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Technology Essay

A technology essay is a paper with particular focus on technology, an aspect of it, a type, a form, etc. Students often go into exploring the components or scientific explanations of technology. Some delve into theories and make recommendations. However, students can go as far as writing about the impact of technology in society or the economic value of technology; there are no limits to the discussions one can make regarding this subject.

The technology essay is written with the purpose of research and with the goal of enriching academic knowledge. The writer could opt to write an essay that explains the mechanism of a piece of technology, cite its discrepancies and recommend solutions. The writer could also go into the sociological, political and economic implications of technology. The essay on technology carries an objective tone rather than a subjective one. It relies mostly on data and evidence rather than mere speculation because of its scientific nature. A technology essay can be treated as a research paper; it explores technology in differing angles. The writer/researcher should gather evidence and facts to support the main ideas of the essay. A well written work is a well researched paper. The data should be organized coherently. Regardless of the type of essay, a paper always has an introduction, body and conclusion.

The introduction should already establish an impressive outlook for the readers; it should get their attention to continue reading through the end of the technology essay. Though its scientific nature calls for technical jargon, the writer should still maintain balance among the words used. An average person should still be able to make sense of the essay. Also, the topic chosen has to be relevant to attract a multitude of readers. Popular topics include alternative energy sources, “green” technology, technological solutions to ecological issues, economic development through technology, etc. Be updated with modern issues and select a topic of importance.

A technology essay will not be successfully written if the author does not fully understand his topic. Though the content relies heavily on data, this does not mean the author will simply copy information. The essay requires the author to process the researched data and formulate a critical analysis. It could be a recommendation, opinion, query, reaction, comparison or argument regarding the subject of the essay. It is helpful to seek the guidance of experts such as professors, CEOs, engineers, etc. Find out the local experts related to the topic of the essay. Interview them and ask relevant questions that can be meaningful for your paper. The essay will be more enriching with information coming from various sources.

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Technical Essay

College and graduate students are required to be knowledgeable about how to write a technical essay. There are four basic protocols to be followed in creating an essay: follow instructions, formulate the thesis, and organize the essay and review.

First, follow the instructions of the professor. A writing assignment usually comes with specific requirements from the professor so take note of them. The technical essay should be written based on those specified details. The professor expects output based on their guidelines and if you fail to deliver according to his instructions, your work might not be entertained or will score a low mark. For instance, the professor can require you to write using APA style or MLA style. Remember, professors are used to reviewing hundreds of works submitted by their students; they can easily spot the odd one out who did not follow instructions.

Second, come up with a thesis statement for the technical essay. The topic may be assigned by the professor but the thesis has to come from you. It is the statement of the main idea which the rest of the essay will revolve on. Based on the topic chosen for the essay, formulate a thesis that is both interesting and assertive of your main point. It could be a sentence or a combination of sentences. Always be brief yet concise.

Third, organize the contents of the technical essay. Include an introduction, body and conclusion. The introduction can be a background on the subject of the essay or it could be a synopsis of what the reader should expect from the text. You can be deductive and start with general statements to more specific ones; you can also be inductive and start with specific details leading to general statements. The introduction is crucial because it sets the mood for how the rest of your essay will be; moreover, it creates a first impression on the reader. Make sure it is impressive and impactful so readers are encouraged to keep reading. ... ->

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Synthesis Essay

University students are trained to be capable of research; this is why a synthesis essay is often required of them. It is an investigative paper regarding a chosen topic. The subject of the paper can be a concept, phenomenon or issue; it presents ideas from various perspectives. Typically, the contents of the essay are based on thorough data gathering and research using scholarly sources. College courses assign this type of academic writing to equip students with research skills, critical thinking and resourcefulness.

Just like any typical essay, a synthesis essay requires a thesis statement. The thesis could be a sentence or multiple sentences that briefly state the main idea of the whole text. Ideally, this should be stated at the beginning of the essay to make the reader aware of what the text is about. Some writers however, prefer building up the contents first, leading to the main point (thesis) at the end of the text. At other times, the thesis statement can be in the middle of the essay. Whichever position is preferred by the writer, it still remains a vital part of the essay. It is the statement controlling the flow of the rest of the essay.

A synthesis essay, though, differs from other essay types because the thesis is not argumentative. Since a synthesis provides a summation of various perspectives regarding a particular subject, the essay does not take any particular position on the matter but only goes so far as to create an overview of each. The writer can include his personal views on the issue at hand but the goal is not to assert a single argument but to present various arguments; it is informative rather than argumentative or persuasive. Therefore, the thesis statement can express, in a brief and concise manner, what the topic of the synthesis essay is about. For example, the subject of the essay could be about Cartesian philosophy. The writer could create a thesis statement such as, “Contemporary philosophers have much to say about Descartes’ philosophy and they present various arguments as the rightful interpretation of such philosophy”.

Based on the given sample thesis statement, the writer can then develop the succession of ideas to support the main idea. The various perspectives of the contemporary philosophers could be presented, alongside scholarly sources that support their ideas. The synthesis essay should not only present but compare and assess the arguments of the philosophers. The arguments should be collated into a critical commentary regarding the issue of varying interpretations of Cartesian philosophy. The only way to expertly present multiple views on a topic is by seeking various sources for data. The most important aspect of the synthesis is thorough research. The student should both be writer and researcher in order to take in information and organize them into a meaningful synthesis.

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Symbolism Essay

What is a symbolism essay? It is basically a type of English essay which is typically given to high school and college students. A symbolism essay usually requires a writer to thoroughly analyze text or a story. In order to write a symbolism essay you will need to be able to recognize a literary symbol which is person, object or thing that represents something else. For example, the grim reaper is a symbol of death while fire usually represents damnation in stories.

Sometimes it’s very difficult to figure out some of the symbolism in literature because the symbolism isn’t always obvious. Some symbols can even be interpreted several ways. Professors and English teachers enjoy assigning literary essays on symbolism because they are complex and students will have to read between the lines and practice inferring things. There is often no right answer in a symbolism essay, as long as the student is able to support their claims and identify what ways a symbol can be interpreted they will get a good grade. Students have to be able to use their text books and novels to convince the reader (teacher or professor) that their interpretation of the symbols is valid.

A symbolism essay usually begin by telling the reader the symbols or symbol that can be found in the text, if there are many symbols in a book then the writer will identify the specific symbols they will be discussing. After introducing the symbols, the writer will show how the author of the book uses the symbols in the text; if possible the writer will explain the reason why certain symbols were included in the story. Authors always have a reason for placing symbols in their text, so if a writer can’t determine why the symbol is in the text, then maybe the symbolism is only taking place in the mind of the reader or there is no symbolism. Symbols usually support the theme of the story or amplify an event or character, if a writer can’t find the reason why the symbol is in the story then maybe it actually isn’t a symbol at all.

The next part of a symbolism essay is probably the most important of the essay. After identifying all of the symbolism the author uses in the text, the essay writer must interpret how they feel about the symbols and talk about the meaning of each symbol. The writer should use the text to support their claims, otherwise the person grading the assignment may determine that the writer is seeing only what they want to see in the text, rather than what is actually in the text.

Following the text based references of where symbols are used in the text and the writers interpretation of them, some writers like to include a section of a symbolism essay which shows how these symbols are used outside of the text. For instance, some people like to talk about the symbols were used in other stories like fairy tales or in the real world.
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Persuasive Speech Essay

Working out what a persuasive speech essay actually is can be difficult in itself. Somebody thinks that a persuasive speech essay is the script for a speech. This is not in fact the case. The point of a persuasive speech essay is to make good use of persuasive speech, and this is much easier than it looks. If you know the main secrets of writing a persuasive speech essay then you will not have any problems. At we understand how hard writing essays can be, so we have put together the top secret for persuasive speech essay writing success.

Secret 1
Choose a topic that will interest the reader and that is original and different. The probability is that your professor will have read many of the same subjects over and over, so something new will be very refreshing. Choose a subject that you like and are interested in yourself as you will be able to speak more passionately.

Secret 2
As persuading your reader is already a huge feat in itself, make sure that you focus on a particular element of a subject. Stating that everyone should be a vegetarian will be hard to convince them of, however if you are trying to persuade the reader not to eat meat due to the mistreatment of baby cows then you may be more successful.

Secret 3
Make sure to give enough evidence to back up your points. Provide the reader with quotes from experts and famous figures in the field, statistics and academic references from journals, newspapers, websites and books.

Secret 4
Show that you are aware of the conflicting opinions. Describe what the elements are to the opposing argument and explain in detail why you disagree. Be respectful to the other argument. has helped thousands of students with their persuasive speech essay and many other subjects. Our writers will format and structure the essay in the exact academic guidelines of your particular institution. When you buy a custom essay from us online, you can be sure that it is completely original as we use the best in plagiarism technology to check all of our work. We are the best in the business not only by providing the most professionally written papers but also because of our amazing customer service. You can track your order any time of the day or night, and even contact your writer for help or to make changes. All of this comes at an incredibly cheap price, so order your essay today from You can pay in a variety of ways including Paypal.... ->

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Persuasive Essay

Persuasive essay writing can be a real challenge for students. The aim is to convince the readers that one point of view is more feasible or more correct than another. A persuasion essay may even try and sway the reader to take a different stance or action. This argument must be supported by ample evidence and proof from a variety of credible sources. You must give examples such as quotes, statements, statistics and historical facts.

Follow the steps below and you will have the basis of a good persuasive essay:
– Look at the subject in great detail. Every argument that you make in your persuasive essay should be supported by credible and substantial sources. Evidence must come from academic sources and be cited in the correct way.

– You must have a strong and understandable explanation as to why you chose this subject and have this particular viewpoint. If you are not 100% certain of your standpoint then you will not be able to argue it successfully.
– Know your audience. Work out whether the reader of your persuasive essay is more likely going to agree or disagree with your viewpoint.
– Have a clear plan. Writing the essay will be a lot easier if you have planned out the order of your statements and evidence beforehand.

Whilst writing a persuasive essay you must be aware of the language spelling and transition sentences. Transition sentences are what make your readers understand what you are writing by making your work flow. Quotes from experts in the field or people surrounding the event or situation are vital in building a strong argument. It is always best if someone else reads through your essay before you hand it in as they may notice mistakes that you have not.

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Persuasion Essay

A persuasion essay is focused on proving that one idea is correct over another. This is shown by giving facts, figures and evidence through academic resources and critical analysis. If the reader agrees with the writer’s point of view by the end of the essay then the goal of the paper has been reached. In a persuasion essay, you must give plenty of examples to support your argument.

The planning of a persuasion essay is very important in the road to success. These steps will really help you to structure the essay correctly and to convey the right messages to your reader:... ->

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Personal Experience Essay

When writing a personal experience essay, you must prepare the main points of what you are going to discuss.

The aim of a personal experience essay is to convey in detail an experience that you have had. Therefore sometimes a personal experience essay is called a life experience essay. Many students find this task extremely difficult, as emotion and feelings are expected to be put across as well as facts. When you choose the topic for your personal experience essay, you must pick something that means a lot to you. This experience can be small or big, but as long as it made a large impact on your life, it is completely acceptable to write about.

Due to the personal nature of a personal experience essay, there are certain factors that you need to be aware of before writing:... ->

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Personal Essay

A personal essay will show who you are and why you are a suitable candidate for a place on the course that you are applying for. It is a vital way of making yourself stand out from the other candidates and therefore is the most important part of your applications. With so many students trying to get each place in colleges across the world, competition is high. Therefore, you must make sure that your personal essay is flawless and interesting.

With so much at stake, writing a personal essay can be a terrifying and stressful task. A personal essay must show the real you, and must portray the kind of person that you are as well as showing that you are suitable for the school. ... ->

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Opinion Essay

When you are at school, college or university, you will be certain to receive the task of completing a number of opinion essays. If you have not ever done an opinion essay then it may be rather challenging. If however you know what to write about and how to structure the essay, then the whole task will appear much easier. Here at you can read a complete guide on how to write a professional and successful opinion essay.

An opinion essay basically shows the reader what your opinion is on a particular topic whilst supporting these ideas with reliable and coherent sources and references as evidence. These could be written by professors, researchers or scientists. Firstly prepare your essay in advance. Choose an appropriate topic and decide on your thesis statement and how you are going to organize the essay. Make sure that you leave more than enough time so that you can revise and perfect the paper before handing it in to your professor. In order to obtain a good grade, your final draft must be free from any grammatical or spelling errors.

An opinion essay normally begins with an outline and then is followed by an introduction of the thesis statement. The main part of the essay then follows before ending with a conclusion. It is vital to have a title page and a reference page to make the opinion essay professional and organized. Many students enjoy writing opinion essays as discussing and sharing your own opinions is normally people’s favorite subject. The pressures of studying however, can really make completing papers and assignments on time incredibly difficult. Many students also work alongside trying to pass their degrees, which makes completing an opinion essay all the more difficult.

You can usually decide the topic of your opinion essay as it is basically anything that interests you. Maybe you have a love of animals, sport or flowers or you may decide to write about a country that you have visited or a political party that you feel strongly about. In general professors want their students to write an opinion essay on a subject that each particular student knows a lot about. The most successful opinion essays are when the student chooses one or two subjects that they are very knowledgeable in.

All of your opinions and ideas must be supported by academic references. If for example you want to write about Kenya and it’s history, you must provide the reader with enough evidence to support your theories about Kenyan poverty, politics or travel destinations. Bringing in other people’s ideas and experiences into your opinion essay will certainly add more depth and interest to your paper.... ->

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If you are a native of a non-English speaking country who wishes to study in an English-speaking college or university, chances are you will be required to take the IELTS essay examination. IELTS stands for International English Language Testing System, and is used by many institutions to determine the potential success of a candidate for admission. It is assumed that, if a student has difficulty with the English language, that student will have less chance of success in standard coursework that will require English proficiency.

The topic for the IELTS essay is not provided in advance, nor may a student produce the essay at any site other than that determined for the testing. The IELTS essay itself in only one module of the entire English proficiency test, but it is a critical one. Other modules include listening to English with comprehension, effective English speech, and reading comprehension. One cannot pass the entire test, however, without demonstrating proficiency on the IELTS essay.

On the Internet, you will be able to find historical samples of the IELTS essay topics. You will discover, through a study of these samples, that the topics are very general in nature and will require you to do one of two things – express an opinion about some issue or provide a description or explanation of an issue that exists. For example, you might be asked to discuss the pros and cons of urban and rural life, or you may be asked to take a position relative to which is better and why,

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Humanities Essay

The academic discipline known as the “Humanities” encompasses virtually any non-scientific and non-mathematical study. Thus, the “humanities” may include the arts, languages, literature, philosophy, religion, and social and cultural history. In any of these courses, a student will face the creation of a humanities essay, which may or may not include research and which may be of any type – expository, responsive, descriptive, comparison/contrast, persuasive, analysis, etc. Most commonly, a humanities essay will require a student to comment in some manner on the ideas, thoughts, or works of others. For example, one may have read Plato’s The Republic in a philosophy course and will then be required to compose a response essay on the “Allegory of the Cave.” This humanities essay will require a thorough understanding of Plato’s analysis of basic human types and the hierarchy he establishes for these types in terms of their value to society. The student may then be asked to compare Plato’s hierarchy to that found in modern society. ... ->

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History Essay

A history essay can be an enjoyable and valuable project for students who love the study of man’s story on this planet. At the high school level, students generally study world and American history as whole courses and are often given the option of selecting a specific movement, an historical figure, or a period of time as the topic for a researched history essay. At the university level, history courses offer greater depth, and thus one course may only cover a small period of time. A student might, for example, spend an entire semester on the U.S. Civil War or the Renaissance. A history essay at this level will necessarily include much more specific research from expert historians in that topic area. Graduate school reduces history majors to certain periods or movements even further, and a Master’s or Ph.D. candidate will focus solely on that aspect of our story and engage in primary research of original sources. A history essay, then, can be rather basic or highly specialized, dependent upon the level of study and, of course, the student’s major field of study.

Whatever the topic and whatever the complexity, has the historians that can respond to the history essay or paper needs of any student. Many of our history writers are retired teachers and professors themselves – experts who have graduate degrees covering all historical periods and movements. Here, a student of history can obtain a custom original paper, created by the top online academic writing service. When a student orders a history paper from, the most highly qualified writer is assigned. So, if you need a paper contrasting the Greek city states of Athens or Sparta, a history of the Papacy, or the causes of the Great Depression, you will receive a writer who has specialized in that period or phenomenon. You can find other services offering cheap essays and papers for you to buy, but they will not be original and they will not be produced by field experts. Whether you need a basic research paper, a university-level work, a thesis or a dissertation, has the researcher/writer, the access to stellar resources, and the exceptional customer service you expect from a premier and reliable service

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Health Essay

The health of an individual, indeed, the entire human race, has become a complicated and continually evolving subject for research and discussion. As man continues to inhabit this planet, his life span continues to increase, but the quality of that increased life span is directly impacted by personal and environmental health. These two forms of health have been and will continue to be inexorably linked, and man will only be as healthy as his environment is.

The academic study of health falls into several distinct categories, and in any one of these content areas, students may be asked to produce a health essay or paper which demonstrates mastery of some aspect of the course curriculum. A health essay may at first appear to be less complicated than one for other courses, but the student will soon find that, no matter what the topic, there is a significant amount of research and documentary material on that topic, and sifting through it all to locate those that are current and the most relevant will be a time consuming task.

The topic for a health essay may be a fully student choice, or, particularly at the university level, will be somewhat determined by the specific course content. For example, a high school student may select to produce a health essay on the effects of smoking or on sexually-transmitted diseases. For the pre-med student, however, the topic may be related to a specific genetic disorder. Still, for the environmental science student, a health essay topic might relate to the recent radiation exposure caused by the tsunami-damaged nuclear plant in Japan; the student of international relations may create an essay or paper related to biological/chemical warfare. Health, then, crosses many curricular areas.

When you are faced with a health essay or paper, and you are out of time or simply not motivated by the topic, you can call upon to help you. We are a fully staffed online writing service that produces only original and custom academic works for students all over the English-speaking world. Among our professional staff are writers with all varieties of degrees, and certainly those with Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Ph.D.’s in health and health-related fields. These experts can create exceptional essays and papers on any health topic, no matter what the specific course and no matter what the academic level. When you buy a work from, you receive our unconditional guarantee that it is 100% original, that you will be able to communicate with your writer, and that you will have access to us 24 hours a day. We cannot guarantee that other services will not offer a cheap price for a low quality work, because they will. But they will not provide the quality, originality and service that we provide. delivers!
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Harvard Essay

Students looking to complete the admissions process for any college or university will be looking at the creation of one or more essays. Students looking toward admission to Harvard University will be looking at the Harvard essay requirement, a major factor in the admissions decision. Why is this Harvard essay so critical? Because all students applying to Harvard share every other admission requirement in common! They have extremely high ACT or SAT scores, high scores on two SAT subject area tests, superior secondary grades, a history of participation in a wide variety of co-curricular and extra-curricular activities and organizations, and teacher recommendations that present these students as nothing less than stellar in every way. How, then, does an admissions committee select among these applicants when there are far more than they can possibly admit? The single remaining factor is the Harvard essay, comprised of pre-determined topics that change each year. For example, one year a Harvard essay assignment was to compose an essay on the individual who has most influenced the applicant’s life.

Through the Harvard essay, the admissions committee is evaluating several things about a potential member of its student body. First, it is attempting to gain insight into the candidate’s beliefs, values and principles; second, it is attempting to determine if the candidate has the potential to contribute to the university community as a whole; third, the committee is looking carefully at the candidate’s ability to communicate effectively, creatively and, of course, with appropriate grammatical structure and language usage. This is a “tall order” for an already stressed and nervous applicant.

If you are currently in the application process for Harvard or any other university, you need to understand how important your admissions essays are, and this is one writing assignment that you must get “right” the first time! If you have any concerns about your ability to produce a fully exceptional piece, then you need to seek professional assistance from a true expert – one who can assist you in creating a custom piece that highlights your accomplishments, your values, your goals, and your potential contributions to an academic community. Many students look to personal friends or family members, but it is often a better idea to find an objective expert – one who can help develop your essay(s) from the point of view of an admissions committee. You should consider using an online academic writing service that has a reputation for excellence in providing admissions essays for students applying to all types of colleges, universities, graduate programs, and professional schools. That service is
If you have never used a writing service before, you are probably unaware that there are literally hundreds of them, all hoping that you will buy an essay, paper or other academic work from them. You are also unaware that the majority of these so-called services are rather fraudulent – providing poor quality at a cheap price. You need to know that a truly professional agency will not prepare a college admissions essay for $10 a page. A professional writer will not work for this amount.

At, we take a completely individualized approach to admissions essay development. First, we analyze the specific need. For which colleges or universities are the essays being written? How many are involved and what are the specific topics? Only then do we assign the most highly qualified professional writer to work with the student as the essay(s) is produced. Writer and student collaborate throughout the entire process, and the finished product showcases the student in the best possible light, with an essay that is brilliantly written.
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