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These 4 Steps Will Deprive You of Eye Strain While Working With a Computer

Nowadays it is hard to imagine a student without modern high-tech gadgets, such as laptops, tablets, smart phones, etc. Unfortunately, except positive impact, the progress has a negative influence on human-beings as well. Eye strain is one of them. Anyway, there are ways to fight with the problem and QualityEssay is going to teach you how to do it: ... ->

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4 Secrets for Mastering the Art of Mind Mapping

What do you do if you do not understand the sentence? – Read it again and again? It might help, but why not to take colored pencils and try to draw a kind of a mind map? It really works! (Mind that mind mapping is useful even in the process of writing your essays). You might think that it won’t work with you as the process of drawing is rather time consuming, but QualityEssay will prove you that this method is very effective and even the fact that you are actually not very good at drawing does not matter:... ->

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Art Essay

Art has existed since the establishment of the first civilizations in the world. People have been creating art, philosophizing about it, studying it and lavishing in it for thousands of years. There is much talk about art but what is “art”? How is it defined? What is the purpose of art? Why has it survived until today? An art essay revolves around the topic of art and its many questions. For example, an essay can talk about the difference between “fine arts” and an attractive poster. It could also compare famous art pieces like Da Vinci’s “La Jaconde” and Malevich’s “Black Square”. An art essay encompasses many ideas on art. It can be used in many ways. It can review an art work and an artist’s point of view. It could discuss the relevance of such work and how the medium has achieved the goal of the artist. It could also classify a piece of art or offer an alternative meaning to a masterpiece, aside from how the artist understands it. Art is not reserved for artists only but it is for everyone. A piece of art is a masterpiece only for the one who sees it as such.

An example of a compelling art essay is one that compares the painting produced prior to the breakthrough of “linear perspective” and those that came after it. It discusses the progression of art with particular mention of Jan van Eyck’s works. His paintings best chronicle the development of art techniques and other changes brought about by linear perspective. In his painting, “The Arnolfini Wedding” (1434), he made use of traditional style of painting without a trace of linear perspective. It reflects that the artist was not yet conscious of linear perspective; the lines, faces and fabric were yet to be realistic images of the actual objects included in the painting. Without the “vanishing point” of linear perspective, the painting was flat and unrealistic. The focus was not the details of the objects in the painting but the Christian symbolism within the artwork.

Art is such a broad topic that writing an art essay would mean you have limitless topics to choose from. For instance, you can write an essay on the “Man in a Red Turban” of Eyck which focuses on realism and the excellent use of three-dimensional illusions; the appearance of a nose appearing in from of a cheek within a two-dimensional painting is indeed exemplary of linear perspective. However, the most ideal use of the vanishing point is still reserved for Da Vinci’s “The Last Supper”. As you can see, an art essay does justice to art, its many facets, its many questions and its many intrigues.

If you are interested in essays of various topics, be it about art, architecture, history or literature; feel free to use our online writing service. Choose among the collection of custom papers and buy the ones you need. The quality essays are at a cheap price and they are guaranteed to be original.
... ->

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Argumentative Essay

An argumentative essay is often mistaken to be an opinionated paper. This is partly true because an opinion can be an argument but argumentation is more than just having something to say about an issue. It involves the complex art of rhetoric: of using words to effectively create meaning. Simply having an opinion is not enough. You have to be able to defend it and prove it is reasonable compared to other arguments made by other people. Argumentation relies on reason; it makes inductions, conclusions, theories, hypothesis and opinions based on logic. However, logic alone is insufficient without back up from valid and up to date facts. A paper that argues one’s position on a particular issue or phenomenon must go through a process of research, critical thinking and logical reasoning. The aim is not just to assert one’s own views but also to convince others to share one’s perspective. How then, should you write an effective argumentative essay?

Always keep in mind that not all readers will agree with what you are saying. Your argumentative essay should not be overly aggressive to avoid putting off readers. State your arguments clearly and convince the readers with reasoning. One technique is to state the opposing views to your arguments and debunk them one by one followed up with valid evidence. Start the introduction (first paragraph) with a thesis statement that tells your position on an issue. Do not stray from the topic. Only include relevant information. After writing, ask others to review your paper.

Most students seek help in making their academic writing assignments. Some ask their professors for tips about how to choose the right topic, how to make the outline, which writing style to follow, etc. Some go online to find answers while some have tutors help them. Tutors however, may not always agree with what the student proposes. In an argumentative essay, it is the student’s opinion that should be defended. If the tutor and student do not agree, both will have a hard time working together.

If you are serious about creating an excellent argumentative essay, then go online and look for Qualityessay.com. It is a writing company online where students get the help they need with their argumentative essay, term paper, thesis or any academic paper requirement. The papers from Qualityessay.com are created by a team of writers, specially selected for their skill in writing and expertise in various fields. Expect quality papers delivered to you by the writers; they are trained to provide assistance to students from all over the world, from any level, at any time.

Qualityessay.com is a company that specializes in providing custom academic papers for students in high school and college. This writing service is cheap compared to others and is always plagiarism-free. Students can have one on one session with the writers if the paper to be written requires it. Instead of working tirelessly on your paper, buy one from Qualityessay.com. It is sure to be a winning essay that will earn you a high grade! ... ->

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Argument Essay

An argument essay is one of the most assigned topics at universities and colleges in America. Most courses and subjects require an argument paper from their students because it is a form of evaluation. It assesses a student’s capabilities in writing, organizing and arguing. It is also a way to look into a student’s own perspective, ideas and way of thinking. Usually an issue is presented and a student is required to make his own position regarding the issue; he or she will have to put together his own ideas together with relevant data and evidence that will defend his position.

What makes a good argument essay? Since ancient times, even during the period of Ancient Greece, argumentation and debate has been a form of art highly regarded by philosophers and intellectuals. It was a favorite pastime of the Greeks and their musings have become valuable literature to us today. Argumentation is not simply arguing or taking sides. It is the art of manipulating words, expressions and information to defend one’s own proposition. The argument of either side results to a deeper insight into a particular issue. Hence, new knowledge is created. The goal of an argument essay then, is not plainly to convince others to side with their view but to convince them that their arguments are more logical, more reasonable and more sound compared to other viewpoints on the topic.

Nowadays, common argument essay topics are about the Iraq war, cloning, stem cell research, surrogate motherhood, etc. There are always two sides to a coin and all these issues have various sides worth looking at. Students usually go with the “pros” and the “cons” of an issue. The first thing to consider before making an argument is to determine what the issue is. What is the question pertaining to the issue? An example, is economical advancement tantamount to environment degradation? It does not always have to be limited to pros and cons.

The key to making an excellent argument essay is the content. If the grammar is flawless but the content is insubstantial, then the essay is done poorly. Research the issue and construct data according to your paper’s position. Consider counterarguments for the opposing side. Support the arguments with valid proof or evidence. Make sure that the statistics you use are relevant and up to date.

Considering the amount of work needed to complete an argument paper, some students need professional assistance. Our online writing service is capable of producing 100% custom papers for students of high school and university levels. We perform the necessary research, outline and construction of the argument essay. The student only needs to supply the topic of the paper, the guidelines (if any) and the due date for the paper. Do not worry about the time limit or the expenses. We work 24/7 with a team of expert writers and we offer our services at a cheap price. If you buy a paper from us, we can save your time and effort that you can spend doing more worthwhile things like attending your other studies. ... ->

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Architecture Essay

Our online writing services cater to people looking to purchase various types of essays, including an architecture essay, building essay, etc. In any writing assignment, there are two choices: write the paper on your own or get help from professionals. Papers are a part of student life but they never cease to be a challenge. Professors require different kinds of papers to write with particular styles, content guidelines, etc. The amount of work needed to finish the papers are not enough and students find themselves in a situation where they don’t have enough time to complete everything on time.

An architecture essay needs a lot of research time and students who are not particularly inclined to this subject find it difficult to comprehend the jargon, concepts, etc. This leads to poorly written papers that get low grades from professors. With a limited time, students cram their papers and miss out on the content and technicalities required. An essay that is made for the sake of having something to pass will not advance your academic standing; it might even pull you down. If you cannot afford to jeopardize your grades, then consider having our online service produce a custom architecture essay for you.

We specialize in writing essays on various topics. For those who need papers on architecture, the writers assigned are experts in the field and they have relevant experience in the industry. The common topics are about urban planning, design, interior design, landscape architecture, planning, etc. We can produce an architecture essay based on the requirements you need and within limited time. As soon as you decide to buy from us, we will immediately get to work to deliver your order. We know that our clients are mostly students so our prices are reasonably cheap but still guaranteed to be of high quality. No plagiarism is tolerated in any of our papers!

However, if you are still having doubts, here are some tips we outlined to help you write the paper yourself: ... ->

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Application Essay

An application essay is a form of assessment as well as a tool for a college, university or company to get to know their applicants. Usually, the school or company asks the reasons for choosing the course or the job position. The essay can say a lot of things about a person. It gives an idea about one’s personality, intentions and capabilities. The evaluators are looking for what is unique or what sets an applicant apart from the rest. They are also expecting to be impressed with what an applicant can contribute to the company or school.

The application essay is an opportunity for applicants to show off what they can do. It should include their best qualities, achievements, skills, qualifications and most of all it should show of their personality. A well written essay would state the reasons behind why a person is applying and the reasons that they should be accepted. It should be detailed but organized in a way that avoids overwhelming or boring the evaluator. This essay is vital during the application process for it is often a criterion for selection. Employers seek essays that are confident, efficient and skillful. Admissions are more interested in how the essay conveys the applicant’s unique personality. Moreover, the essay should show how well a person can express his or her thoughts logically and coherently.

High school seniors are stressed during autumn because it is the time of year when college applications must be submitted. Knowing the tough competition they are about to face, the seniors are all gunning for the acceptance to the universities they want to go to. The filling out of the application is the easy part; the real challenge is writing the college application essay. Everyone seems to have something to say about what to include or how to write the essay and the seniors are often overwhelmed with all this information.

College applicants are expected to know how to write an application essay and they are expected to earn good grades. Knowing the technicalities however, is not the only thing admissions are looking for. Usually, they ask applicants to write about themselves, about who they are and about what makes them unique in about 500 to 700 words. This is actually quite difficult for seniors since they are not yet at a mature enough age to fully know who they are. Defining themselves can be a confusing and overwhelming task.

During this challenging period, our writing service online is ready to assist seniors applying for college who need a custom application essay. To make the essay more personal and reflective of the customer, a one on one session is required with the assigned writers. This will ensure that the writers will be able to produce a winning essay, but at a cheap price. The process of writing includes the customer but the actual writing will be done by professionals. With the help of experts, the essay you will buy is guaranteed to be an effective, personal write up that highlights your best qualities. ... ->

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APA Style Research Essay

Most students encounter different writing styles that are required in writing essays and research papers in different academic levels. Whether in high school, college or university levels, students are most often required to complete a research essay that follows a specific format or guidelines. An APA style research essay is a writing that entails researching on a particular topic and following the APA or American Psychological Association style on the actual writing. The APA writing style has exact formats required, unlike the Chicago or MLA style of writing. A student who learns the APA style of writing is more capable of writing effective and formal essays. In the end, that student will be able to write an APA style research essay without any difficulty.

Custom APA essays are very easy to write. They basically follow a casual tone, using the first person perspective. Essays include opinions and views on a particular topic. Understanding the basics of writing a research essay is vital in learning the how’s and what’s of writing an APA style research essay.... ->

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APA Format Essay

APA is short for American Psychological Association. APA is a format of writing followed in creating academic essays for different levels of education. An APA format essay, therefore, is an essay that follows the strict guidelines of an APA format. When compared to other formats of writing essays, the APA writing style differs in the way resources and quotes are referenced. Since writing formal essays require proper citations and references, the APA style of writing also involves proper illustration of sources. All borrowed ideas must be quoted and referenced, or else it would be considered as plagiarized from the works of other writers. Although the main difference in an APA format essay is the way references are written, the APA style of writing begins in creating a good outline for your essay. This entails noting the important details and points that should be included in the writing.

In general, the APA or American Psychological Association style of writing is used in different academic requirements in universities and colleges. APA format essays range in topics; they may focus on Psychology, Political Science, Sociology, Business, Education or other subjects related to social science. When writing an APA format essay, there is a standard format to be followed, as well as margins and headings, fonts and referencing. A lot of students are not familiar with writing an APA format essay, despite the importance of learning it especially when in college. The following are a few tips on writing in APA style.

• Quotations: When quoting more than forty words from a specific resource in an APA format essay, there should be a five-space indent for the quotation, and the name of the author, the year the book or writing was published and the page number in parenthesis.

• References: References in APA format essays should be placed at the bottom of the essay. All sources, whether printed or not, should be referenced in this format; the last names of the authors in alphabetical order, then the year of publication enclosed in parenthesis. Titles should be underlined with all significant words (first words, names and all words subsequent to a colon) in upper case. References only include the author’s last name and the initials of the first and middle names after the last name. The publisher’s name and the press are cited in the reference.

• Format of the essay: The required format and outlining of an APA format essay is as follows: the sides of the page should have 1 inch margins, with each page having an 8.5 by 11 inch size; font should be in Times New Roman, size 12 with a page number at the upper right hand corner of each page. APA format essay cover pages also have specific formatting required. It is important to follow all guidelines that the APA writing style requires once it is stipulated in an academic requirement. This way, a student can be sure that he will not get demerits on his paper. ... ->

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Academic Essay

An academic essay or an academic paper, such as a research paper, a dissertation, a thesis, a manuscript or a term paper, is a task assigned to a student during an academic year to objectively assess and improve his or her writing skills. When a student is assigned to do an academic essay, he or she would need to find different sources to write effectively. It may be a challenging task to students who are not adept enough in writing; then again there is no need to worry since Qualityessay.com is openly accessible for all.

Qualityessay.com is an online company that provides academic essay writing services to those who need assistance or an alternative source for their academic writing requirements. It mainly offers cheap and effective academic essay writing service to relieve students from the worries of having to submit an academic writing that will gauge their skills and mark their cards. Qualityessay.com is known for providing efficient and credible essays to its clients. We boast of affordable academic essay writings because we aim to provide readily available materials to those who need them. Each essay is written with expertise and highly trained skills, double checked for plagiarism, and perfect in terms of grammar and spelling. In any case that a problem or an error is seen in one of our essay writings, we are always open for communication to further improve our services.

Anyone can buy an academic essay from Qualityessay.com, which also provides other kinds of academic writings and documents like academic research papers, reports, speeches, reaction papers, essays, term papers and dissertations. Various formats of academic papers are also followed, such as MLA academic papers, Chicago academic papers, APA and Turabian academic writings.

Moreover, we only hire the best and highly knowledgeable writers from different fields of expertise that are able to modify their style according to the needs and preferences of the customer. Different levels of proficiency also make sure that all essays and papers from varying educational levels are provided.... ->

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Abortion Essay

Abortion is a medical procedure that ends pregnancy by removing the fetus or embryo in a woman’s uterus. An abortion essay, on the other hand, is a document that is written to support or rebut the abortion procedure. Abortion is a very controversial subject that has been the center of debate between pro-choice activists and pro-life advocates. Pro-choice activists endorse and push for the legalization of abortion. The latter does not accept abortion because of political or religious bases.

Abortion is done through different manners, and although there are countries where it is prohibited and punishable by law, it is nonetheless widely practiced through alternative methods. Some people buy uterine inducing pills or medications, or sometimes use herbal preparations which are cheap and accessible especially in the eastern part of the world. Others hire abortionists who provide their service at very low prices, but are not licensed or properly trained. Regardless of the particular method used, abortion is considered a favorite topic amongst different arguments, whether academic or political.

An abortion essay is a non-verbal form of support or criticism on abortion and the many different ways it is completed. In this case, an abortion essay that supports the practice provides the practical reasons for approving the procedure, such as the opportunity to choose between providing a desirable life to the baby or keeping her away from the harsh reality of the world. The goal of this type of abortion essay is to convince people to support, endorse and allow abortions. Consequently, the writer illustrates how abortion can become beneficial to women and all of humanity in general. He or she puts emphasis on the pro-choice view regarding abortion.

On the other hand, an abortion essay that criticizes the act of aborting a fetus gives details on the negative effects and implications of abortion. The main intention of the writer is to convince people that abortion is against the natural course of life that starts at conception. He or she also focuses on abortion as a sin and a defiance to God’s will. An abortion essay that opposes the said procedure stresses facts and supporting data that will prove that the growing custom of accepting abortion does not necessarily imply the righteousness of the act. It is the main purpose and objective of the writer to present contentions and reasons that will counter and disprove the practice. Moreover, there are abortion essays that do not have sides for or against abortion. They merely state facts and figures regarding abortion.

Abortion essays are usually found online where millions of people are the targeted audience. People often upload their writings on the internet for it to reach as many people as possible. Abortion essays that try to convince people to take sides should be sent out to the public where there is room for comments and reactions so that a concrete review will be done. The internet is a good venue for the exchange of thoughts from different people on different matters regarding abortion.... ->

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Analytic Essay

An analytical essay is a review paper on a chosen subject; it could be on an article, research, book, etc. It requires thorough research about the topic and it revolves around the argument of the author regarding how he or she assessed the book, article, etc. The main purpose of the analytical paper is to provide meaningful feedback of a written work that the author has read. After reading the chosen text, the author has to come up with a valid argument about it. He or she has to research on helpful and relevant information pertaining to the central argument. The strengths, weaknesses and recommendations of text can also be included. To support the argument, there should be supporting details derived from credible resources such as interviews of experts, books, statistics, academic journals and the like. The analytical essay needs evidence to support the author’s views. For example, if the author disagrees with a book’s argument then what is his or her basis for saying so?

In forming an analytical essay follow the standard rules and guidelines in writing the academic papers in your school. First, the paper has to be coherent and logical. Do this by drafting an outline to manage the flow of ideas in your essay. Will you discuss your main topic at a chronological or thematic order? The order of the details has to make sense because otherwise, the readers will not be able to understand what you are trying to say. Begin the essay with the summary or background of the document you are reviewing. This will lead the readers into the key arguments of your essay. Just make sure that you cite particular evidences from the document to match your claims.

The analytical essay isolates a problem that the writer has observed after reading the material and then he or she should discuss a solution to it. Actually, there are many considerations to make a successful analytical paper and most students have a hard time creating one. It takes years of experience to be skillful in writing and often, it is better to ask help from professional writers.

An online writing service can guarantee that you get an exemplary analytical essay at a cheap fee. The papers produced are all customized for every client. High school and college students are the ones that usually need help with their writing assignments. Do you want an essay that can advance your academic standing? Are you on a tight deadline and seeking help? Are you dumbfounded with your writing assignment? The solution is to buy custom academic papers. Professional writers will do all the work for you. The papers produced for clients are written upon ordering and they are guaranteed to be a hundred percent original. You do not have to worry about plagiarism of any kind! If you only have a few hours left until deadline, then contact professional help right away! At whatever time, you can contact the writers who would gladly accommodate your needs.
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Analysis Essay

The analysis essay can serve various purposes; it can be a critical review of an article, research, observation, issue, etc. This academic paper mainly involves analysis and thus, the name of the essay. It requires critical thinking, various approaches and thorough research. This type of writing does not make use of the author’s point of view nor does it conduct arguments to persuade the audience. Instead, it views the topics as one would look at the object of the experiment. It does not take into account personal biases but it relies mostly on facts, results, evidence and proof.

Professors reserve the analysis essay to assess the students’ capability for critical thinking, for organization of details and for insight. This writing assignment tests the students’ ability to use the mind to come up with new ideas based on existing knowledge from previous research, articles, etc.

The analysis essay requires a thesis statement and it should ideally be placed within the first ¼ of the essay. The thesis statement consists of a sentence or more that briefly states what the whole essay is about. It could be the position of the author in an argument or it could be a statement explaining how the argument will be presented in the paper. Otherwise, the thesis could be the general idea or the main point of the essay. In the analysis paper, the object of the analysis refers to the subject that the paper will revolve around; the writer will then decide the method of how the subject will be analyzed.
One example of an analysis essay is a critical assessment of the election campaign ads used by a politician or a political party. This includes the commercials, the newspaper ads, various print ads, radio jingles, mailings, etc. The essay can possibly revolve around assessing the ways of manipulating media to present the candidates in a favorable light. It could focus on the language being used by the advertisements to package the candidates to be worthy of the people’s votes. The essay can then have a thesis statement like this: “During the election, two competing political parties took advantage of the media by manipulating the language used in their campaign advertisements to present biased “truths” and “claims” that suggest damage to their opposition. The media forms used (television and radio commercials, newspaper ads and political mailings) were analyzed from the campaign period up to the election dates and the results revealed both parties opposing each other with aggressive accusations through cunning use of political rhetoric”.

Thus, the analysis essay is a study on various phenomena wherein the writer zooms in using his or her own perspective. To make a compelling analysis paper, seek a professional writing service online. For a cheap fee, the experts will assist you with your custom paper. You can buy the paper from them. The research, findings and analysis will be all taken care of as well. It is a worthy alternative to writing the paper on your own. Plus, guarantees an exemplary academic paper!
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Adolescent essay

Writing an adolescent essay can be a challenge. You start with a blank paper and you are expected to come up with a coherent jumble of sentences, meanings, etc. The process of writing an essay is like creating a piece of art. The writer is likened to the painter facing an empty canvas, brush in hand. Just as a painter needs inspiration to start the painting, a writer needs research and inspiration too. In the course of writing and painting, every stroke and every sentence made is borne out of technique; the more refined, the better quality. How then should you begin an impressive adolescent essay? Here are tips you can follow:

1. Begin your essay with a famous quote or an inspiring statement that best relates to what your essay is about. This technique is often used by writers to entice their readers to keep on reading. Examples are:
“Adolescents are people who are currently between stages. Teenagers meanwhile, are sort of there all the time. The odd thing of living with the wide range of joys and hopes and pitying moments that teens have was that, strangely, the experience helped to make me mature”.

“Attempting to find your place in the world, that is an almost a universal feeling amongst adults. I’m yet to meet an adolescent person who has adjusted perfectly to their environment.” ... ->

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Admission Essay

An admission essay is the key to fulfilling your academic dreams. It is the way to success, the only road to Collegeville, and the last flight to getting into a profession in your chosen field. An admission essay, to say the least, is a major contributor to your overall score in admission tests. This is why it should be done with utmost cautiousness and proficiency.... ->

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