Putting up a Good Academic Essay

It should not be a mere repetition of the topic sentence but the same idea rephrased in different words. The closing sentence fulfils two roles: first to be reminiscent of the idea state in the section making it stronger and it marks the end of the current section and completes the thought preparing the reader to expect something else in the following part. It is observed that starting with the writing is the toughest stage for beginners, who feel uneasy or difficult to do so. Proper planning and preparation can help in such case. One can start with researching on the concerned topic, getting all the required information and also penning down the thoughts and answers relating to the topic. All this data should be appropriately organised in the manner it has to appear in the essay. After collecting the necessary information as described above, writing the essay should be started following the above mentioned pattern. The paragraphs should begin with the topic sentence backed with adequate number of supporting sentences containing information that illustrates the topic. The number of topic sentence will depend on the required length and depth and research of the subject. The paragraph should end with a closing sentence which sums up whatever has been said previously. Transition sentence, for an easy shift from one idea to another may also be added if required. The sentences should be kept precise, short and comprehensible. The writing should not lose its integrity of thought by addition of all sort of information which might also be impertinent to mention in it. The maintenance of focus on the main idea of the topic is very essential. At last the text should be revised while looking for any punctuation, grammatical or spelling error. The flow and rhythm of thought can be checked by reading it out loud and correcting them in case of any short coming. Once the work is done neatly and according to your expectations, you may relax with relief.
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