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If you are a native of a non-English speaking country who wishes to study in an English-speaking college or university, chances are you will be required to take the IELTS essay examination. IELTS stands for International English Language Testing System, and is used by many institutions to determine the potential success of a candidate for admission. It is assumed that, if a student has difficulty with the English language, that student will have less chance of success in standard coursework that will require English proficiency.

The topic for the IELTS essay is not provided in advance, nor may a student produce the essay at any site other than that determined for the testing. The IELTS essay itself in only one module of the entire English proficiency test, but it is a critical one. Other modules include listening to English with comprehension, effective English speech, and reading comprehension. One cannot pass the entire test, however, without demonstrating proficiency on the IELTS essay.

On the Internet, you will be able to find historical samples of the IELTS essay topics. You will discover, through a study of these samples, that the topics are very general in nature and will require you to do one of two things – express an opinion about some issue or provide a description or explanation of an issue that exists. For example, you might be asked to discuss the pros and cons of urban and rural life, or you may be asked to take a position relative to which is better and why,

Reading sample IELTS essays can be beneficial, but nothing compares to actual practice. For this reason, Qualityessay.com provides assistance for students who wish to be fully prepared for this task. Qualityessay.com is an online academic writing service that provides a full range of assistance, including preparation for the IELTS essay. Through our service, students have the ability to buy a comprehensive list of potential essay topics, to prepare essays on these topics and then to have them evaluated by our professional staff. The evaluation will provide a thorough analysis of structure, style, grammar, language usage and mechanics, so that the student will have a custom review of his/her strengths and weaknesses in the area of English composition. You will find this facet of our services quite cheap in comparison with other agencies offering the same type of service.

If you want truly professional English composition skill-building, then Qualityessay.com will be your professional assistance of choice! ... ->

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Humanities Essay

The academic discipline known as the “Humanities” encompasses virtually any non-scientific and non-mathematical study. Thus, the “humanities” may include the arts, languages, literature, philosophy, religion, and social and cultural history. In any of these courses, a student will face the creation of a humanities essay, which may or may not include research and which may be of any type – expository, responsive, descriptive, comparison/contrast, persuasive, analysis, etc. Most commonly, a humanities essay will require a student to comment in some manner on the ideas, thoughts, or works of others. For example, one may have read Plato’s The Republic in a philosophy course and will then be required to compose a response essay on the “Allegory of the Cave.” This humanities essay will require a thorough understanding of Plato’s analysis of basic human types and the hierarchy he establishes for these types in terms of their value to society. The student may then be asked to compare Plato’s hierarchy to that found in modern society. ... ->

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History Essay

A history essay can be an enjoyable and valuable project for students who love the study of man’s story on this planet. At the high school level, students generally study world and American history as whole courses and are often given the option of selecting a specific movement, an historical figure, or a period of time as the topic for a researched history essay. At the university level, history courses offer greater depth, and thus one course may only cover a small period of time. A student might, for example, spend an entire semester on the U.S. Civil War or the Renaissance. A history essay at this level will necessarily include much more specific research from expert historians in that topic area. Graduate school reduces history majors to certain periods or movements even further, and a Master’s or Ph.D. candidate will focus solely on that aspect of our story and engage in primary research of original sources. A history essay, then, can be rather basic or highly specialized, dependent upon the level of study and, of course, the student’s major field of study.

Whatever the topic and whatever the complexity, Qualityessay.com has the historians that can respond to the history essay or paper needs of any student. Many of our history writers are retired teachers and professors themselves – experts who have graduate degrees covering all historical periods and movements. Here, a student of history can obtain a custom original paper, created by the top online academic writing service. When a student orders a history paper from Qualityessay.com, the most highly qualified writer is assigned. So, if you need a paper contrasting the Greek city states of Athens or Sparta, a history of the Papacy, or the causes of the Great Depression, you will receive a writer who has specialized in that period or phenomenon. You can find other services offering cheap essays and papers for you to buy, but they will not be original and they will not be produced by field experts. Whether you need a basic research paper, a university-level work, a thesis or a dissertation, Qualityessay.com has the researcher/writer, the access to stellar resources, and the exceptional customer service you expect from a premier and reliable service

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Health Essay

The health of an individual, indeed, the entire human race, has become a complicated and continually evolving subject for research and discussion. As man continues to inhabit this planet, his life span continues to increase, but the quality of that increased life span is directly impacted by personal and environmental health. These two forms of health have been and will continue to be inexorably linked, and man will only be as healthy as his environment is.

The academic study of health falls into several distinct categories, and in any one of these content areas, students may be asked to produce a health essay or paper which demonstrates mastery of some aspect of the course curriculum. A health essay may at first appear to be less complicated than one for other courses, but the student will soon find that, no matter what the topic, there is a significant amount of research and documentary material on that topic, and sifting through it all to locate those that are current and the most relevant will be a time consuming task.

The topic for a health essay may be a fully student choice, or, particularly at the university level, will be somewhat determined by the specific course content. For example, a high school student may select to produce a health essay on the effects of smoking or on sexually-transmitted diseases. For the pre-med student, however, the topic may be related to a specific genetic disorder. Still, for the environmental science student, a health essay topic might relate to the recent radiation exposure caused by the tsunami-damaged nuclear plant in Japan; the student of international relations may create an essay or paper related to biological/chemical warfare. Health, then, crosses many curricular areas.

When you are faced with a health essay or paper, and you are out of time or simply not motivated by the topic, you can call upon Qualityessay.com to help you. We are a fully staffed online writing service that produces only original and custom academic works for students all over the English-speaking world. Among our professional staff are writers with all varieties of degrees, and certainly those with Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Ph.D.’s in health and health-related fields. These experts can create exceptional essays and papers on any health topic, no matter what the specific course and no matter what the academic level. When you buy a work from Qualityessay.com, you receive our unconditional guarantee that it is 100% original, that you will be able to communicate with your writer, and that you will have access to us 24 hours a day. We cannot guarantee that other services will not offer a cheap price for a low quality work, because they will. But they will not provide the quality, originality and service that we provide. Qualityessay.com delivers!
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Harvard Essay

Students looking to complete the admissions process for any college or university will be looking at the creation of one or more essays. Students looking toward admission to Harvard University will be looking at the Harvard essay requirement, a major factor in the admissions decision. Why is this Harvard essay so critical? Because all students applying to Harvard share every other admission requirement in common! They have extremely high ACT or SAT scores, high scores on two SAT subject area tests, superior secondary grades, a history of participation in a wide variety of co-curricular and extra-curricular activities and organizations, and teacher recommendations that present these students as nothing less than stellar in every way. How, then, does an admissions committee select among these applicants when there are far more than they can possibly admit? The single remaining factor is the Harvard essay, comprised of pre-determined topics that change each year. For example, one year a Harvard essay assignment was to compose an essay on the individual who has most influenced the applicant’s life.

Through the Harvard essay, the admissions committee is evaluating several things about a potential member of its student body. First, it is attempting to gain insight into the candidate’s beliefs, values and principles; second, it is attempting to determine if the candidate has the potential to contribute to the university community as a whole; third, the committee is looking carefully at the candidate’s ability to communicate effectively, creatively and, of course, with appropriate grammatical structure and language usage. This is a “tall order” for an already stressed and nervous applicant.

If you are currently in the application process for Harvard or any other university, you need to understand how important your admissions essays are, and this is one writing assignment that you must get “right” the first time! If you have any concerns about your ability to produce a fully exceptional piece, then you need to seek professional assistance from a true expert – one who can assist you in creating a custom piece that highlights your accomplishments, your values, your goals, and your potential contributions to an academic community. Many students look to personal friends or family members, but it is often a better idea to find an objective expert – one who can help develop your essay(s) from the point of view of an admissions committee. You should consider using an online academic writing service that has a reputation for excellence in providing admissions essays for students applying to all types of colleges, universities, graduate programs, and professional schools. That service is Qualityessay.com.
If you have never used a writing service before, you are probably unaware that there are literally hundreds of them, all hoping that you will buy an essay, paper or other academic work from them. You are also unaware that the majority of these so-called services are rather fraudulent – providing poor quality at a cheap price. You need to know that a truly professional agency will not prepare a college admissions essay for $10 a page. A professional writer will not work for this amount.

At Qualityessay.com, we take a completely individualized approach to admissions essay development. First, we analyze the specific need. For which colleges or universities are the essays being written? How many are involved and what are the specific topics? Only then do we assign the most highly qualified professional writer to work with the student as the essay(s) is produced. Writer and student collaborate throughout the entire process, and the finished product showcases the student in the best possible light, with an essay that is brilliantly written.
If you believe that professional assistance will benefit your admissions essay(s) task, contact us today!
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Geography Essay

Geography is a huge and diverse field of study. It encompasses certainly the physical features of our planet but, as well, the mutual impact of geographical features on people and societies, and the impact of people and societies on the Earth itself. This interconnectedness has become increasingly complex, as man has developed and altered his living space and the total environment in which he now exists.
Because geography has become such a complex topic, when students are assigned a geography essay or paper, the possibilities of topics are endless. By the time students study geography at the university level, however, specific courses will focus on more contained aspects of geography, and topics for a geography essay will indeed be narrowed. Whether students have options of topics for a geography essay or whether the topic is assigned, the process will be the same. Research must be conducted, information and data must be synthesized and organized into sub-topics, an outline must be devised, and the essay or paper must then be composed. Throughout all of this, the geography essay must be properly referenced both in-text and with a comprehensive bibliography at the end.
There is a vast difference between a geography essay assigned to a student in a basic required course and one assigned for a student who is actually majoring in geography. In either case, Qualityessay.com can assist in the research and in the composition of any assigned work, on any geographic-related topic.

When you take a look at Qualityessay.com, the top quality online academic writing source, you will discover a service that is both principled and reliable. You can buy a custom original essay, paper, project, abstract, presentation, literature review, thesis or dissertation that is created by a fully qualified academician in the topic field. The work will begin once you have ordered your piece; you will communicate directly with your writer; you will have the option to request as much revision as you wish; and you will have access to our customer support department 24 hours a day. If the work requires research, Qualityessay.com has subscriptions to every academically-based online library, in order to conduct the most current and relevant research. All research will be fully and accurately referenced and formatted in the style specified by the client.

You can look at any number of cheap writing services, but you will never forgive yourself if you use an agency that promises quality and originality for a price too low to believe. You will get exactly what you pay for, and as an intelligent individual, you know that true quality writing, completed by true professionals cannot be the cheapest out there. Choose Qualityessay.com, and you will get exactly what you pay for! ... ->

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Five paragraph essays

Five paragraph essays are basic types of essays that are most frequently assigned by teachers and professors when they want students to write about or respond to rather narrow topics. Generally, students will have been given enough information or have enough innate knowledge to create five paragraph essays; however, if any research is required, it is usually a small amount.... ->

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Expository Essay

An expository essay is broad in scope, by definition. In essence, it is an essay that explains something to the reader, and that “something” can literally be anything. Because of this, an expository essay can take many forms – illustration of a concept, classification or divisions of things, cause-effect relationships, or complex definition of a concept. A simple example of an expository essay would be the common characteristics of all mammals. If one is given an assignment to create an expository essay in an English class, and there are not additional specifications, the essay could truly be on almost any topic. Generally, however, expository essays are given in a wide range of courses, with topics and forms more defined. Students, who enjoy writing, or the specific topic, will generally complete such essays without great difficulty. For those who do not enjoy writing, however, or for whom the topic has little interest, it is usually a good choice to seek some assistance. Qualityessay.com offers such assistance, and its writers can create most any type of expository essay on most any topic and in most any form. As a college student, you need to submit academically worthy works in all of your classes, and the expectation is that you are a skilled writer, no matter what the topic. We can help you meet these expectations!

When you place an order for an expository essay with Qualityessay.com, you provide us with the detailed requirements of the assignment. Immediately, we locate a writer in the content field who has had years of experience producing essays and papers for university-level courses. This writer then begins the creation of a custom piece, from scratch, that will be impeccably written and delivered according to your deadline. Further, our service guarantees that the piece is original, and backs up this guarantee with a plagiarism report proving that no part of it can be found anywhere else.

Unlike other online writing services, Qualityessay.com does not employ unqualified individuals who search databases to find pre-written essays and then blend or spin these pre-written works into something for you to buy. This practice results in plagiarism that is easily detected and, worse, a work that is so poorly constructed, you cannot submit it. Their prices may be cheap, but their quality is appalling!
If your expository piece requires research, it will be accomplished in a professional manner, using the most relevant sources and citing these sources properly throughout the essay. A complete bibliography will be included, in the format you have specified.

When you choose to use Qualityessay.com for all of your essay and paper needs, you are choosing the most professional and ethical online writing service available. We guarantee that your experience with us will be fully satisfactory and that you will return many more times during your academic studies.
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Exploratory Essay

Unsure About a Topic for an Exploratory Essay?... ->

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Explanation Essay

An explanation essay is perhaps one of the first types of essays students write when they begin to learn the essay writing process. Often, a young student may be asked to read a short selection or be given a famous quotation and then asked to write an explanation of what it means. The explanation essay is more objective than most, for students are not asked to compare/contrast, to be persuasive, or to give their personal opinions about events, situations, or a reading selection.

An explanation essay can be compared to the type of writing a new reporter may write. In this type of writing, objective questions are generally answered (who, what, where, when, how), without personal evaluation or judgment. For example, a history student may be asked to write an explanation essay on the conflict between Pakistan and India. In this instance, the student may need to do a bit of research on the historical development of the conflict and then cover the unresolved issues related to this conflict. Again, the student is not asked to “take a side” or to express an opinion.
If you are assigned any type of explanation essay and find the topic uninteresting or do not have the time to complete it effectively, feel free to contact the best online academic writing service – Qualityessay.com. Here, you are able to buy a professionally written and completely original essay or paper on any topic and for any purpose. If research is required, it will be authentically conducted and appropriately referenced within the text of the work. If there are specific, custom instructions, they will be followed, and your order will be delivered by your deadline requirement – no exceptions! Qualityessay.com is not as cheap as most other services, because Qualityessay.com does not use inferior writers or databases of pre-sold academic works. Every piece is created for the individual client and written from scratch.

You can trust Qualityessay.com with all of your academic writing needs. You will find none better!

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Evaluation Essays

An evaluation essay, by its very nature, is a subjective piece of writing. While it may be subjective, however, there are very important factors of which a creator of an evaluation essay must be aware. For example, you may not just simply express your evaluative opinion about something – you must demonstrate that your evaluation is based upon some more objective factors – either the research or data you have collected from others or established criteria that you or others have developed.

If you have an evaluation essay assignment, you must engage in some important critical thinking before you ever begin to write. In order to have sufficient content for an evaluation essay, and in order for your evaluation to count, you need to decide how to be effectively persuasive. You will need first to conduct some research to see who else may share your evaluation and why. You will need to establish the criteria by which these things or ideas or concepts are evaluated, either by establishing your own or by using the criteria developed by others. For example, the Republicans in Congress recently threw support to a budget plan devised by Representative Paul Ryan. Opinions on the plan are certainly at opposite poles, but in order to fully evaluate it, one must first have detailed understanding of the plan and then evaluate it against certain criteria, such as its ability to actually reduce the U.S. deficit by a significant amount over the next decade. To write an evaluation essay on this budget plan, the, the writer will have to conduct research, read the opinions of others, and, ultimately, see what non-partisan groups, such as the Government Accounting Office, state.

Generally, in an academic class, and evaluation essay is not assigned with lots of topic options. Generally an instructor or a professor will ask students to evaluate something specific, whether it is a piece of literature, a non-fiction writing work, a plan or policy, a film, artwork, or a musical composition. Sometimes the instructor will provide the criteria, others time not. Whichever the case, many students will find it difficult to organize data and information and to then insert their own opinions in an effective manner. This is where Qualityessay.com comes in!

Qualityessay.com is an online academic writing service that will produce an original custom evaluation essay on any topic necessary. When you place an order with Qualityessay.com, you will not be a client of a cheap inferior writing service. When you use a poor writing agency, you buy essays and papers that have been sold numerous times, and you set yourself up for plagiarism charges. With Qualityessay.com, you get a fully original work that is created only after it is ordered by degreed English-speaking professionals with years of writing experience. You can trust Qualityessay.com to meet every writing need you have and to meet it with integrity and professionalism!
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Ethics Essay

Ethics is a hugely broad field and encompasses virtually every field of academic and professional study. In philosophy courses, for example, a student will study the historical development of ethical thought; in any business program, there will be a course on ethics; doctors, lawyers, accountants, teachers, scientists, journalists, computer specialists, psychologists, and social workers all must study the ethics of their professions as a part of their degree and/or licensing programs. Standards of ethics are often set by law, but, in actual practice, are governed by professional associations. Ethics is also a fluid field. As new developments occur in professions, “rules” of ethics change as well. ... ->

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Environment Essay

An environment essay or paper can be an intriguing and interesting task, so long as one has the time to complete all of the steps in its creation. There are so many areas of environmental concern and danger, the field for potential topics of an environment essay or paper is wide open, and, certainly, any student can find some topic area that will be of interest.

Once the topic has been selected, the research must begin, and this can be a time-consuming and tedious task. Often, there is disagreement among experts and scientists on some key issues of numerous environmental issues, and these must be sifted, analyzed, and reported, if the environment essay is to present a balanced view. On other topics, there is no disagreement among scientists, but the factual data must be clear, precise and provided in a comprehensible and logical manner.

Dependent upon a student’s academic level and dependent upon the specific course for which the environment essay has been assigned, there may be a broad range of topic options, or choices may be very narrow. A high school student in a general environmental science class, for example, may have options ranging from air and water pollution, to climate change, to species extinction, etc. As one progresses through undergraduate and graduate studies, however, the courses become more topic-specific, and choices will be far more limited to the specific area of environmental science of that course. One might, for example, be limited to a specific study of the impact of chemical fertilizer run-off on specific rivers in the U.S. The more content-specific the topic, the more technical research, often including one’s own research, must be studied and/or performed.

If you are having difficulty with research, either locating the best resources or finding the time to do so, Qualityessay.com can assist you with this phase of your paper. We have degreed environmentalist science majors who remain current in their fields and who have access to the latest research publications. They can provide a custom list of resources that are appropriate for your academic level.
At Qualityessay.com, you can buy samples of papers in your topic area, to see how the topic has been developed in an academically-sound manner. If you like to write your own papers but are simply having difficulty with organization, this is a cheap solution.

Qualityessay.com is also a full service online writing agency that has the experts in environmental science to complete an entire essay or paper, from selection of topic to the last bibliographical entry, and everything in between. If you are frustrated, lack interest in environmental science, or have simply run out of time, contact us with your need. With Qualityessay.com, you will receive a fully original, genuinely researched work, created according to your specifications, impeccably written, and delivered by your established deadline. Contact us today and experience the quality and service of a professional and ethical writing agency!... ->

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Entrance Essay

A university or graduate program entrance essay is often the definitive factor that separates two applicants whose grades, test scores, and extra-curricular activities are virtually the same. There are only so many slots available, and far too many applicants for those slots! For this reason, when an applicant is asked to write and entrance essay (sometimes several), this essay will be the only thing that distinguishes among the aspirants. The admissions committee will be looking for several things first – excellent structure, fluency and coherency, topic targeting, and, of course, overall style and grammar. The second factor in evaluating an entrance essay falls into the categories of creativity and compelling exposition. Readers want to be “entertained.” They want to enjoy the experience of reading the essay; they want to feel an emotional attachment to what is being said; and they want to be convinced that this applicant will bring value to the institution or program.

In an ideal world, all students would be able to write an exceptional entrance essay. In the real world, however, most lack the skills and/or the confidence to do so. If you are unsure of your abilities n this arena, then, by all means, seek the assistance you need! You can be certain that many other students are receiving assistance as they prepare their entrance essay!

If you do not have a family member or close friend who is a stellar writer, then you must look for assistance from a professional ghostwriting service. The Internet abounds with online writing services, ready and willing to take your money and produce a cheap, supposedly custom entrance essay. Unfortunately, many of these services are fraudulent, and you will ultimately buy a piece that is simply a re-worked essay from some huge free database. How disappointing!

Then, there is Qualityessay.com, the reliable and ethical academic writing service that sees each client as a unique individual with unique needs. We take the time to analyze the focus of your entrance essay, to ask the right questions, to fully understand your background and experiences that will contribute to a customized and original essay. We then assign your essay to an English writing professional from among our large team of writers. Many of these writers are published authors themselves; many of them have unique backgrounds in the program you wish to enter; all of them are creative and able to produce compelling and motivational pieces of writing that will grab the attention of your readers.

There really is no decision to make. If you need an original, customized entrance essay that highlights you, your background, your opinions, or ideas in unique and creative ways, then you will want no other service than Qualityessay.com!... ->

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English Literature Essay

An English literature essay poses unique expectations for student performance. Unlike the traditional essays and papers written in other disciplines, the English literature essay usually revolves around one author or one major piece of writing. It may or may not involve significant research, but it will require thorough understanding of certain literature, an author’s style, the themes and symbolism presented in an author’s works, and critical analysis and response to an author or a literary work.... ->

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