Affiliate program

Affiliate program

Every customer of can benefit from participating in our innovative affiliate program. This program is open to everyone who brings new customers to our business. In addition to you earning a 10% share of each transaction, the people you refer to us will enjoy a discount on their first purchase.

If you would like to earn i.e. become an affiliate, you need to create an account with This happens when you place your first order with us. Once your account is opened, you will see referral options for sharing with your friends. These options take the form of special promo codes and affiliate links, which you can distribute by any means you find convenient e.g. you can email them, share them on social media, etc. Then, when any individual who receives these codes or links from you uses them or clicks on them, our order system will recognize you as the originator.

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Should the person you sent a referral to use any of those options (this means using your code or clicking your link), they will be directed to a form we use for processing orders. Once they start completing the order, the code you sent them will be applied. It is in this manner that people you refer automatically get a reduction on first-time orders.

When an order you are responsible for initiating is successfully completed and the customer has paid for it, we add 10% of the cost of that order to your personal account. As you accumulate money in this way, you can use it against any new orders you place with us.

So, as the above procedure shows, participating in this scheme is really easy. The only requirement from you is to distribute a discount code or link to potential new customers. If they use the mechanisms they receive from you during the ordering process, they get their first purchase with us at a reduced price while your earnings increase. Thus, the affiliate program is advantageous for every customer who participates in it!

to our service and get 10% from every order
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