements to more specific ones; you can also be inductive and start with specific details leading to general statements. The introduction is crucial because it sets the mood for how the rest of your essay will be; moreover, it creates a first impression on the reader. Make sure it is impressive and impactful so readers are encouraged to keep reading. ... ->

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Synthesis Essay

University students are trained to be capable of research; this is why a synthesis essay is often required of them. It is an investigative paper regarding a chosen topic. The subject of the paper can be a concept, phenomenon or issue; it presents ideas from various perspectives. Typically, the contents of the essay are based on thorough data gathering and research using scholarly sources. College courses assign this type of academic writing to equip students with research skills, critical thinking and resourcefulness.

Just like any typical essay, a synthesis essay requires a thesis statement. The thesis could be a sentence or multiple sentences that briefly state the main idea of the whole text. Ideally, this should be stated at the beginning of the essay to make the reader aware of what the text is about. Some writers however, prefer building up the contents first, leading to the main point (thesis) at the end of the text. At other times, the thesis statement can be in the middle of the essay. Whichever position is preferred by the writer, it still remains a vital part of the essay. It is the statement controlling the flow of the rest of the essay.

A synthesis essay, though, differs from other essay types because the thesis is not argumentative. Since a synthesis provides a summation of various perspectives regarding a particular subject, the essay does not take any particular position on the matter but only goes so far as to create an overview of each. The writer can include his personal views on the issue at hand but the goal is not to assert a single argument but to present various arguments; it is informative rather than argumentative or persuasive. Therefore, the thesis statement can express, in a brief and concise manner, what the topic of the synthesis essay is about. For example, the subject of the essay could be about Cartesian philosophy. The writer could create a thesis statement such as, “Contemporary philosophers have much to say about Descartes’ philosophy and they present various arguments as the rightful interpretation of such philosophy”.

Based on the given sample thesis statement, the writer can then develop the succession of ideas to support the main idea. The various perspectives of the contemporary philosophers could be presented, alongside scholarly sources that support their ideas. The synthesis essay should not only present but compare and assess the arguments of the philosophers. The arguments should be collated into a critical commentary regarding the issue of varying interpretations of Cartesian philosophy. The only way to expertly present multiple views on a topic is by seeking various sources for data. The most important aspect of the synthesis is thorough research. The student should both be writer and researcher in order to take in information and organize them into a meaningful synthesis.

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Symbolism Essay

What is a symbolism essay? It is basically a type of English essay which is typically given to high school and college students. A symbolism essay usually requires a writer to thoroughly analyze text or a story. In order to write a symbolism essay you will need to be able to recognize a literary symbol which is person, object or thing that represents something else. For example, the grim reaper is a symbol of death while fire usually represents damnation in stories.

Sometimes it’s very difficult to figure out some of the symbolism in literature because the symbolism isn’t always obvious. Some symbols can even be interpreted several ways. Professors and English teachers enjoy assigning literary essays on symbolism because they are complex and students will have to read between the lines and practice inferring things. There is often no right answer in a symbolism essay, as long as the student is able to support their claims and identify what ways a symbol can be interpreted they will get a good grade. Students have to be able to use their text books and novels to convince the reader (teacher or professor) that their interpretation of the symbols is valid.

A symbolism essay usually begin by telling the reader the symbols or symbol that can be found in the text, if there are many symbols in a book then the writer will identify the specific symbols they will be discussing. After introducing the symbols, the writer will show how the author of the book uses the symbols in the text; if possible the writer will explain the reason why certain symbols were included in the story. Authors always have a reason for placing symbols in their text, so if a writer can’t determine why the symbol is in the text, then maybe the symbolism is only taking place in the mind of the reader or there is no symbolism. Symbols usually support the theme of the story or amplify an event or character, if a writer can’t find the reason why the symbol is in the story then maybe it actually isn’t a symbol at all.

The next part of a symbolism essay is probably the most important of the essay. After identifying all of the symbolism the author uses in the text, the essay writer must interpret how they feel about the symbols and talk about the meaning of each symbol. The writer should use the text to support their claims, otherwise the person grading the assignment may determine that the writer is seeing only what they want to see in the text, rather than what is actually in the text.

Following the text based references of where symbols are used in the text and the writers interpretation of them, some writers like to include a section of a symbolism essay which shows how these symbols are used outside of the text. For instance, some people like to talk about the symbols were used in other stories like fairy tales or in the real world.
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Sociology Essay

The study of sociology requires a person to look into areas that people are familiar with such as family, media and relationships. Most sociology classes’ goal is to encourage students to look at the world from a new social angle. Professors ask students to observe the world from an impartial view and question things they are familiar with. When a professor assigns students a sociology essay they are expecting students to write about social relationships and society, however this paper can be very difficult and time consuming.

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Science Essay

Science teachers and science professors love giving students a science essay occasionally to determine if their students have properly learned the material they have taught them. In addition, science essays are also a great way for teachers to force a student to learn more about certain scientific topics. People that become good at science articles and essays are able to get the government to pay for grants and get money to perform research on scientific subjects.

In order to write a great science essay, you will first need to be able to research and find as much evidence and facts as you possibly find about your science essay topic. The facts and ideas you are able to find should support your claims, the more facts you are able to find the better and easier your essay will be to write, high quality research papers and science essays all have one thing in common, they have a strong foundation of supporting statistics and facts. When writing a science essay it’s also crucial for the writer to consider the target audience they are writing to. Every good science essay must also acknowledge all the sources and people that are mentioned which helped provide statistics and facts in your essay, otherwise your teacher or professor can just claim that you made everything up.
To write a good science essay you will need to find as many credible references that you can which support your claims. Try to find the most recent research papers, encyclopedias, online work and other materials. Your paper won’t get a good grade if all your references are from 1950 and are from only 2 sources so try to get as many good sources as you can from material that was written after 2005.

If you want to get a good grade on your science essay, you should also make sure you follow the essay format that your professor or science teacher provides you. Most science essays should have a title, introduction or abstract, body paragraphs and appropriate references.
• Introduction: the 1st paragraph of a science essay where the topic you will be writing about is initially introduced. The introduction should define the technical scientific term you will be talking about in your paper and provide a general background of your essay topic. It should also include a concise outline of what the rest of the essay will be about.
• Body paragraphs: immediately following the introduction are the body paragraphs which are typically divided into sub headings that create an easy to follow roadmap of your subject matter. These paragraphs should have relevant statistics and good facts which support all your claims and arguments, following every statistical claim you make you should have a reference.

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School Essay

Writing essays can be very difficult. People in need of a high school essay, law school essay, graduate school essay or can utilize an online writing service which will create a custom unique cheap essay for you. Instead of stressing over your graduate school application essay, pharmacy school essay or nursing school paper you can pay a professional to do the work for you.

Our company staffs dozens of well qualified writers who studied in different fields which is why we are able to create custom term papers, dissertations, book reports and thesis papers on any subject. Qualityessay.com has been around for years and has become one of the most respected writing agencies. Numerous individuals from around the world come to us to buy high quality essay papers every day.
We currently have about 6 to 8 thousand regular customers throughout the world who come to us to help them create school essays daily. Our hard working writers are available 24/7. We are proud to offer around the clock services and professional writers who do a tremendous job at researching and writing on any school essay topic that customers want.

Contact us at Qualityessay.com for a cheap custom school essay today. It doesn’t matter what course the essay is on, we will research and write out a professional well organized paper for you on any topic. We only hire the most qualified writers who have been writing professionally for at least 2 years. Because of our writers we are now recognized worldwide as one of the premium writing agencies in the world. If you need help with your school essay then you should contact us, and we will get started on your paper right away, our staff guarantees completion of your paper before the deadline you provide us with. There is no better school essay writing company out there than Qualityessay.com.

Qualityessay.com offers the best essays for school, whether you are in junior high school or graduate school, we will be able to help you with your paper. We can create a well written custom-made school essay that meets all of your requirements on any subject. School can be very difficult, if you are swamped with assignments and need help with a paper contact us, you will definitely increase your GPA with our help and can spend the time you save on other work or something else stress-free. Buy a school essay today from our writing company, you won’t regret it.
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Scholarship Essay

In applying for a scholarship, the most decisive part is writing the scholarship essay. This is one of the most difficult stages in trying to pass for a particular scholarship, and one that most people dread. A scholarship essay can be similar to a response essay wherein the reaction of the writer to a particular literary piece or writing is to be expounded on the paper. A certain story or paragraph is provided, followed by a question regarding some points in the document. This type of scholarship essay is difficult as it requires a thorough assessment of the given literary piece.

Another type of scholarship essay is one which requires the applicant to write about himself in either a particular manner, or otherwise unstated manner. An example of this type is when applicants are detailed to write a 50-200 word essay on the person who has the greatest influence in their life or an essay on their goals subsequent to college.

As it can get quite complicated, some students who are not adept in writing seek the assistance of online custom writing companies which provide cheap but quality service including writing credible and well-created scholarship essays. Unfortunately, there are companies who offer such service minus the quality. In this case, students who buy a scholarship essay from inferior companies are faced with unwanted results.

Oblivious of the possible consequences, students take advantage of low quality writing services that utilize illegitimate sources in writing different article orders from their customers. In return, the student is held responsible for plagiarizing content without properly citing resources. When this happens, the student’s reputation is greatly damaged.

A plagiarized (or unoriginal) scholarship essay displays a lack of citation and uses copied information from other materials without stating the references. Sadly, there are companies who are guilty of this offense due to the unqualified and unskilled writers who produce their content.
Aside from unoriginal content, different errors are found in the writing of unprofessional writers.
Grammatical and spelling errors are a big no-no when it comes to scholarship essays, but they are common amongst substandard papers from unreliable companies. In addition, the proper required format is usually done incorrectly because their writers are not knowledgeable enough regarding the different citation/writing styles.... ->

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